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Father’s Day with Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake and Waffles Brunch Idea


Celebrate Father’s Day with this super fun brunch idea! Serve a Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake with waffles for a sweet and decadent memory-making morning. It’s a great way to honor Dad and enjoy a tasty breakfast in just minutes!

Cold Stone Ice Cream cake for Father's Day breakfast! Do it! Your kids will be super in to it! #spon
Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake and Waffles is a great brunch idea!

This ice cream cake and waffles post was sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery.

The best Father’s Day Brunch Idea

Serving waffles with a slice of ice cream cake just makes sense! Skip the whipped cream in favor of a flavorful ice cream cake – that you didn’t have to make!

One of our favorite family traditions is having ice cream for breakfast on the kid’s birthdays so this time we decided to do an early Father’s Day with a Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake. YOLO!

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The ice cream cake is creamy, thanks to the ice cream layer and they offer tons of cake options to choose from!

How to Serve Ice Cream Cake and Waffles

A fun take on Father's Day waffles... Just add ice cream cake! #spon

Call me crazy but frozen Belgian waffles taste pretty darn close to homemade waffles and are such a time saver. They also make the perfect base for a nice big slice of ice cream cake.

Or you can use something like Thick and Fluffy Waffles if you can’t find Belgian.

Just toast them up in the kitchen and then bring them to the table while they are still warm.

Fun Father's Day celebration idea. Ice Cream Cake for breakfast! It's so yummy with waffles! #spon

You guys, when the ice cream starts to melt on your waffle and the chocolate and the strawberries start to mingle…it’s the best ever! This is a great memory for the kids and dad to share.

The kids told pretty much the entire neighborhood what we had for breakfast but they always remembered to talk about how it was because of Father’s Day.

We reserve these types of breakfasts for extra special occasions.

What to Serve With It

Mixed berries are a great thing to serve with the ice cream cake waffles because they pair really well with the creaminess. It’s a natural breakfast item and is also a great way to have the kids get something fresh on their plate (even though it’s next to cake).

If you need this meal to be a little bit more filling, you can serve bacon or sausage too.

I served their favorite orange juice as well, but I will say, that didn’t pair super great with the chocolate.

Why a Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake

Fun Father's Day Brunch idea. Ice cream cake! It pairs really well with waffles and fresh fruit! #spon

This ice cream cake from Cold Stone, called Tall, Dark & Delicious is the perfect cake for my family.

It’s layers of Devil’s Food cake, sweet cream ice cream with brownies, and chocolate ice cream with Oreos covered in white frosting and cascading chocolate ganache.

Of course, this cake would be perfect for Father’s Day celebrating any time of the day. And Cold Stone makes it super easy to order one with their online ordering system at www.ColdStoneCakes.com!

You can order a small or large Tall, Dark & Handsome from their “Signature Cakes” section and pick it up in the store. Most cakes are ready within 24 hours but if you need it faster you can call the store and see if they can accommodate you.

But, of course, if you don’t have a Cold Stone near you, you can use whatever ice cream cake you can find. Or just use plain ice cream.

Tall, Dark & Delicious ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. Perfect for Father's Day! #spon

We used to get ice cream cakes all the time growing up. With my oldest’s sons allergies, I’ve never gotten one for my kids before.

When I spoke with my Cold Stone shop about their allergy procedure I felt really good about it and was so excited to know that my oldest could eat this cake right along with us.

They use special equipment and seem really knowledgeable and happy to provide that extra attention. It made my mom heart happy.

Cold Stone's Tall Dark & Delicious ice cream cake is perfect for Father's Day celebrating. #spon

And who doesn’t love a little chocolate ganache along with their morning coffee?

Set up a fun Ice Cream Cake and Waffles Father’s Day Brunch for the men in your life this year!

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  1. Love that you had this for breakfast. Nothing better! My husband is not a fan of huge parties or elaborate things, so something casual with our kids is definitely his ideal Father’s Day.

  2. Cake with waffles for breakfast- flipping genius! Awesome display and love the plates. :)

  3. Ice cream cake for breakfast? Heck yeah! I’ve done it myself & would do it again especially with this amazing looking cake! Such a cute idea for Father’s Day & your family is so adorable! ;)

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