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Drinkwel is the Vitamin for People who Drink


Hangovers suck. Aside from sipping water, I always take a supplement to help me feel better after enjoying a few drinks. Drinkwel is easy to use and really helps!

Bottle of Drinkwel hangover helper on a table next to some capsules.

*I asked to review this anti-hangover product because I really hoped it would work for me. Drinkwel graciously sent me some to try. All opinions are mine.

I am not a doctor, this product is a supplement and as with any supplement, you should check with your doctor before using it.

What is Drinkwel

Drinkwel is a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement with herbs and it was created to help healthy people recover from a night of drinking. It helps support the liver as it processes alcohol and toxins created from your night of fun.

Think of it as your daily vitamin that you take a little bit more of when drinking. It’s full of things your body needs and designed to specifically help have great mornings after a night out.

Why I Love this Supplement

I am not a lush. But I like a cocktail or two. Especially in summer when I’m on vacation without my kids. BUT! I get the worst hangovers.

So when I came across Drinkwel online, I felt like I needed to try it. I’ve used it for years. The verdict? Consider me a huge fan.

*Note: I ALWAYS try to drink a glass of water between drinks if at all possible. While I trust Drinkwel to do its job, I like to also do what I can to help.

How to Use It

I’m not going to get all technical and tell you how it works, you can check that out over on their website. All I know is that when I took it, I felt GREAT the next day.  

I want to disclose that I was not hammered on any occasion so I can’t say how it works if someone were to REALLY indulge.

As a Daily Supplement

A bottle of Drinkwel laying on it's side with capsules spilling out.

You take 3 capsules with food and water daily. And when you consume alcohol, you take another 3 with lots of water before you go to bed.  

When Drinking

A bottle of Drinkwel on a table.

If you don’t want to take this supplement daily, you can also just use it as a one-time helper.

Take 3 before drinking with a large meal (or at the very least try this honey trick) and a large glass of water. And when you are done drinking, take 3 more with a large glass of water. So easy.

And if you have trouble taking pills, you can empty the capsule contents into a drink if you need to.

*Not to be too informational but… sometimes when you burp, you get a very grassy, herbal flavor from the contents of this supplement. Just know it can happen. It’s not awful. It happens with a lot of adaptogens and supplements.

Do They Have Other Products

Yes! I have only tried the capsules and the Lyte Show product though so I can’t speak to how well the others work.

I don’t love flavored electrolyte drinks so this was hard for me to take and I wouldn’t buy it again. It’s not because the product was bad or didn’t work I just know I wouldn’t reach for it.

Where to Buy

A small muslin bag that says "Drinkwel" on a rainbow striped blanket.

There are several ways to buy Drinkwel including the 90 capsule bottle. They used to also have travel packs (pictured above) that were super easy to take on a night out with you.  

You can also buy it on Amazon which makes it super easy especially when getting ready for a trip. A hangover supplement is always one of my travel essentials.

You can also subscribe so you never have to worry about your supply running out. There are also a few bundles available to try the Lyte Show product.


When using this product you still need to be responsible. It doesn’t make me feel like I should just go ahead and drink way more than I usually would. 

But it gives me a little reassurance that the next day I won’t be relegated to bed. Or the couch with kid’s asking me to do ridiculous things like making them breakfast.

Sharon + Drinkwel = BFF 4EVA

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