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Ziggy Stardust Inspired Space 5th Birthday Party – Part 2

My husband’s job for the party was to turn the boy’s playhouse in to a space ship.  I love how it turned out and have finally gotten over the fact that he pretty much started it and finished it the day before the party.  Not like I needed THAT heart attack in the midst of party prep…The kids LOVED it too.  
My dad created a “dashboard” for the interior.  He had given the boys these old joysticks from flight simulator games and they worked perfectly for this.  Note also M’s headband.  This is one of the headbands that I made to go in the Space Store portion of the party (which hopefully I can share tomorrow – there is a big computer fight happening in my house right now – have I mentioned that I was given this laptop as a Christmas gift a few years ago and the very next day our home computer broke leaving this as the family computer…And that my son has his own tiny notebook computer but won’t use it because he is a computer snob and says it is much too small to see his lego games properly and that he would be a laughing stock if any of his friends saw him with it – well, okay he didn’t SAY that part but it was definitely inferred.)  And the shirts the boys are wearing are “uniform” shirts that made for every kid at the party – more about those in the Space Store post as well.
Here is another view of the “dashboard”.  It was complete with dials and flashing lights.  It was awesome!!! Thanks again, Grandpa John!
One of the activities I had was for the kids to name some planets that I made.  In my head, all the planets looked just like little Confetti Systems confections.  But as the party drew closer, I knew that I had a daunting task in front of me considering there were about 30 kids coming to the party.  So I enlisted my mom in law, my sis in law, and my bffs Taryn and Amy to help make them.  They turned out so fun and I loved how they looked hanging outside. 
At the far end of the yard you can just barely see the Space Store for the first time.  And across the top you can see one of the feather garlands Jenny made for me!!!  I didn’t get any other really good pics of it other then a close up that I will share in a few days when I talk more about the details.  I can’t wait to use it again!!!  And can you see this little alien head poking down right here near the bottom left corner?  I had several of those around the party peeking out from behind things.  Oh and please also note the eyesore balloon drop that my husband decided we had to have the day before the party (you can sort of see it between the two yellow hanging planets).  And since the planning happened so late, you will notice that I just had to “hide” it with a piece of fabric…Some times you just have to roll with the punches…And I’m happy to report, we are still married.  
All photos by Dez and Tam.  Have I mentioned I heart them?  
Big thank you to my pals who helped make the planets, I seriously wouldn’t have finished those without them.  Thanks to my dad who helped with the space shuttle and with the hanging of all the planets.  I think he has finally accepted my party craziness and now just nods at me and quietly completes his jobs. Resistance is futile. :)  And thank you to my husband for finishing the shuttle and for creating the meteor shower (balloon drop).  It really did turn out cute.  And of course a big thanks to him for just letting me go nuts like I do around party time.  

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