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Cute Spring Outfit Ideas with Cabi


Here in California, we don’t get too much “winter.” Which means, our spring season is a long one. The temperate weather means we get to show our toes and dress in cute clothes without too much thought about warmth (we are expecting a week of rain and I am currently wearing flip-flops). Cabi sent me some cute pieces from their new spring 2018 collection (the one that I got to see in person at Cabi Scoop). Check out these cute spring outfit ideas that I’ll be wearing all season long!
Spring outfit idea from Cabi Clothing

Spring Looks with Cabi

When Cabi told me to pick out some of the new spring pieces, I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted! You probably recognize some of these pieces from my last Cabi post. I hardly wear anything other than black pants, so this pair, with the little detail down the leg, are a great addition to any wardrobe. And the striped jacket, with totally fun sleeves, was a must! Although my shirt isn’t Cabi (although they do have a similar blouse here), I definitely was inspired by the pattern mixing I saw in the Cabi Scoop fashion show.
Girl with bell sleeve jacket with hand in pants pocket.I’m going to be honest. Vests and 3/4 length jackets confuse me. If I’m cold enough to wear a jacket or extra layer, I really think it should cover all of my arm. But I instantly fell in love with the sleeves on the Bell Jacket. Not only is the blue and white striped pattern a little bit nautical, this unique sleeve is a total show stopper. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this jacket. It’s the perfect piece to dress up or down and looks right at home over a blouse or t-shirt. I also love with the way they’ve cut the jacket to create a narrow looking waist. It’s a super flattering shape for all body types! (And you have to see what the lining of the jacket looks like! Go check it out! SO cute! Girl in black Cabi pants with hand in one pocket.The fabric of the Peyton black pants is super soft and comfortable! The stripe detail is a thin piece of trim with pinstripes of white, orange, blue, and a maroon-y pink. It’s a playful touch and a cool way to add a little more interest to a basic pair of black pants. These are supposed to be a little slouchy but I sized down to get a better fit and they were much more snug. But they have a touch of stretch to them which makes them really easy to wear.Blond girl in embroidered shirt from Cabi ClothingI’m obsessed with this embroidered blouse! It’s oversized, ridiculously comfortable and full of adorable little details. I paired the Embroidered Blouse with a pair of distressed black pants from the fall collection. I love that pieces can carry over from season to season so you can create so many cute spring outfit ideas. The fabric is sheer without being too revealing which I LOVE! Close up of a blond girl buttoning a blouse.I wore the blouse with a few buttons undone but when buttoned all the way up, it has a really cute Victorian style neck. The fabric ruching and elasticity makes it totally wearable without leaving you feeling strangled (you know sometimes fashion can be uncomfortable). The pattern is made up of tiny embroidered white flowers making it a perfect blouse for spring. I love how Cabi infuses their collections with patterns, both subtle and bold! blond girl in blouse from Cabi ClothingThe wrists feature the same banded detail as the neck which make the sleeves every so slightly puffy. Like most Cabi pieces, there are tons of different ways to wear each item. These sleeves can easy be pushed up to a quarter length for an even more casual look. This blouse is one of my all time favorite Cabi pieces and I know I’ll be wearing it ALL the time!

What I love about wearing Cabi is that each person can put their own spin on it and make it work with their own personal style. These spring outfit ideas only show 3 of the new spring items but I know I can style these pieces in other ways to create several different looks.

Thank you to Cabi for gifting me these items! All photography by Kelsey Christine Photography.

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