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How to Make Mother’s Day Special for Your Wife


Everyone has different expectations for Mother’s Day. For me, I don’t expect a huge fuss but I do feel special when my husband and kids put in a little effort to show that they know how much work being a mother is.

Serving mom a homemade muffin on a cute napkin is an easy way to make your wife feel special on Mother's Day.

Mom’s feel guilty taking time for themselves, so Mother’s day is the perfect day to encourage her to do the things she wants to do and take a break from putting the family first. How do you make Mother’s Day special for your wife? I have 5 easy ideas (along with gift ideas that can be purchased using Amazon Prime) to let mom know you love her.

Wives: leave this open on your computer screen for your husband to find…

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Unless your wife has hinted otherwise, you don’t need to go overboard on Mother’s Day. But you do need to show her that you’ve put a little thought in to the day. Mother’s Day is all about letting mom know that you appreciate the hard work she does every day. So make this day about her. And let her relax and feel taken care of.

How to Make Mother’s Day Special for Your Wife

1. Bake muffins | A fancy schmancy breakfast is ok too but making muffins (even from a box) is awesome. Do this even if you have brunch planned with the extended family. Mom will want a little something before then depending on what time your reservation is.

Not only will she get a nice warm muffin for breakfast, but chances are there are leftovers which means the kid’s breakfast is taken care of for the next few days. It’s the gift that keeps giving. Be sure to serve them with a cute napkin!

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A pretty fruit bowl with orchid as a way to make mom feel special on Mother's Day

2. A pretty fruit bowl | Show her you are thinking about her for the day by putting together a pretty snack for her to grab as she pleases. Use her favorite fruits then mix in some new varieties for her to try.

Take it up another notch with the simple addition of a gorgeous bloom (like the stunning orchid above) in the bowl. It’s silly to say the flower makes fruit better but look at it! Who wouldn’t want to have this in front of them!

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How to make Mother's Day special for your wife with gift ideas like a pretty coffee cup.

3. A new coffee mug | You know she is going to drink coffee so why not surprise her with a special mug. Make sure it is something that she might pick for herself or plan ahead and order one with a special message or photo on it.

It will be a nice touch that she is sure to appreciate. And remember to not serve her decaf. My family learned that the hard way a few birthdays ago…I had the most horrific headache all day!

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Make Mother's Day special for your wife by having the kids leave candy messages for her.

4. Sweet messages | Enlist the kids to help leave messages around the house for her to find throughout the day. Ask them to write out words that describe what they think of their mom. What mom wouldn’t love finding affirming words!? Even better if she can eat them! You can order Gummy Alphabet Letters here.

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Relaxation station for Mother's Day or any other special day for mom.

5.  Relaxation station | Mother’s Day doesn’t end after brunch. Set up a place for her to hang out the rest of the day. Set out mimosas, some infused water and a comfy place for her to catch up on her reading, pinning on Pinterest or even just sitting in quiet for a few minutes. Put together a playlist and let her spend some time just enjoying her free time.

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Most moms feel really guilty about spending time on themselves. These easy ideas for how to make Mother’s Day special for your wife don’t take a ton of effort and need just a little bit of planning ahead of time. But of course, these can be used on her birthday, or any other regular old day that you want to show your Mom you care.

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