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You Need to Attend a Cabi Party Shopping Experience


My mom-style just leveled up thanks to attending my first cabi party! As a fan of the brand, you already know that I love wearing their cute and casual outfits. But the in-home shopping experience is such a cool way to see the collection first hand! A party is a great way to find your correct sizing, get style tips and shop in the convenience of an intimate home setting. I wish all shopping was like this! a tray of cabi necklaces laying on a table next to a catalogue.

This post is sponsored by cabi Clothing. As a cabi ambassador, I get to share my experiences with you and let you know what I love about the brand. 

What is a cabi Party?

When I first connected with cabi clothing, I ordered all of my items through a home office employee. I would go online and check out the newest collection on their website and choose my favorite pieces. 

But after attending cabi Scoop and learning more about the business of cabi at cabi Blogger Day, I kept hearing about the shopping experiences. I had met an array of awesome stylists and really wanted to see what a shopping party was like! invitation to cabi party

I found a local cabi stylist who graciously invited myself, and a few friends, to attend one of her personal styling experiences. These fashion parties take place in homes, where friends and family can come and learn about the clothing and shop in a casual, fun way. 

I was sent an invitation with more information and couldn’t wait to attend! Shopping really is the perfect me-time. So not only was I going to be able to find some great cabi fashion, but I was also getting to hang out with amazing women and have a relaxed afternoon. With cabi, although their clothes are amazing, it’s always about more than clothes.

Cabi is about making you feel like your best self. It’s about supporting other women and it’s about enjoying life, and looking cute while doing it! 

Women in a brightly colored kimono

And I totally looked cute. :) I fell in love with the Drama Dress/kimono/wear it 15 different ways piece from the Blooming Blush New Arrivals collection and paired it with my favorite Kiki Leopard shoes (which you can also see me wearing in my fall fashion trends post).

Two women smiling at the camera

My stylist, Sarah Riordan, welcomed me and introduced me to the day’s party hostess and the hostess’ friends. I was grateful that the local host let me crash her party and she and everyone was so warm and friendly. 

The party started with some chit chat in the kitchen, with snacks and wine, and when Sarah was ready we moved to the living room to view the collection. 

The Spring 2019 Collection Presentation

a cabi clothing shopping presentation

My mind was blown with how awesome the presentation was. Sarah had a rack where she could display items while she pointed out details and talked about fit and fabrics. She even had a light that really helped to see the clothes. 

The fashion experience is a well thought out presentation of the collection and allows you to start planning for your try-on session at the end of the party. 

While each collection is large, the presentation was thorough but quick. You were able to learn about almost all of the pieces and get a few styling tips and outfit ideas without it feeling long. 

Sarah was able to answer every question and provide suggestions while keeping the party pacing on point. 

I made notes in my catalog, during the presentation, to keep track of the pieces I wanted a closer look at. While the clothes are cute on the website and in the catalog, they really come alive in person. 

One of my favorite things about the brand is the details they put in the clothing from the ones you can readily see, to the ones you can’t, like jacket linings. You truly get to see those at a fashion experience which I find exciting. I love to watch people react to those little discoveries. 

The Personal Styling Experience of a cabi Party

When the presentation was over, Sarah quickly changed her presentation rack into a shopping rack. We were able to browse the pieces and try them on to find our perfect fit. 

women looking at a rack of clothing

Sarah even swapped out the pants she was wearing to allow a guest to try on her size. If that isn’t great customer service, I don’t know what is! 

The personal styling experience was so awesome. Not only was Sarah there to guide on fit and outfit ideas, but we could encourage the other women to step out of their comfort zones and try on pieces they usually wouldn’t reach for. 

The camaraderie was half the fun of putting new outfits together. 

While I sought out the pieces I had marked in my catalog, I also just browsed the racks to see what jumped out at me. 

Ordering at a party is so simple. Sarah placed orders right on her iPad and it was quick and easy. 

I ended up with:

And while one sweater and one pair of pants ended up not working out (I screwed up the sizing), exchanges were super simple! Sarah handled the entire process with ease and my new items are currently on their way! 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in a cabi fashion experience, reach out to a stylist near you or maybe even host a party yourself! 

As an ambassador, I’ve written about cabi clothing a bunch. Find out even more about the brand below. 

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collage of photos from a shopping party

While shopping online for cabi clothing is awesome too, shopping a cabi party is the ultimate way to experience a collection! 

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