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Cabi Blogger Day 2018


A whole day with a fabulous group of bloggers and a photo shoot? Of course I’ll come! A few months ago I got to sneak away from my daily duties to attend cabi Blogger Day! It’s was a fun day at their corporate office where they gathered some of their favorite bloggers (I’m blushing!) and spoiled us rotten while giving us an inside look at what makes the company so special! I am honored to have been a part of it!
A champagne toast for Cabi Blogger DayI was invited by cabi to attend cabi Blogger Day and given clothes, food and other gifts. All opinions are my own.

I arrived at their corporate office bright and early and was greeted by Ebony and some bubbly. Ebony is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager for cabi and is THE BEST! Her energy and love for the company is infectious and she ALWAYS has a smile on her face. I love getting to work with her! Cabi Fiesta Dress with jean jacket for Cabi Blogger Day.And I also just happened to be twinning with her in the Fiesta Dress! What I love about attending cabi events is that of course there are people in the same clothes as you but everyone styles them SO differently! I always learn new ways to wear their pieces.

Cabi Blogger Day Video

Learning about cabi on Blogger Day

How they design the Cabi collectionsWe sat with Chief Design Officer, Kat Woodside, and Fashion Director, Becky Jantzen to learn about the fall collection that will be coming out soon. They shared how they separate the collection in to smaller groupings, each with their own theme while still fitting in to the feel for the whole season. They put a lot of work in to this process and it was super cool to hear about it straight from them. We also got our first sneak peek of the new collection and it is AMAZING! I think it might be my favorite collection yet! Experiencing an in home Cabi partyEven though I’ve worked with cabi for a while, I’ve not been to a home party! We had the chance to go through the process and learn exactly what happens when a cabi stylist throws a party in your home. We also learned more about why women become cabi stylists. If you have been looking for a way to start your own business, this might be it! No only do you get to share your love of fashion with other women, but you receive tons of support from the home office, who ensure that you’ll succeed! It’s a great business model! Learning about the Heart of Cabi FoundationCabi isn’t just about the clothes, they also give back. We learned about the Heart of Cabi Foundation which helps women in other parts of the world start their own businesses. From loans to mentorship, cabi makes it a huge priority to empower women around the globe each year.
Ethiopian leather wallet from the Heart of Cabi FoundationThis gorgeous blush leather card holder was made in Ethiopia and is made by one of the companies they’ve partnered with. Every moment you spend with the cabi team, you fall in love with them a little bit more. The Heart of cabi Foundation is one of the things that sets them apart from other clothing brands. It’s more than just the clothes. But the clothes are pretty awesome too! Talking about marketing for Cabi's newest collectionDaniel Trussardi is the Executive Creative Director of cabi and he went over how he and his team create the lookbooks and other marketing materials they put out for each collection. He helps bring the story of the clothes to life and I think he is exceptional! From short videos, to their Notion magazine, he’s got his hand on everything you see and I am always in awe of how cohesive everything is. Plus he has an awesome accent so you can listen to him for hours.

Fabulous lunch setting at Cabi Blogger DayWe were absolutely spoiled ALL DAY LONG. From a breakfast spread with fresh pressed juices, to this stunning table setting at lunch, they made sure we were well fed and pampered. A gathering of bloggers for Cabi Blogger DayOur blogger group shared each meal with the team from cabi and it was a great way to ask questions and learn about them a little bit deeper. One of the biggest things I picked up from cabi Blogger Day is that cabi is a great place to work. You can tell that the atmosphere is positive and empowering.

They truly are a big family and that comes across in how they treat each other and anyone visiting. It made me want to work in an office enviornment again, but only for a second because I realize this situation is special and definitely not found everywhere! Styling for the Cabi Blogger Day photo shootAfter lunch the real fun began! We got to choose outfits from the fall collection to be styled in for a photo shoot! I’m not sure where they will use  the images, but it was super fun to not only get our hands on the newest collection before most people have even seen it, but to get hair and makeup and a professional photo shoot! Romy Raves and I at Cabi Blogger DayI have been blogging forever and I’ve met some amazing people over the years. My friend Romy always puts a smile on my face and I was super happy to get to spend the day with her! Other Cabi Bloggers at Cabi Blogger DayI also got to meet new blogging friends like Alison and Lauren! You can’t tell from this photo, by my nerves were shot at this point. I hadn’t done my photo shoot yet and I am super awkward in front of the camera! I was so nervous! Sneak peek of my out from Cabi Blogger Day.I’ll be sharing my whole outfit in a few months but they got me in to heels (which I could barely walk in – I haven’t worn heels in YEARS). I can’t wait to get my hands on the fall collection! SO MANY GOOD PIECES! Cabi Blogger Day photo shootHere’s a sneak peek image from the photo shoot. I can’t wait to share the finished images with you soon!

Thank you so much to cabi for including me on their awesome blogger day! I had the best time and am even more in love with the brand, the clothes and every employee!

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