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Outfit Ideas for Spring with Cabi


If you’re looking for cute outfit ideas for spring, here are some of my favorites. From mixing prints to layering, these ideas will help you create casual looks that are perfect for any occasion.  

Woman in a blue dress with a necklace outside.

This post is sponsored by cabi clothing. 

The cabi spring 2019 collection is no longer available but what is so great about cabi is that their styles are timeless.

If you have never been to a cabi party, you really need to attend one. When shopping online, you can tell that the clothes are cute. But when you see them in person and get to see ALL the details, you fall even more in love with the clothes. 

An image of a blanket and candle with text over that talks about beauty secrets.

Style Ideas for Spring

Spring is one of my favorite seasons! The weather is warming up but it’s still not super hot so layering is ideal.

These outfits are easy to recreate at home with things you already have or to keep in mind when you are shopping for new pieces.

Mix Prints

Blonde woman in a blue floral dress outside.

Mixing prints is a fun way to bring in a playful touch to your outfits. It instantly makes your classic styles feel more modern. And if you get stuck in a rut putting outfits together from your wardrobe, adding a second print can help you get a little more creative when getting dressed.

I think leopard print is a neutral and these cute low-heeled leopard print sandals (cabi Kiki Ankle Straps – no longer available) are great with all types of outfits.

This type of sandal can dress up an outfit with jeans, and give it a little edge, but are so comfortable!

But they can also work the other way. This blue floral dress (cabi Dream Dress) feels less dressy with a shoe in this fun pattern and with the low heel. They’re super versatile.

Similar Leopard Heels

Flowy Floral Midi Dress

Blonde women in a blue floral dress outside with trees behind her.

The cabin Dream Dress is EVERYTHING! I saw this on the runway at one of their fashion shows so I knew how cute it was. It’s probably not acceptable for me to claim extra baby weight (my youngest is 13 years old…) but I’m definitely working with some extra pounds especially around my middle.

I haven’t felt good in my clothes for a while and I’m very conscious of my soft stomach area. 

This cabi dress is SO flattering! I felt amazing when I put this on. This is my new go-to dress for anything that requires not wearing jeans. I am in LOVE! 

I typically go for a kaftan, that is shapeless and easy. But the slight tailoring near the waist makes it feel more put together while still keeping the flowy vibe.

As you can tell, the dress is very sheer. It comes with a matching blue slip to help keep things from getting scandalous. The hem is not straight across and the way they’ve constructed the skirt gives it a ton of movement. It was so fun to wear! 

Similar Dress Options


Blonde women in blue floral dress with a red and pink cardigan over it.

With cool mornings and evenings, layering is key during spring. Here I added in a 3rd print for a really fun look.

Cabi always kills it in the cardigan department. This Picnic Cardigan is bright and playful and adds a ton of whimsy to any outfit. I love the pink and red color combo and the contrast pocket! 

More Cardigans


Close up of a pink and red cardigan with blue detail on the sleeve.

The pop of bright blue on the sleeve is super cool! Such a fun touch! I love that their clothes are so compatible with each other.

They work on that during the design process. It is no accident. That’s just one of the many things I adore about cabi.

Clothes with special details like smocking, a contrasting pocket or a patch make everything more interesting!

Black Basics

Woman in dark jeans with a black tank top and necklaces by a lake.

You can’t go wrong with a simple black tank. The cabin Snap Blouse caught my eye because it can easily be dressed up or down, worn on its own or layered.

And after falling in LOVE with the Cinch Skinny jeans, I decided to try out these cabi Rinse Skinny too and I’m so glad I did! 

This black tank has a pleated detail down the front that adds a little something extra! Paired with black flats and a dark denim, it’s a cute casual sprint outfit idea.


Close up of dark jeans on a women with cuffed hems.

A crisp pair of denim jeans is a great staple for outfits all year long. To get the right length, you can cut the hem to hit you at the perfect spot on your ankle. Or you can make a simple cuff as I did.

Woman in jeans and white top with lime green mules on a bridge.

These jeans have just a touch of spandex and I’ve been wearing them non-stop. To be able to find two pairs of jeans that I love is not usual. This spring collection from cabi has given me so many amazing spring outfit ideas! 

In spring, I try to work in lighter denim. It’s a great way to signal the transitioning of the seasons.


Close up of a women in black tank top with silver necklaces and a scarf worn as a belt.

The cabi Triumph Necklace, which is really two necklaces, adds a casual touch that helps finish the look. The necklaces are a little chunky, which I loved, and in antique silver.

I’ve been wearing mostly gold for a while but thought this would be a fun update for spring.

The scarf as a belt trick was something I learned from the cabi team (see more of my favorite cabi styling tips here). This one is from a past collection and, of course, I love the animal print.  

Close up of a long necklace on a women in a blue floral dress.

I love the length of the cabi Cha Cha Charm necklace. As with most of the cabi jewelry, there is a little bit of choice in terms of length. This is the longest necklace I have but I really like it with the neckline of this dress.

I like to mix and match the necklaces I have to help dress things up or down depending on the feel I’m going for.

