Orange Cardamom Hot Chocolate Recipe

orange-cardamom-hot-chocolate-title-imageHow fun is this?!  I’m part of Sandy Toes and Popsicle‘s Hot Chocolate Recipe Party blog hop.  What that means is that several other bloggers are sharing their favorite hot chocolate recipes too.  After you check out my post I know you are going to want to go check all of them out.  My contribution is this Orange Cardamom Hot Chocolate.  I’ve been wanting to try this recipe out for a while so when Jill asked if I wanted to be part of this party I said YES!  I’ve been super into cardamom lately.  And orange just goes really well with chocolate so I figured they would all work really well together.  As with most of my recipes, I ran it by Kristin to make sure that amounts of each thing and technique sounded right.  And then I set to work to try it out.

orange and cardamom hot chocolateThere are tons of ways to make hot chocolate and it is pretty much a personal preference.  So whatever way you like it, do it that way.  The orange and cardamom will work with whatever base you decide to go with.  I used 1% milk because that is what we had in the house.  But whole milk would make it super creamy and delicious.  And Pioneer Woman likes a mix of milk and cream, and has her own version of orange flavored as well.  YUM!  Grab an orange, about a cup (or more) of semi-sweet chocolate and set to work finding whole cardamom pods.  They aren’t everywhere but I ended up finding them at World Market of all places.  Powdered would work fine too I’m sure if you can’t find the pods.

orange and cardamom hot chocolateThese ingredients smell amazing.  The cardamom pods were not as fragrant as I thought they would be when I cracked them.  Cracking them was really easy.  Place them, one at a time, on the cutting board.  Lay a large chef’s knife (blade aiming away from you) on top of the cardamom pod.  With the heal of your hand give it a quick whack.  It will split the pod without breaking it in to tiny pieces.  The orange flavor is so clean and bright and totally reminds me of Christmas thanks to my mom making me candied orange peel every year while growing up.

hot chocolate recipeWith Kristin‘s approval, I decided to steep the orange peel (being careful not to get the white bitter part when I peeled it with a vegetable peeler) and cracked cardamom pods in the milk.

boil-milk-on-the-stoveWhen heating milk, you need to make sure that you stir often over a medium to low flame so you don’t scald it.  It doesn’t smell good when it burns.  So I’ve heard…

melt-chocolate-in-milkOnce the milk has come to a boil, I skimmed out the orange peel and cardamom pods and threw them away.  Then I added the roughly chopped chocolate to the pan.  I continued stirring until I felt like it was really melted.  I’m not a chocolate expert so I really don’t know why my chocolate stayed looking speckle-y instead of being really smooth.  It didn’t stop me from drinking the end result though.

bart-simpson-coffee-mugAnd doesn’t hot chocolate taste better in a special mug?  This was one of my husband’s from when he was a kid.  His mom gave it to use a few years ago when she was cleaning out her cupboard.  He never uses it but I certainly do.

cardamom-and-orange-infused-hot-chocolateI ladled the hot chocolate in the mug and topped it with another piece of orange peel.  I also sprinkled a little bit of powdered cardamom on top to make sure that when you go in for that first sip you know what you are getting.  Overall the orange and cardamom flavor was subtle but delicious.  This is definitely something I will be making again!


Jill created a download for the recipe card.  Download it below:

Orange Cardamom Hot Chocolate Recipe Card

It prints two to a page so be sure to share it with someone!  Huge thank you to Jill for creating the party and all the printables!

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    YUM!!!!!! I have actually never cooked with cardamom before. I am really interested. Thanks for the amazing recipe….I am excited to try it out.

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