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Custom Straws are Rad


How rad are these straws?! I had seen a few name straws around and wondered if you could make them say other things. So I did some research and found out that you can, in fact, make custom straws! And they are so fun! They are such a great idea for Easter baskets or kid’s parties! I totally should have made some for this Ziggy Stardust inspired partyRad custom straw in a bottle with neon boho summer dress.

I only share things I love and think you’ll like too. This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase through one of these links, I am compensated. Originally posted May 19, 2014. 

You Need to Get Custom Straws

You can make these custom crazy straws for just about anyone in your life. Who wouldn’t smile if they got one of these? Well, I guess it would depend on what word you chose…

From time to time you’ll see name straws which, of course, are super cute. But I love that you can make them say other things! Standard Krazy Straws are fun and all, but custom straws are the best thing ever! 

Personalized straws are rad like this custom Krazy straw

For Parties and Weddings

I love finding easy ways todd special touches to parties, and these personalized straws are such a great, unique way to do that. Granted, my kids are older now and we’re not going to huge kid’s birthday parties every weekend anymore, but this is an idea that you didn’t see all the time.

Remember when big balloons were all the rage? Well, this is a trend you can be at the forefront of! 

Not only do they come in a lot of colors, so you can coordinate with the rest of the party decor, but you can be super creative with the words you choose. 

Just imagine a superhero party with custom name straws that say “Bam”, “Pow”, etc. Or a princess party with princess names on the straws. 

And maybe just my head works this way but I can totally picture the cutest wedding party ever with all the bridesmaids holding these in their drinks…

I also think these are potentially the best kid’s party favor idea ever. Can’t you just imagine the kid’s faces when they get a straw with their own name on it that they get to take home?! I love a favor that can be used again after the party.Custom crazy straws are rad like this one in a bottle next to a palm tree.

A Fun Gift Idea

These straws are smile inducers. I think these are fun for teachers (they might not use them but they get the same stuff all the time and this would be something new and fun). These custom bendy straws would be a fun co-worker gift and, of course, a perfect stocking stuffer idea! 

And I love to put a little present topper on top of a gift. These personalized names straws would be so cute for that! 

Make Special Occasions More Special

I can also totally picture these on a girl’s getaway, sipping cocktails out by the pool. Or you know how some families have a ‘special day’ plate? You could have a special day straw instead.

One thing to note, the longer the word, the longer it takes for you to get your drink into your mouth. No one has passed out yet, but… it seems like it could happen. Just something to keep in mind. 

Custom name Straws are the perfect kid's gift idea!

Custom name straws are pretty rad too. The boys LOVED them! I had them made for their cousins too. Make sure you allow plenty of time for having them made. Since they are a personalized product, you need to account for that customization time.

We hand wash these so they don’t lose their shape (which is kind of a nightmare, but we will do some pretty dumb stuff for the kids, won’t we?). Other than that, they are stored in a drawer and easy for the kid’s to grab whenever they want to use their name to sip on a beverage. 

We’ve had our Crazy Straws for at least 4 years and they are still in great condition!

Where to Buy Custom Straws

I bought these name and word straws on Amazon. I was buying some with my kid’s names for their Easter baskets so I figured I might as well make one that said “rad” too. Even drinking water is way more cool with these, right?! They’re pretty darn inexpensive for the amount of fun they bring! 

There is one price is for words that are up to 8 letters. They come in 10 colors too so you can totally coordinate them to your party. Or outfit. Whatever. You want your straw to match right?

Make your own personalized straws now! 

**NOT a sponsored post. I think these are awesome and think you will think so too.

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where to buy custom name and word straws

Custom straws are such a fun way to add a little pizzaz to your day or special event! They’re easy to order and make people smile. Whether you’re making a name or word, these are a cute way to add a personalized touch to anything you are doing. 

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  1. these straws. i need them in my life.

  2. So Cute! Where is your dress from? :)

    1. Hi Emily, that is actually my friend Lauren. But I asked her where the dress is from and she said Anthro!

  3. I need this straw in my life and these pics are amazing.

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