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7 Classic Fall Style Trends No Matter What the Editors Say


Oh my gosh! How is it fall already?! I’ve never been a huge fan of fall style. I always feel frumpy in boxy sweaters and unflattering pants. And it seems like some fall trends shared by the big magazines are too out there for me. I’m building my wardrobe to include classic fall clothing ideas that work year after year, no matter what the editors are telling us. Cozy fall style with Cabi ClothingThis post is in partnership by cabi Clothing. They invited me to select pieces from their Fall 2017 Penny Lane Lovely collection. I fell in love with their company culture at a recent Cabi Conversations dinner I attended and now, I’m in love with their easy pieces that make getting dressed, fun. Originally posted September 26, 2017.

Fall Style Trends to Help with Wardrobe Planning

My fall clothing definitely includes sweaters, but being that this is Southern California, tank tops, or open shoulders pretty much work all the way into winter here too.

We’re lucky that we don’t have to bring out the cold weather clothes until usually after the first of the year but layering is definitely our friend. 

While I much prefer warm weather, I love that fall makes it easy and comfortable to throw on a pair of jeans for the perfect mom life outfit.

But just because our leaves don’t change and we drink our Pumpkin Spice Lattes while it’s still 80 degrees, we do love fall style clothing and want to put together cute easy fall outfits

Fall Clothing Ideas That are Always Classic

Cabi Clothing has great pieces to update your fall outfits1. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones instantly feel like fall to me. I was immediately pulled towards the Radiant Dress from cabi Clothing, pictured above, for its color palette the velvet burn out fabric. 

Even though this dress is sleeveless and hits above the knee, it’s vibe is all fall. It would be perfect for an autumn wedding or even just a date night out with your hubby. 

When I start adding these rich, warm tones to my fall outfits, it’s a reminder to me to also go a little bolder with my lip color. My summer tan is all but gone and I can bring in my favorite fall makeup look to transition seasons as well.

Jewel tones are flattering for most people making this a classic way to change up your looks for fall.

You’ll always find jewel tones on fall trends lists because they are timeless. But I love how they can be used playfully in prints, like this one that reminds me of an oversized-animal print, to keep them feeling fresh.

Fall outfit inspiration from Cabi Clothing's Penny Lane Lovely Fall 2017 collection
Cozy fall style with great pieces from Cabi

2. Cardigans 

I’ve never met a cardigan that I didn’t like and the bishop sleeves on this one from cabi, stopped me in my tracks! Of course I had no idea what a bishop sleeve was (I read that in the cabi catalog) but I think it’s my favorite.

Although this sweater has a high neck that makes it feel super cozy, it’s a pretty lightweight sweater. A cardigan is a great transition piece as the weather starts to cool and you can layer it over just about anything. 

The sweet bishop sleeves on this one feel upscale when paired with this dress but it’s absolutely adorable with jeans and tee.

Look for cardigans, in a variety of lengths that aren’t heavy or too warm. Those cardigan coat type sweaters won’t be needed for a few months and you’ll just end up taking it off when you get too hot. 

Cardigans come in all kinds of colors and styles making them one of my favorite fall wardrobe staples

While color trends might change from year to year, cardigans are always a closet classic.

Cozy fall outfits and ideas for how to update your fall style

3. Pop of Personality

I guess this clothing idea is not relegated to just fall but I think it’s the perfect season to add a pop of your own personality into your outfit. 

I mentioned above fall dressing sometimes leaves me feeling frumpy. So this is a great way to add a little excitement to your outfit. Even with a super oversized, boxy sweater, a fun outfit element, like leopard booties, can make it feel more style-forward and captivating. 

While I love the jeans and blouse look above, I think leopard booties take it over the top! This feels totally like ME but I still look classic and weather appropriate. 

(Except that I forgot my black tank top that I would usually wear under this sheer blouse so I was basically in my bra. I don’t hate this look when other people do it, but for me, I usually like to dress a little more modest.) 

I don’t take fashion too seriously so I’m never nervous to try new things. Mixing prints is a fun way to show your style or even not wearing a tank top under a sheer blouse is a fashion choice. (nonintentional in my case). However you like to show your personal style, now is the perfect time to go all out! 

