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Birthday Ideas for Kids + Netflix On-Demand


I used to throw crazy kids birthday parties. And then I got smart (or lazy). Now we do small parties, which are so much more manageable. But, of course, I still want the kids to have super fun memories of their special days. These easy birthday ideas for kids don’t take a lot of work but will make them smile. Plus, Netflix recently shared a new on-demand series that will help you celebrate your kid by just pushing a button! YES!
Fun birthday ideas for kids to make the day special plus Netflix Birthdays On-DemandThis post is in partnership with Netflix. As part of their #StreamTeam, I post monthly about what I’m loving on the platform and what cool content they are creating for your family.

Easy Birthday Ideas for Kids

Make a Wall Card

What kid wouldn’t want to wake up to a huge picture of himself on the wall? Just use a picture of your child, with a plain background, and print it, blueprint size, at your local Fed Ex/Kinko’s store. This Happy Birthday sign will make your child feel extra special! You can sign it like a card, like we did, or just keep it like a poster. His friend’s thought this was super cool too! My best birthday ideas usually include something they haven’t seen before and has a little bit of a “wow” factor. So in this case, the bigger the better!  Best birthday ideas for kids to celebrate their special dayCreate a Memory with a Birthday Shirt

I love to dress my kids in cool clothes. But sometimes they can be SO expensive! So we started a birthday t-shirt tradition. Now, I buy them an awesome shirt for their birthday. They wear it to their party, no matter if it’s just family or not. I include it in my budget for their gifts, so it’s ok to splurge this one time. Then, when they wear it after their big day, they associate it with their birthday. It’s kind of like a gift for both of us, they get a memory and I get a well-dressed child. Insert crying/laughing emoji face here. Fun birthday ideas don’t have to be a decoration but can be a super special tradition or gift idea! Netflix Birthdays On-Demand and other fun birthday ideas for kidsCakes to Equal Their Age

Ok, so this works better with younger kids. This cake idea was so much fun! When my youngest turned 4, I made 4 cakes for our family party. This doesn’t have to be hard, you don’t have to make all of them yourself. If it’s a family party, you can ask your family members to bring one along. You can also used small, store-bought cakes or pies! For older kids, this idea would be SO fun if you do through a party where you’ll serve cake. Instead of buying one sheet cake, get smaller ones that equal your child’s age. My youngest is turning 9 this December so I better jump on this again before it gets REALLY out of hand! Best birthday ideas for kids plus a fun Netflix birthday hack.Make a Special Day Terrarium

Growing up, we always had a special plate that we ate our birthday dinner off of. I decided to follow the trendy terrarium fad and create a special day terrarium instead. This would be easy to update, depending on your child’s likes, if you keep a small supply of miniatures. Just find a simple glass jar or footed dish, add some moss to the bottom and create a little scene inside! This could be placed at your kid’s spot at the table for the birthday breakfast!

If these ideas are still too much work for you, check out what Netflix recently released!

Birthdays On-Demand is GENIUS! Just search “birthdays” on Netflix and choose which show or shows your kids like best. When you’re ready, just push play and your kid’s favorite series characters will sing them “Happy Birthday!” If your kids are anything like mine, they will totally get a kick out of this! They have 15 versions to choose from so you can even play more than 1.

The best birthday ideas for kids are always the easy ones! And it doesn’t get easier than Netflix!

Thank you for supporting brands, like Netflix, who enable me to create fun content, for you and your family, through partnerships and/or compensation!

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