Edible Confetti for Drinks

Edible Confetti for Hot Cocoa and CocktailsI am in love with this edible drink confetti, aren’t you?!  I had seen sugar sheets at my local craft store and always wondered what I could do with them.  So one day I decided to grab one and see if I could use punches to make edible confetti for drinks.  It totally worked!  And I just love how they turned out.  While I only did the edible confetti in hot cocoa in these posts, I know they would be awesome in cocktails, juice and pretty much any other beverage you could think of.  They would even be pretty darn cute in milk (the sugar sheets come in colors too! And while my store didn’t have them they come in patterns and letters too!)

Use Sugar Paper Sheets and Hole PunchThe sugar sheets are pretty thin but still sturdy enough to work with.  I just cut a strip off with regular scissors and used it in my punch.

Use Sugar Paper to make edible confettiI tried a few different punches and they all worked great.  The options are totally endless.

Triangle edible drink confettiYou can do super trendy triangles.

Edible word drink confettiYou can holla at your girl.

heart shaped edible drink confettiYou can send a love note to your boo.

Polka dot edible drink confettiOr you can make cute little polka dots.

Hot chocolate with edible confettiMy youngest LOVED having them in the hot cocoa.  The sugar sheets are slightly sweet and taste kind of like fondant but are so thin there is actually very little flavor.  I was worried about how quickly the edible confetti would dissolve in the warm drink but they totally held up.  Quick tip:  to put them in the drink so they look cutest, you have to try to drop them so they land evenly.  If you drop them in sideways, they have a tendency to dip in to the liquid and you end up with some on top.  It still looks cute but you do not get the maximum cute factor.

I hope you will try this out in your beverages and let me know how you liked it!



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