Macarons with Edible Ink for Cake Banners

Edible ink on @lette macaronsAfter being introduced to Lette Macarons I got all kinds of ideas of how to use those tasty little treats in various ways.  While I love cake banners, I wanted to do something different.  I realized that edible ink could turn these beautiful little cookies in to the perfect little billboards for cake messages.


Macarons on a stickThese are super easy to make.  Just use cake pop sticks (found at every craft store) and slide them in to one side of the macaron.

Use macarons to make signs for cakeThen all you need to do is use edible markers (also found at craft stores) and find someone with way better writing than you…in this case, Lauren.  Duh.

Cake signs with edible ink on macaronsYou can write any message you want.  These can be for any kind of celebration.  And the best part?  You can totally eat the entire thing (minus the stick, don’t be dumb).

macaron pop cake topper with edible writingMacarons come in so many amazing colors that you can match virtually any cake or party decor.

Lette Macaron tastingAnd if you have never had the chance to do a macaron tasting, grab some friends, buy a dozen and check them out.  Big thank you to Lette Macarons for providing the macarons for this post.  Their passion fruit, violet and earl grey are my FAVE.  I was also blown away by the coffee one.  So tasty!  See my introduction to Lette Macarons here.

*I was provided macarons by Lette Macarons,   Fashion Island for use in this post.  No further compensation was provided.



  1. sharon you macaron-y genius!! ^__^ (love that last pic, too… smooshed up deliciousness!)

  2. these are wayyy too cute! great idea :) would even be cute with cupcakes too.

  3. So cute! I need to purchase an edible marker asap – I feel like I’m missing out on all kinds of fun.


  5. OMG, I love this idea!

  6. laura londergan says:

    oh my yum – would have loved to have been there for a tasting! Great idea on using them for the cake! You are a genius! ;)

  7. What a creative idea…love it! (And the don’t be dumb comment had me cracking up way more than it should have.)


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