These Baked Salami Chips are Bananas {Recipe}

Let me start off by saying that I think it is impossible to take a decent looking picture of shiny salami.  Please pretend they look like Brad Pitt as you read on.  So some of you may remember from last season’s finale, that Rachel Zoe showed a truly domestic side as she threw a party for her team.  She prepared some sort of “the crack of salamis” and like vultures, her minions swooped in and polished off that salami log before some body could say, “Ma.Jor”.  But what the heck was it?  I needed to find out.  So I began the research.

There are many recipes on-line.  First I tried a salami link? log? I don’t know what to call it, but I tried it.  The apricot glaze blackened well before the timer was supposed to go off.  I don’t think I did it right.  But I still ate the parts that weren’t black.  I may have even eaten a casing that only weeks later did I see it suggested that you remove.  (I have not ended up in any hospitals, so it was a pretty safe mistake after all).  And then, weeks later, as I sat eating a salami sandwich, it hit me.  Baked salami chips!  I invented something awesome.  Then I googled it.  At least 20 other people have also invented it.  But I needed to try it anyway.

As with most of my recipes, there is room for improvement.  But I wanted to share this so that you all can help me work out the bugs and so I don’t have to eat a ton more salami.  I tried some with and without a glaze (of basically apricot jelly and a bit of water to thin it.  I laid them out on a raiser thingy (oh my gosh, why can’t I think of a name for that thing in the top right photo???)  I thought that by having them on that important piece of kitchen equipment that the excess grease might fall below.  That may or may not be the case.  And it may have actually hurt in the act of crisping.  Please let me know what you find.  There really wasn’t a huge taste difference whether it had the glaze or not.  But they were extra delicious if you dipped them in the leftover glaze before shoving them in your face.

Here are the recipes I tried

Baked Salami

Salami Chips but with the apricot glaze.  I left out the honey mustard because I don’t enjoy mustard but I realize that the honey mustard may have been the ingredient to take this over the top.

Have any of you ever made this before?  Do you think it is crack-like?  Would you sell belongings to get your baked salami fix?

Now, let’s get to the good stuff.  Who is watching It’s a Brad, Brad world?  Do you hate him for skipping out on RZ and trying to steal her clients or do his bow-ties make you squeal in delight?  I’m going to hold off making a final decision until I see what kind of snacks he brings to the table.





  1. i don’t watch brad. i’m afraid of turning on bravo because before i know it, it’s 6 hours later. I WILL be trying out your chip recipe though. it looks uh… mazing:)

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