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Easter Brunch Menu Ideas

A food table decorated for Easter brunch.
Easter brunch is one of my favorite days of the year! You get breakfast food, you get lunch food and it’s perfectly acceptable to drink in the morning. There is an excited buzz from the kids as they wait for their Easter baskets and egg hunt. And the entire family gets in on the egg hiding and pranking (usually an Easter basket ends up on the roof out of reach from the recipient leading to a few tears. My husband gets such a kick out of it…) The Easter brunch menu doesn’t have to be complicated or filled with 30 different things. Here I’m sharing our menu to help you decide what type of spread you want to put out for your family. 
Yarn details and food ideas for Easter.
On the main buffet table I coordinated the decor to match my Easter table settings. The simple two-tone polka dot fabric made a quick table-cloth but I left part of the table exposed to keep it super casual. I carried over the yarn elements, from the dining table, to add a little bit of decoration and bring in more color. These yarn accents couldn’t have been easier! I used simple terra-cotta pots as food markers which just happened to match the fabric perfectly! The succulents look right at home on the rough cut wood blocks, used to create some height, and keep it totally casual and cool.
A variety of dishes to make for Easter.
To me, it’s not Easter if there isn’t a ham. And it only took a second to lay that big old hunk of meat on a bed of greens next to a few sliced oranges. It’s a nice touch that is totally unfussy. I don’t enjoy deviled eggs but people tell me they are fantastic and they make a lot of sense on an Easter menu. Because eggs, duh. Just don’t make me eat one. A breakfast pizza is a really fun brunch idea! This one, with sautéed mushrooms and eggs is unexpected and the perfect breakfast/lunch combo food. Who says cake isn’t for breakfast? A humming bird cake is the perfect spring cake idea! It is reminiscent of a carrot cake but without the carrots. YUM! Pecan shortbread cookies are a fun twist on a scone. Your kids will be SO excited to have cookies for breakfast and so will you. Because they are crazy good.
Blood orange mimosas round out the Easter brunch menu perfectly. It’s still a traditional mimosa but uses an unexpected version of the citrus. The color is so rich that it really draws the eye to it. And they are always a crowd pleaser. To complement this buffet, I also set out a kids waffle bar. The kids loved getting their own waffles which gave the adults a minute to enjoy their meals. Most of these menu items can be made ahead of time because

I KNOW you don’t want to get up any earlier than you have to, to get Easter brunch on the table!

You can find most of these Easter brunch recipes over on Southern Belly Kitchen. This post was originally posted in April, 2011 and was a collaboration between myself and Amy of Southern Belly Kitchen.

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  1. Una mesa muy bonita además de apetitosa. Very beautiful your déco. Happy easter!

  2. Melissa C says:

    Lovin' this! The curtain backdrop looks amazing. Hugs!

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