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The Best Sheets Ever | Right Point Linen Review


I found the best sheets ever when we got a new bed and you need to know about them! They are soft, non-toxic and affordable luxury. If you are looking for the perfect sheet set, Right Point Linen is for you!

A bed in white sheets next to a night stand.

*My husband was sent a set of these Right Point Linen sheets and I purchased a second set for us because I loved them so much. This isn’t sponsored, I just really love them and want you to know about them. 

Why I Love these Sheets

My bed is my happy place! And when we upgraded to a king size bed, the sheets I used to love just didn’t cut it anymore. While I loved this hotel luxury set from Amazon, they felt super flimsy on our bigger bed.

When I tried these Right Point Linen Sheets, (I have the Core Sateen Sheet Set) I fell in love with my bed all over again. And since it’s a small company, I wanted to make sure you knew about them too.

I always aim to make my home feel like a spa. And my bed is my favorite place for me-time. 

While the price point on these sheets is more than I would usually spend, their sateen sheet set is WORTH IT! I think they are the best sheets ever.

There are plenty of places to scrimp if you’re trying to save money. But in my opinion – these are quality products that will last. They are the perfect combination of comfort and luxury.

When I heard the name of the company, I assumed they were linen sheets. But they use linen in their name to mean home textiles in general, you know, like bed linens.

*While they do have some linen blankets, these are not linen sheets. And while this post is about their sheets, they also have other products too. So be sure to browse their site!

What Sets Right Point Linens Apart

Sateen sheet set on a bed and pillows.

There is so much to love about these amazing sheets – from their soft feel to their easy care instructions. But if I had to narrow down my list of favorite features, it would include:

  • The sheets sets are 100% cotton. While the company features the word “linen” in the name, the sheets themselves are not made of linen. In fact, they are 100% cotton, making them soft and easy to for.  
  • They are soft! Since the linens are made with combed cotton, they feel luxurious every time I sleep in them. I love when they are fresh and clean. 
  • They aren’t hot. I sleep hot, and I don’t feel like these contribute at all to the temperature as I’m sleeping. The sheets have just enough weight to feel comforting without adding heat, making them perfect for use on your bed year-round.
  • Right Point Linen is Oecko-Tex certified. These sheets are certified and the end product is free of toxins!

My husband used to work with one of the founders so we were very excited to hear that he had partnered with his wife, an interior designer, to create these amazing products.

Right Point Linen is a coastal lifestyle home goods brand founded by veterans of the surf industry. The company uses ecologically responsible materials and ethical manufacturing practices to create beautiful home goods that bring a sense of the sea into every home.

With both Oeko-Tex and GOTS certifications, each of the company’s products is made without harmful chemicals, ensuring they’re safe for the environment and the customers who use them.

Since fabric is the number one polluter of the environment, it’s important to find products that don’t contribute to environmental pollution.

How to Wash Right Point Linen Sheets

White sheet set piled on top of an unmade bed.

Caring for your linens properly is the best way to ensure they stay soft for years to come. So, if you’re paying a premium price for your sheets, you need to take care of them! Luckily, it’s easy to wash and dry your Right Point Sheets!

To care for your sateen sheet set, just follow these tips and tricks:

  • Wash the sheets in warm water, then transfer them to the dryer immediately.
  • Dry them on a normal temp (not hot or cold) to prevent shrinking.
  • Remove the sheets from the dryer right away for the least amount of wrinkles.

Lenora (one of the owners of Right Point Linen) suggests using Dropps detergent. They offer products made of natural ingredients to help keep your home and laundry clean. Dropps help eliminate single-use plastics and waste and remove stains and odors from whatever you are washing.

How to Keep Your Sheets From Tangling in the Wash

Close up of Wad Free discs to keep sheets from getting tangled in the laundry.

Use Wad Free to keep the sheets from tangling. It’s my favorite find of last year.

When I first washed these sheets (I think it has to do with them being king-size because my queen never did this!), they would get all wrapped up in the dryer with anything else in there, and be totally damp after the first cycle. 

These Wad Free discs keep that from happening and it only takes one cycle to dry these sheets (I also use it on blankets!). It’s a genius product! It does wrinkle the corners of the sheets, but that doesn’t bother me at all.

Where to Buy These Sheets

Right Point sheets, sets, extra pillowcases, blankets, duvet covers, and throw pillows can be purchased online at the company’s website: https://www.rightpointlinen.com/.

And you get free ground shipping on every order!

I hope my Right Point Linen review has shown you why I love these eco-friendly sheets and this awesome company!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Core set and Deluxe Set?

The Core set is a basic sateen sheet set that includes a flat and fitted sheet as well as 2 standard pillow cases. The Deluxe set includes the same listed above but also a duvet cover and 2 king-size pillow cases.

Do they offer returns and exchanges?

Yes, contact them to discuss your needs. They offer a great return policy where they allow you to try the product for 90. If you’re not 100% satisfied, they will replace or refund the product.

How quickly will I get my order?

You can read more about the time it takes when placing an order on their FAQ page but my orders always arrive very quickly (I would say within 5 business days).

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