Ellie Krieger’s Tricolor Salad with White Beans and Parmesan

arugula-cannellini-bean-salad-with-parmesanBeing a blogger, I get emails every day pitching something or other.  Most of the them are lame, from a PR person who has never read my blog and has no idea what I’m all about.  They mostly get a quick “delete” from me.  The only ones that have any hope of being read are the ones that have recipes.  I love recipes.  A few months ago I was sent a pitch about a recipe by Ellie Krieger for the Saturday Evening Post.  Whatevs.  But the recipe sounded kind of good.  So I kept it tucked in my inbox.

arugula-salad-ingredientsThe ingredients are simple, mostly shelf stable and the salad, as a whole, is entirely uncomplicated.  That is my kind of meal.  While her recipe calls for raddichio and endive (which I sometimes do for company) I generally just stick with the bagged arugula.  You guys, I love arugula.  And it comes in a bag, ready to go, no extra prep.  If I am going to eat something healthy for lunch, it has to be easy.

cannellini-beansI am not a fan of beans.  Most of them are pretty grody if you ask me.  So I was pleasantly surprised that I love cannellini beans.  They have a really mild flavor and are creamy tasting.

O-and-olive-oilOh hey, there is my son.  Some  days he just REALLY wants to be in my photos.  Today was one of those days.




Arbequina-Extra-Virgin-Olive-OilThe trick to this super simple dressing is good quality ingredients.  I remembered this olive oil from when we had the private chef cook for us in Palm Springs.  She dressed a simple salad for my kids with this and a little lemon juice and I remember it tasting so fresh and almost buttery.

Mia's-Kitchen-Good-Balsamic-VinegarSimilarly, a good balsamic is sweet and rich without being too tart and well, vinegar-y.  A quick shake up of the oil and vinegar and you have the most amazing dressing.  Ever!

my-favorite-summer-salad-recipeFinish off the salad with some good parmesan (are you seeing a theme here?  With a salad this simple your ingredients need to be good stuff.  I’m not talking super expensive.  I have a grocery budget and I can’t afford the top shelf stuff.  What I mean by “good stuff” is not the pre-shredded parmesan in a bag.  Even buying a brick of it from your store’s cheese shop can be good enough.  And check the ingredients for the balsamic.  They should be balsamic vinegar and not say “grape mist”).

good-salad-recipe-for-kidsMy son is a VERY picky eater.  And he LOVES this salad. I think it has everything to do with the balsamic being so sweet and the fact that he is a fiend for parmesan.  The first time he tried it, he tried to manuever around the beans.  I don’t blame him.  But now he eats all of it.  Once he started this, I got him to eat other types of salads too.  So thank you Ellie Krieger.


how-I-eat-my-fave-saladAnd if I am being honest, I eat a crap load of it out of a huge bowl.  It is THAT good.  And it is a salad so it is totally healthy, right?  I think this would be a great salad for company.  And I eat it for a main course but it would work just as well as a side.  Seriously, do it.  Well played, Ellie Krieger’s PR company, well played.

Ellie Krieger’s Tricolor Salad with White Beans and Parmesan

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