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Where to Buy Cute and Comfy Long Kaftans


My mom style is totally casual with a touch of Mrs. Roper and a little bit of edge. Long kaftans give me the look I love and keep me comfortable at the same time. They are perfect for warmer weather and you literally just throw them on and go.

Plus, there are tons of cute options – patterns, colors and shapes – so you can find the perfect one for your own personal style.

cotton kaftan for women

Cotton kaftans are like wearing a big, over-sized shirt. I get that that doesn’t really sound stylish, but I think they totally can be. I prefer to wear the kind that are cut like a shift dress, no cinching, no nipping in at the waist. A big old column of material. 

But they come all different ways. I have a ton of different styles which keeps them looking unique and not like you are wearing a uniform. You know I like to be lazy on purpose, but I certainly don’t want people to think my wardrobe is boring and all the same. 

My favorite place to buy kaftans is Novella Royale. They can be pricey but I always watch for them to go on sale and then try to scoop them up! BUT, Novella Royale has the perfect patterns and colors in my opinion.

womens kaftans for warm weather

This one is the Margo Caftan and it’s on sale currently for $100! I like to do a mix of higher end and much lower end so I can still send my kids to college at some point…

How to Style Kaftans

How you style a kaftan depends on where you are wearing it. They can be worn as a casual sundress or dressed up for a night out. I love how versatile they can be. AND STILL, BE RIDICULOUSLY COMFORTABLE! 

  • For Daytime – sandals, a big chunky necklace and some simple bracelets are all you need to create a cute look that doesn’t veer towards sloppy. 
  • For the Pool – Flip flops, a big floppy hat, unbrushed hair. Done.
  • For Night – a chunky black bootie, a cool faux leather jacket, maybe play around with the jewelry, messy bun. So cute!

More Kaftan Style Tips 

What to Wear with Kaftans

A lot of kaftans need a little something underneath. Some have very high slits up the sides, like almost too your lady party. Unless I’m wearing it over a bathing suit, I definitely have a slip under.

I have slips in black and tan and choose which one looks best under the kaftan material. I’ve also worn a see-thru kaftan over a black and white striped tank dress which looked SO cute! 

Sizing Kaftans

Kaftans are typically one size fits most. What I always want to look for is that it will be wide enough to move freely around my hips. My hips are pretty wide so I never want a kaftan to fit snug around my backside. It makes it uncomfortable and not very flattering. 

It also depends on the fabric. Cotton kaftans tend to be a bit more clingy whereas a polyester or blend, will have a little more flow and hang easily.

If you buy a cotton kaftan, beware of shrinking in the wash! I would hand wash in cold water just to be safe and then line dry!  

Dresses made from polyester are very forgiving. They are super flowy and move with you. I also prefer these for when the weather is hot! They are the lightest weight and come in lots of fun colors and patterns. 

There are a few linen options (mostly on Etsy). These can be really heavy and not great for warm weather. They also don’t wash that well and I know if I’m trying to throw an easy dress on and go, I certainly don’t want to have to hand wash and steam it every time I wear it! 

It’s all about knowing your body type, your preferences when dressing and how fabrics work with all of it. Take a look in your closet to see what might be similar so you can get a feel for the best size for you.

where to buy summer kaftans

How to Find Kaftans

Are Kaftans popular in 2019? I think so. While I love a good 70’s vibe, I think they totally work today. When I’m looking for new kaftans to add to my collection I usually try to hit all my favorite online shops.

I do a quick search for “kaftans”, then “caftans” (I’ve seen them spelled both ways) and see what comes up. 

Even if the search comes up empty, I’ll browse the dresses quickly. I prefer long kaftans over shorter ones so I can usually quickly browse through a site to see if something jumps out at me. If there is a filter for maxi or midi dresses, I usually start there. 

I also always check the bathing suit cover-up section. Some of my favorite dresses, that I get the most compliments on, are actually bathing suit coverups!

And swing through “shirt dresses” Sometimes they can be made of a lightweight fabric and have the shape that I love. 

Where to Buy Kaftans

There are a few places that I always go first when I’m looking to shop for kaftans online. Then I’ll do a general browse and see if I can come up with any gems. 

  • Novella Royale – NR always has good options!
  • H&M – I start looking at H&M at the beginning of the year as they usually put out a few really cute kaftan options for spring and summer. They sometimes don’t call them that though so you just need to browse their dresses! (Don’t forget the cover-ups section!)
  • Zara – The spring/summer collection from Zara has so many great kaftan and kaftan-adjacent pieces! Some of it is sold out but they are so good. They might still have some inventory in stores. I really wish I had time to go check them out before vacation! 
  • Forever 21 – You’ve got to check Forever 21, especially in early spring, because they have a handful of them in the cover-up department.
  • AnthropologieAnthro will always have a few kaftans but they tend to be WAY pricier. I like to check every time they put their sale on sale! It’s the only time I shop at Anthro. 

Kaftans on Amazon

Buying kaftans on Amazon can be tricky. It’s really hard to know what you are buying in terms of fabric and quality. And sometimes from the image, a garment will look totally different once you get it in the mail. 

Sizing can also be wonky. But the good thing is because you can make returns so easily at Kohl’s you can buy a few sizes and send back what doesn’t fit or if it’s just not what you thought it would be. (Make sure the listing says – free returns before you buy).

Also, I found what looks like a rip off of Novella Royale on Amazon. It’s really cute and would be way cheaper but totally sucks, you know.

Shop for Mom Outfits 

I decided to round up some other long kaftans that you might want to wear this summer! I really try not to spend a lot on clothes but there are a few super cute ladies kaftans around $150. I’ve included those but most of these are really reasonably priced.

Use the arrows to move through the photos.

If you’re looking for super cute and comfortable outfits to wear, you better start your long kaftans collection! They’re my favorite things to wear when the weather turns warm. 

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