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New Year’s Eve with Cabi


New Year’s Eve has become one of my favorite holidays! Now that we have kids, it’s all about having family fun and less about debauchery and huge parties. Cabi asked me to put together a look for a New Year’s Eve night out. So I decided to share how I would wear their pieces for a night on the town for grown up fun AND how I would make it fit for our usual New Year’s Eve plans too. 

Casual New Year's Eve outfit with Cabi

*Cabi sent me this whole outfit so I could share my New Year’s Eve style with you.

The early part of the day, on New Year’s Eve, is kind of just a normal day. The kids play, I run errands, you know, the usual. If I need to finish up our New Year’s Eve hour bags, I’ll take some time to put the finishing touches on. But by the afternoon, though, everyone starts to get antsy and get our celebrating started! 

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Cabi Clothing

Comfort is key for me, no matter what day it is. When I was picking Cabi pieces for my New Year’s Night look, I tried to pick items that would be comfortable but also chic. New Year’s Eve can be a really long night. And you might be up on your feet dancing or just hanging out with friends.

When I saw these M’leggings, I knew that I had to have them. The overlay skirt dresses up the leggings and makes them more interesting plus they hide the areas that most gals want to hide. The thick poly spandex makes them super comfortable and flattering.

And the Tate Top is perfectly drape-y (I usually size up because I love a good blouse-y blouse) and has a really cool pattern. The high/low hem is great with the leggings (and jeans! I’ve been wearing this top A LOT!).

Cute and casual look with Cabi Clothing

I’ll be honest, the Bisset Booties were not comfortable. But that’s probably because a) they aren’t broken in yet and b) I don’t ever wear heels so my flat feet didn’t know how to handle it! I was instantly drawn to the Carnaby Loafers but really wanted to try something out of my comfort zone. But sometimes you gotta work through the pain because the shoes are SO cute!

The Hanson Anorak is the perfect finishing touch. It’s light weight and has the cutest details! I love that it adds a casual touch to an outfit that otherwise feels a little dressy. (And I have been wearing it non-stop and get compliments on it ALL the time!). It’s made with a washed linen, which is really soft and hangs well. And the fit is relaxed without being really oversized. I LOVE IT!

The Trois Necklace is so pretty! The gold mesh ropes are a multi-layered necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet! I love that feature!

This outfit works perfect for our real life New Year’s Eve too, minus the shoes (But, you guys, I’m going to keep trying with the booties! The zipper detail is beautiful!). The leggings and blouse look great together and feel like pajamas. That’s pretty much my ultimate goal when dressing. 

How my family does New Year's Eve

In the early afternoon we always head to our local Dave and Busters. It’s basically the kid version of a casino. We load up our power cards, and see how many tickets we can win. We stay a few hours and then help the kids pick out their prizes (SO many choices!) before heading home. We either pick up dinner on the way home or make something easy like chicken nachos or chicken tacos

Family friendly New Year's Eve ideas

The key to having a great family New Year’s Eve is keeping the kids engaged. The hour bags are a fun way to do that, where they get a little trinket, snack,  or activity every hour leading up to midnight. We also add in some family games throughout the night, like Soda Pong (like beer pong, but with soda).

It is such a fun night where we hang out together and just enjoy each other’s company. My kids always manage to stay up while my husband and I have to fight through until midnight. This outfit from Cabi is the perfect look for my real New Year’s Eve and with just a change of shoes, works perfect for a night out! I love the versatility of their pieces!

How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve? Head over to the Cabi site to see how myself and two other bloggers styled New Year’s Eve looks!

Images by Bleudog Fotography

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