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Lazy on Purpose


Once I had kids, I knew that they were my main focus and I loved being a mom. But I’ve always thought it was ok to still make time for my own interests when I could fit them in. I’m super lucky that my husband has always supported this and made sure that I had the time I needed to run errands by myself, go on an out-of-town girlfriend getaway or start his blog.

Moms should be lazy on purpose and take time for yourself. #lazyonpurpose

OMG. I turned 40 this week. It really wasn’t all that dramatic for me. It just sounds SO old. I don’t feel much different. My body started breaking down around age 35 so that’s nothing new. I feel young on the inside, except I want to go to bed at 8 pm every night. And yes, my hormones are all effed up. But other than that I think this age is going to be awesome. This age also brings with it a new sense of self. And a need and want to focus on myself a little more.

And on those weekend days, when I just want to watch the Hallmark Channel all day and not do anything else, he’s fine with that too.

But I noticed that even if no one else was making me feel guilty about taking this time, I felt the mom guilt anyway. There’s just no shaking it. Now that my kids are older (my youngest is in second grade), it is becoming easier and easier to make time for myself. I think these little mini breaks that I give myself make me a better mom, friend and wife. Which made me want to encourage other moms to take time for themselves too.

In this culture of busy, I wanted to let other moms know that it is ok to sit down and watch 3 episodes of Sweet Home Oklahoma (because now that I’m 40 I identify more with this show than the “kids” on Vanderpump rules – even though Jax is 35 he’s just a big man-child). Or read a magazine in the middle of the day. Or give your family cereal for dinner because you need a night off of cooking.

Lazy on Purpose instagram account to support busy moms taking me time

So I started a new Instagram account, called Lazy on Purpose. The intent is to share the little ways I make time for myself during the day and hope that other moms will share their moments with me too by using the hashtag #LazyOnPurpose. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to shake the mom guilt that comes with taking time for ourselves, but at least we can support each other and remind ourselves that “me time” is important! Follow along, won’t you? And don’t forget to tag your pics with the hashtag! It really does take a village. And our village needs to take a break. :) But don’t forget to follow me at @cupcakescutlery too!

What is your favorite way to take some time for yourself?? Need some ideas?

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