Fall clothing must haves from Cabi's Penny Lane Lovely Fall 2017 collection

4. Great Details

The Catherine Blouse, above, screams fall to me for many reasons! But one thing that makes me love fall style clothing is the texture and details!

This ruffle front is my favorite. I will always give ruffles a second look. Details are a cool way to add a little more pizzaz to an everyday clothing item. This tuxedo ruffle takes this blouse from basic to super fun.

Similarly, skip the plain sweaters and look for some that have different textures or patterns. I have a few fall sweaters that you can buy online in this post and several have fun textural elements that would create such a cute mom outfit idea. 

In summer, skin is part of your outfit. A gorgeous shoulder or the right cut at the neckline can really add a lot to your outfit. As you start to cover up for fall, look for interesting ways to add unexpected touches to your outfits in the form of details. 

Faux furry coats, velvet pants, an interesting sleeve detail – these are all fun ways to make fall style more fun. 

Fall clothing must haves with Cabi Clothing

5. Dark Florals

Dark florals will never go out of style! Florals can feel so feminine but a darker color palette can make them feel edgier and easy to wear. 

They are perfect with a pair of jeans or you can pair a blouse under a dress for a cool layered look. There is never a wrong time for a dark floral.

This trend is supposed to be really big for 2019 so look for a lot of options from designers and also faster fashion shops. It should be really easy to find.

There is something so classy about a darker toned floral pattern. It’s chic and simple and really easy to style to create fun fall outfits. Fall clothing must haves with Cabi

Great fall style from Cabi's Penny Lane Lovely Fall 2017 collection

6. Great Accessories

My go-to mom style is jeans and a t-shirt, which can sometimes be pretty plain. So adding a fun necklace gives the look a touch of interest. This great necklace, called Speakeasy by cabi Clothing, is a simple way to add another layer to your outfit. 

Think of accessories as you finishing touch. When choosing the right accessories for your fall wardrobe, keep the previous classic trends in mind. Look for jewel tones and metallic finishes. Details and texture keep things really fun. And don’t forget to let your personality to really shine through! 

A big chunky necklace with a simple sweater can be such a cute look. Check out this guide for helping figure out what the right length for your necklace is for the neckline you’re wearing. 

Vintage-inspired scarves are a great way to accessorize. Headbands can add a pop of color to your outfit. And sunglasses in a pretty jewel tone can be the perfect way to finish and outfit. 

Easy to wear fall outfits with great pieces from Cabi

7. Good Basics

Because layering is key and our weather is still pretty unpredictable, having good basics are necessary. You never know when you’ll need to take off your jacket or cardigan because it decided to be 78 degrees. 

The cut of this tank, the Sway tank from cabi, is super flattering. It’s not totally a racerback, but the cut of the sleeve really makes your shoulders look great! The back is slightly longer than the front and it’s not a super snug fit, which is great for my muffin top.

Plain white and black t-shirts and great fitting tank tops are essentials for fall layering. I have a variety of lengths depending on what I’m pairing them with. They all should look great on their own though. I prefer a linen blend tee as they drape really nicely.

Also, great jeans are a must! I prefer a black jean but dark jeans are also a great wardrobe staple for fall dressing. You can dress them up for dinner and of course, they can be thrown on for a casual look.

I try to have a variety of styles to choose from which makes putting a quick fall outfit together really easy. 

Update your fall style with this fabulous looks from Cabi ClothingI’m kind of obsessed with all of these fall outfits. They are super easy to put together and none of them are fussy. They feel perfect for the weather this time of year and show a little of my personal style. 

Cute easy fall outfits are simple to put together with these 7 classic fall style trends. 

A huge THANK YOU to cabi Clothing for sending these awesome fall pieces!

All images shot by Bleudog Photography

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Pin these Fall Clothing Ideas for Later

Update your autumn outfits with these easy fall style trends that are classic no matter what the magazines tell you. 

Outfits for fall 2017 with Cabi Clothing. These fall clothing ideas will help make life stylish and easy.
Fall outfit ideas for moms who want to look cute and be comfortable. These Cabi fall 17 pieces are perfect!
Fall outfit ideas for mom life with Cabi Clothing.

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  1. Oh I Love the Cathedral cardigan! I had a similar one years ago that I wore and wore until it literally was falling to pieces and I’ve been looking for one like it ever since. So glad you shared about it.

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