Easy Fabric Fringe Garland

reusable fabric fringe diy tutorialI think with Earth Day coming up, these reusable fabric fringe garlands are the perfect thing to make.  I first used these garlands at Lauren’s For, Like, Ever themed wedding shower.

fabric fringe suppliesYou just need fabric (if you want really long garlands, you will need to make sure that you have continuous yardage of fabric – or you can always tack shorter ones together.) a rotary cutter (and straight edge and craft mat to go along with it) and scissors.

cut fabric stripsFirst cut strips in the fabric.  Cut them as wide or as skinny as you want.

cut fringe in fabricWithout unfolding your fabric, start making your fringe cuts.  Remember not to cut all the way through!

easy fabric fringeAnd that is all you have to do.  Besides hang it on the way.  The one shown above was a brand new one cut from fabric.  It lays pretty flat but still has a cute fringe look.

fringe pileOne of the cool things about these is that depending on how you store them, they have a bit of a different look.  If you keep them folded nice and smooth after use, they will remain pretty flat.  However, if you store them like I did above, they come out kind of crinkled and with a whole new look.

reusable fabric fringe for partiesThis is the perfect simple party craft.  It is totally one of those crafts that you can do on the couch while you are catching up on Red Widow (OMG!  Do you guys love that show?  I’m totally addicted but can’t watch it at night time because it is too intense for me!).

fabric fringe with leopard teapotI will be saving these reusable fabric fringe garlands for years.  They are so easy to store and I can hang them in a ton of different ways to get different looks.

fabric fringe for party decorAnd since I’m totally type A, I think I will use these for my son’s teacher’s birthday.  Next year.  I don’t even know who his teacher is yet since this year isn’t over.  Which also means I have not officially been elected room mom.  But it’s always good to have a plan.  (Crazy, much?)

diy fabric fringeDo you prefer to reuse party items or make new things each time?  Do you celebrate Earth Day?




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