Easy Yarn Dream Catcher

Easy Yarn Dream CatcherMy oldest son has been asking for a dream catcher for quite a while.  So I decided to make him one with items I already had.  If this keeps him from coming in to my room at 3 A.M. I will be very happy.  It doesn’t happen often, but man, I really don’t like getting up at 3 A.M.

Dream catcher made from yarn and embroidery ringJust grab one embroidery hoop, some yarn and scissors.  I enjoy yarn.  Especially when it comes with a few colors in it.  I don’t know why that makes me so happy.  Maybe I feel like I’m getting a rad deal.  But this one certainly got me because of the black and white combo.

easy-yarn-knot-for-dream-catcherCan I really even call this a knot?  Just loop a piece of string, and pull the ends back through.  Then just pull it snug.

Easy Peace Sign Yarn Dream CatcherI liked how it looked with the yarn just hanging off the bottom of the hoop but decided to add the peace sign.

Ninja's Bedroom with Dream CatcherI couldn’t wait to show my son when he got home from school.  He loved it.  And then promptly moved on to his swords.

Bats like dream catcher's tooAnd just so you know, bats like peace sign dream catchers too.



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