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Free Printable Valentines Cards with Song Lyrics


These free printable Valentine’s Day cards are the perfect last-minute Valentine’s that you can make at home! The printable music Valentines with song lyrics are an easy way to show your spouse how much you love them and take just minutes to print out.

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Let’s make a quick and easy printable Valentine at home.

Printable Valentines Day Cards

A printable Valentine’s Day card is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending money and can be made with things you have at home.

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My husband and I are music lovers and often share song lyrics with each other, so I turned some of our favorites into easy printable Valentine’s that you can share with someone you love.

Song lyrics are so poetic and often have the sentiment that you are looking for.

Printable Music Valentine’s to Download

Design 1

A polka dot card with a purple heart with a song lyric inside that can be printed for Valentine's Day.

I have always loved this song lyric, above, by Jack White of the White Stripes. It’s slightly creepy and weird but truly sweet.

Design 2

Printable valentine for your husband with a song lyric.

This TV on the Radio lyric is a play on a Gandhi quote that pretty much means that love should be of the utmost importance. So I thought it would also be perfect for printable Valentine’s Day cards

Design 3

A printable valentine card with pink kiss marks and a song lyric.

Could there be a sweeter sentiment than this thought by John Legend?

Design 4

A printable Valentine's card with a song lyric on it.

I love this Elton John lyric. It basically means that as long as you’re around, life is great. And with all that the world is going through, this is such a nice thing to share with your loved one.

Printable pages on top of an image of kitchen gadgets with text next to it.

How to Make these DIY Valentine’s Cards

You really don’t need any special skill to make these DIY Valentines which makes them perfect for everyone.

1. Download the Valentine Designs

Simply download the free printable to your computer.

The file includes all 4 designs, one on each page. You can print all of them or just the one you really want.

Each design is 7″ wide by 5″ high.

Or use this file for the original designs for the Jack White and TV on the Radio lyrics: music inspired valentine’s pdf

2. Print them out on cardstock

Print the design out on a piece of cardstock. If you don’t have any, you can just use plain printer paper, but cardstock makes it feel a little bit nicer.

3. Cut it out

Use scissors or a paper cutter to cut out the card. Feel free to get extra crafty if that is who you are as a person. I have grown out of my crafty phase and would just give this as is.

But you could also glue it to a heart-shaped doily or even just layer it on colored paper.

4. Write a message

You should absolutely write a special message on the back. Life gets busy. And while you may not have had time to get to the store for a card, you should find a minute to let your special someone know what they mean to you.

You can also quickly throw on some red lipstick and leave a kiss mark as a signature. It’s a sexy little touch. Add a spritz of his favorite perfume…dang, your printable Valentine just got extra sassy.

5. Give it to your significant other

Whether you pair it with candy or some other small gift, these cards are an easy way to let him know you love him.

These homemade Valentine’s cards really saved the day for me. Song lyrics are a great way to share your love with your significant other! 

More easy Valentine’s Day ideas

Which of these free printable Valentine’s cards is your favorite?

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