A Great Blouse

Woman in dark jeans with a blue ruffle sleeve floral blouse.

The cabi Spring Blouse is my everything. It looks cute on the site but when I put it on, I think I heard angels singing. It’s spring perfection.

This one is all about the details. I fell in love with the flutter sleeves in a complimentary floral print. I love the gathered neck and it’s the perfect amount of blousy. 

Close up of tie detail on a blue floral blouse.

Know that this blouse is a bit sheer and you’ll need a good cami to wear underneath. THIS is the top that you will now see me in. Every single day. 

This top can be layered, works with mixed prints and has details that make it such a great, easy piece to have in your spring wardrobe.

Pops of Color

Woman in a leopard tank top can dark jeans.

In person, the lilac color of this cabi Feline Blouse is really gorgeous. I’m not a big fan of purple but I love this fun take on my favorite animal print. 

Close up of a purple leopard tank top with peplum bottom on a blonde woman.

This cute cabi blouse has a slight peplum. Again, not something I thought would work with my hips. But I love the little bit of movement the cut gives to this top. It also has a key-hole detail on the back!

I like to look for colors that I don’t usually wear when dressing for spring.

Close up on block heeled mules in lime green on a woman's wearing jeans.

I’m OBSESSED with the cabi Marigold Mules! These are remarkably comfortable and come in the prettiest gold color.

The low heel makes these totally wearable but makes them feel a little fancier. I love the shape and style of this shoe and I will be wearing this until it falls apart! 

This color also works with all types of outfits. I seriously wear these all the time. And shoes are a great way to add in some color!

Oversized Tops

Woman in light jeans with a cute white top on a bridge.

Since I’m a lover of oversized pieces, I knew that the cabi Breeze Pullover was going to be a staple in my spring wardrobe. I like to size up on tops to give it an easy, comfy look with jeans.

It has a waffle-like weave and three-quarter-length sleeves. It’s perfect for spring because it’s warm, but because of the loose weave, not too hot for those warmer days.

A Blazer

Woman in a blazer and jeans by a lake.

A big surprise for me was the cabi Sleuth Blazer. I saw someone wearing this online and thought it was cute, but I’m not a blazer kind of gal. Or so I thought.

When I saw this one in person, I knew I had to have it! I mean, how cute is it with jeans! 

It has a bit of an oversized fit without adding too much bulk. It’s a great layering piece that isn’t my usual cardigan.

Close up of a grey plaid blazer on a woman by a lake.

I’ve learned so much about styling from the cabi team and the rolled sleeves keep it from feeling too, “I’m right on top of that, Rose” and cooler, casual. (That was a ‘Don’t Tell Mom the Baby Sitter’s Dead’ Reference. If you don’t know it, you need to go re-watch that movie immediately.)

Cabi Clothing Sizes

After working with cabi for a while, I think I finally have a handle on the sizing that works best for me. I usually wear an 8-10 (11-13 in fast fashion jeans) and would usually opt for a large in tops. Cabi clothes tend to run a little bit larger so size down if you don’t like things oversized.

Pants | In cabi, I know that size 8 is my sweet spot. While not all of the pants are flattering, I know that size 8 is what I should be ordering to start. The cut of the pant is truly what determines if it will work with my shape or not. 

Long Sleeve Tops | For the long sleeve blouses I usually go with a medium or a large. Again, I like things really blousy and oversized. The smalls tend to be too tight in the elbows. I don’t like to feel constricted. 

Short Sleeve Tops | I like the short sleeve tops in medium, they are a little less blousy and the armholes fit a little bit better than on the large. 

Sleeveless Tops | I wear a small in the sleeveless tops. I’m very small busted and the medium armholes and bust area were a little too baggy. I was a little worried that the smalls would be too tight in the hips but that wasn’t the case at all! 

Dresses | I’m wearing a size 8 in the dress and it is PERFECT! The Dream Dress, in particular, nips in at the waist a touch so it’s very flattering. Some of the dresses are more of a shift shape and then you’ll need to use your best guess at sizing. Some of the more body-con things I just skip altogether. I really wanted the Cruise Skirt to work but I couldn’t style it in a cute way. But the size small was the better size for me in this case. 

Sweaters | For cardigans, I wear a medium. The large can be just too baggy and not look put together even when trying for a cozy, oversized look. But for the pullover sweaters, I tend to like to start with a large. 

Jackets | I got the blazer in an 8 but also tried on a 6. I liked how the 6 looked (was a little less boxy) but I couldn’t button it in front. I don’t think I ever plan on buttoning the blazer but you never know. The 8 was a little big but I felt more comfortable in it. I don’t like a tight arm, what can I say! 

Shoes | The shoes seem to be pretty true to size! 

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Are you ready for spring? I’m so looking forward to wearing cute outfits where I’m not freezing! I think the cabi jeans will great transitional pieces to wear until it gets a little bit warmer.

I hope these outfit ideas for spring will inspire you to check out cabi’s latest collection and create fun, casual looks for the season. 

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