DIY Lego Ninjago Valentine’s

If you don’t know what Ninjago is well, then just go ahead and skip this post.  If you DO know what it is, you know that it pretty much runs your kid’s life and you have to play Spinjitsu and know the difference between Lord and Lloyd Garmadon.  With Valentine’s Day coming up, I wasn’t sure if we were going to make them for my son’s kindergarten class or buy them.  But as I stood at Target staring at the boxed Lego themed sets, I became paralyzed.  Do I go with what my son would pick or do I make them a bit more special by making them ourselves?  I decided I would give it a try making them but if they weren’t easy, I would come back and get a ready-made set.

As I am not a graphic designer at all, I knew my only bet was going to be to find a Ninjago lego guy online.  I was hoping Living Locurto had one but I think she only has the Star Wars guys.  I came across this hand drawn guy via a Google Images search and my Valentine was born!  I printed out 8 to a page and left room for him to write his name.  My mother-in-law was tasked with getting him to sign all 40 of them when I was out one day.  How cute is that little heart he drew for the “O”?  I’m not  sure if I will create some sort of “wrap” for these or send them as is.  They are due in to the classroom tomorrow so chances are they are going as is.  Did you make or buy your kid’s Valentine’s?




    • Sharon Garofalow says

      Hi Nancy, no I don’t have a printable link for these. I found the clip art online and just added text to it. Since it isn’t my clip art I don’t feel right putting together a printable. Sorry!

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