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10 Ways to Put Your Style in Your Holiday Decor


Put your style in your holiday decor! These tips will help you incorporate the style you love during the holiday season. I’m not a huge fan of traditional holiday decor. So I always look for ways to put my spin on things.

Silver "Noel" sign for a stylish holiday decoration item.

*Today’s post is sponsored by Thymes, but my love for their Frasier Fir collection is all my own! My pine addiction is pretty much lifelong…I always write about stuff I love and think you’ll like too. This post contains affiliate partnerships, so I may get a share of the revenue from your purchase. I’m saving that revenue to put my kids through college. But sometimes I go to Starbucks…

Can I confess that the holiday fragrances are more magical to me than the decor. And I also don’t love that unless you go on a real hunt for cool, less traditional decor, you are stuck with whatever look the stores are selling that year.

Thank goodness some of the larger stores are really stepping up in the design area and there are usually some good finds.

Over the last few years, I have been taking the time to go through the decorations in the garage and getting rid of the things that were bought on a whim and don’t love. (A few things I am holding on to simply because the smell reminds me of some awesome childhood memories). I’m trying to grow our collection to include things we are really drawn to and fit our personal style.

10 ways to put your personal style in your holiday decor

1. Pick a color palette that YOU like. While most stores bombard you with decorations that are green, white and red, you can go in a different direction. Whites and silver, with a little sparkle, like in the image above) make for a super wintery look.

Similarly, if you love hot pink, add it! Either DIY something store-bought or let your friends and family know what you are looking for so they can help you scout out those harder-to-find decorations.

Horse statue next to pine candle to talk about holiday decor

2. Don’t pack away the great pieces that you love the rest of the year. Figure out how to incorporate the pieces you love and still have your house feel holiday ready.

Create little vignettes for visual interest. And see if there are ways to play up the holidays. Done right, a sleigh bell swag draped on this horses’ neck would be awesome and seasonal appropriate.

Pine scented candle to go with your holiday decor

3. Try new plants and flowers in your home that have a holiday feel. Whether they are real or faux, go for something different. Look for berry-like stalks or even forgo flowers and use just greenery.

Trader Joe’s is the best for finding unusual, seasonal plants and flowers. Even using just a small amount, mixed in with your usual decor will change the look of the room and have it feel more festive.

And that simple Thymes Frasier Fir Pine Needle candle adds the perfect winter look to pair with unexpected foliage.

Succulent centerpiece idea for your holiday decorating

4. Look for great vessels, that match your holiday decor aesthetic, and use them to house your favorite succulents.

Tuck in a few berries or even rosemary sprigs to take them from summery desert to wintery and lush. The modern looking white soap from the Frasier Fir collection would be perfect for a succulent arrangement!

Magazine tote for holiday greens to decorate your home for Christmas

5. Add some flair in unusual places. Pine branches and glittery, decorative picks add warmth and whimsy to a room and is unexpected when placed in a magazine holder.

Skip the usual mantle garland and instead add your greenery around the room at different visual levels.

While most things are set on tables or shelves, don’t forget to survey your floor space to see if you can style something on the ground as long as it won’t impede your usual traffic.

Pine scented ornament hanging on a Christmas tree.

6.  For a lot of us, our trees go up much closer to December 25th (here in CA they dry out and die if you get them too early) which means that we don’t get a lot of time to enjoy our favorite ornaments.

There is no rule against using ornaments on houseplants. And you get to have your favorites up earlier so you can enjoy them longer.

Silver balloons that spell out "yeah" for holiday decorating

7.  There are standard phrases used to share holiday cheer, like Noel, Merry Christmas, etc. But I took a cue from my kids, and their excitement for the season, to use a new word for our wall decorations.  

I mean, with all the presents and the treats and fun events that happen over the holidays, could there really be a better word? Also these mini mylar balloons are a super fun, celebratory way to decorate. They make your room feel like a party.

Pine tree candle to add a festive touch to your holiday decorations

8.  Tuck holiday themed candles around your living space to play up the season. Candles, like this one from Thymes, are really nice looking and don’t steal the attention from the style of your room but rather blend in with it.

They special holiday scents with a variety of decorative candles so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that fits in with your style. Some of the gingerbread items come in this gorgeous amber-colored glass!

Choose a signature scent for your house during the holidays like this Frasier Fir Candle set

9.  Choose a signature holiday scent. For me, I’m a pine girl all the way. My soaps, candles, etc. are all in this scent. This year I’m using Thymes Frasier Fir collection.

The scent is a mix of fir needles, cedarwood and sandalwood.  All of the products layer nicely together to bring a subtle scent to the house all season long. They even created home care products in this scent so even my cleaning can feel more seasonal.

I love this reed diffuser set for the smell but also because the reeds mimic the pine needles to me. And like I mentioned in number 6 above, we don’t get our trees for a while.

I have to get my pine fix in! And the smell just makes me happy. Yes, I could use it year round, but for me, pine IS the holidays. But if it isn’t for you, they also have gingerbread with spicy notes of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, yum.

Smells always evoke memories for me, but especially around the holidays. I can easily think of the various smells found in my mom’s boxes of holiday decorations.

There’s the Avon candle from when she sold their cosmetics. There is the smell of the ornaments and the tissue they are wrapped in.

There is peppermint from the candy canes that get put away with all the other decorations, inadvertently, every year. And there’s pine. Always pine.

The scent that I look forward to all year. It signals the holiday season and the joy that I get to share with my own family now.

But I think the Gingerbread and the Highland Frost must also be amazing!

Pine hand soap and lotion set for a holiday kitchen.

10. Don’t forget the kitchen! I don’t know about you, but the kitchen rarely gets decorated for any holiday. BUT that is where you spend a lot of time during the holiday season with all your baking and holiday hosting.

So from this year on, I will be switching to my favorite scent in the kitchen too. And this white, faux wood holder, that this sink set comes in, is sleek and chic but feels wintery.

While I can’t say that this will make me look forward to doing the dishes, I  do know when I smell the Frasier Fir, I will have a moment of joy.

Try to let the kids have a little bit of say in this too. It might be hard to have plastic singing snowmen all over the place – but these are their memories too! I try to talk about style and tradition when they are requesting a new decor item.

Of course, their styles will change over time but I share with them how my style has changed too. Truly this time of year is about spending time together and making each other smile. So if they want a dancing Snoopy that is 3 feet tall, that’s what they get!

Head over to the Thymes site to check out all their amazing scents and shop for yourself or others on your gift list. Every order over $25 gets 3 free samples!

Thymes creates fragrances that are a mix of familiar and intriguing rooted in botanical perfumery. Drawn from nature, their unique formulations are artfully crafted to create products that are skin-compatible, environmentally friendly, effective and a pleasure to use.

They also have a gorgeous selection of Pumpkin scented items for your Thanksgiving and fall entertaining! So pretty! 

Thank you for supporting the brands, like Thymes, that let me keep blogging. Especially the ones that make the most glorious pine-y fragranced products that make me swoon.

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  1. These products look amazing – I’m a big candle girl! I’ll have to pick some up! Love your holiday decor!

  2. just beautiful! I love gold and green…my favorite combo for winter!

    1. We did too, up until last year! I’m sure that plays in to my love of the smell of pine! :)

  3. Gorgeous! I love everything about this post! Your decorations are stunning and I bet they smell great, too ;)

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