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Dirty Dancing Outdoor Movie Night Party


Outdoor movie night with Dirty DancingFirst we are going to just excuse the poor quality of these photos.  Sometimes in life you have to just enjoy yourself and not try to make everything “blog pretty.”  Such was the case when my friend Carole and I decided that we needed to have a small get together to watch Dirty Dancing on her outdoor movie screen.  This was not a party for my blog, this was friend’s hanging out.  So I left my camera at home and just went to have fun.  BUT, I had to share some of the treats from the party because they were rad.  Previously we had watched boxing on the outdoor screen on chairs and chaise lounges but for this movie, we decided to watch it from the hot tub.  THE BEST!  It was a gorgeous night with good gals and one of the best movies of all times!

Dirty Dancing themed party treatsIt was a really busy week and I didn’t have a ton of time to get crazy with themed treats for the party but I decided to make rice krispy treats.  And I totally put baby in the corner.  These paired really nicely with the watermelon mojitos Carole made (remember when they carry watermelons across the bridge to the employee club?).

Dirty Dancing Themed Party TreatsDude.  Kristin from Meringue Bake Shop came and KILLED it with these treats.  Hungry Peach P’eyes!!!!  One look at these and I can disguise…For real.  These were SO good!  They were boozy and delicious.

Then just yesterday I watched Trisha’s Southern Kitchen and she and a few friends had a Steel Magnolia’s themed movie watching party.  Complete with a red velvet cake with an armadillo on top.

Movie themed parties are the best!  Have you ever had one?  This was my first, but won’t be my last!

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  1. this was so fun!! cannot wait for the next one. Steel Magnolias is a GREAT idea! Love Trisha! :D

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