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Honey: A Natural Hangover Remedy Idea


Did you know you can use honey for hangovers!? It’s a natural hangover remedy you can use at home to help prevent a hangover after a night of enjoying cocktails. Read on to see how having some honey before and after your night out will help you to feel not feel awful the next morning.

Bottles of liquor on a tray along with a bear shaped bottle of honey.

*This honey hangover remedy idea was made possible thanks to Golden Blossom Honey. They provided a bottle of honey.

A simple natural remedy for hangovers

You guys know I like a cocktail from time to time. But if I have too many (which is very hard for me to figure out) I get the WORST hangovers ever.

I can have 2 beers and feel terrible the next day and then the next month have 3 cocktails and be totally fine. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve never been able to figure out what I should be drinking so that I don’t get terrible hangovers.  

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And once you have kids, it is even more important to not feel awful. Hangovers and children do NOT mix.

Close up of a bear shaped honey bottle on a bar cart next to a jar of cherries and bottles of liquor.

I had no idea that honey played a role in hangover remedies. What is so great is that you probably already have honey in your house and don’t need to go buy anything for this remedy.  

And honey makes a great cocktail ingredient (use it instead of simple syrup) so it kind of kills two birds with one stone.

Before drinking

A bear shaped bottle of honey on a white table next to a measuring spoon and a glass of milk.

Before you start drinking make sure that you do this step.

Mix 1 TBSP of honey into 2/3 cup milk.

Drink it. So easy. Then go about your business.

After Drinking

A bottle of honey on a white table next to a measuring spoon a lemon and a glass of water.

Do this next honey remedy after the party (and after the hotel lobby).

Mix 2 TBSP of honey with the juice of one lemon in 2/3 cup water.  

Drink it.

Honey makes a great hang over remedy.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.com

These all-natural remedies sound totally tolerable. I have not tried this yet to tell you if it works or not. But I will update this when I do try it out.  

Have you ever heard of this hangover remedy before? We also use honey to help with my kid’s coughs. What do you use honey for?

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  1. I’ve actually never had a hangover….but I love honey!

  2. great tips! I have yet to have a hangover… but mainly because I don’t drink enough to get there. I wouldn’t be able to stand it! I’m totally going to do this honey thing though… just in case.

  3. I want to try this regardless of drinking or not because it sounds delish! I take a tsp of honey every morning for allergies so I’m a big honey fan. :)

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