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Boho Baby Shower with Balloon DIY


Baby showers might very well be my favorite kind of party. And this one was simple and relaxing for mom-to-be and me.

This boho baby shower is perfect with fresh flowers, air plants and a tapestry tablecloth

I love a good baby shower. There is so much excitement and love in the air. 

A baby shower has multiple (unofficial) guests of honor and there are so many opportunities to create special touches. There is always laughter, often tears, and usually really great food.

Plus who doesn’t love watching the mom-to-be open tiny pairs of socks!?

I created this boho baby shower to give you some ideas for the next party you have to throw. I’ve also created a fun DIY for word streamers, which let you hang messages as part of your decor.

Of course, they involve balloons. It’s not a party until there are balloons.

Follow this simple DIY to add any phrase to your balloons for your next baby shower, bridal shower or birthday!

I’ll be honest with you, the lighting in my house, when I took these pictures, was crazy.

Super bright coming in from one side and super dark coming from the other. It really stretched my photo editing skills to the max.

So we’re going to focus on the ideas and not on the photography, mmmkay?

Boho Baby Shower Inspiration

Good Vibes napkins from Cheeky.

These rad napkins were my inspiration for the shower.

Having a new baby can really put you in a panic over how you will be as a mom and how you will adapt to caring for a new little life.

Reminders (done in a really nice way) to chill out are needed. These “good vibes” make perfect sense at a boho baby shower.

A Sweet Balloon DIY  

How to make word streamers for your balloons. So cute for all kinds of party decor or even teacher appreciation!

This balloon DIY is my fave! It’s so easy and you can use it to say almost anything.

It created a fun backdrop for the table I styled but these could just as easily be used on even longer ribbons, to share a longer message or thought. 

Choosing the Right Balloons

To make the word streamers, I grabbed some 17″ white balloons. You may remember from my last balloon DIY post, that you really have to be careful with how much weight you hang from balloons.

Most standard balloons are 12″. The 17″ balloons get really big and round but aren’t as huge as the 36″ balloons which are usually too big to be used indoors (in my opinion).

The 17″ balloons allow you to hang a little more weight before they get pulled down. I used decorative scrapbook papers to use for the letters and some paper raffia ribbon to hang the letters from both of which came from my local craft store.

How to Make a Balloon Backdrop

I used the raffia ribbon because it is really light and unfolds to create a wider ribbon to hang the letters from. This is key for getting the letters to face the same direction and not spinning around (too much) as the balloons move.

Add words to the tail of your balloons to create these easy DIY word streamers.

I found a font that I liked for the letters, something big and block-y, and reversed them in a word processing program. I did this so I could print the letters on the back of the decorative papers making it super simple to cut out.

I love to mix prints and patterns so that is what I did here but, of course, you could stick to one color (if you are boring…)

Easy balloon DIY to use at any party!

I unfolded the raffia ribbon, taking care to not be too rough since it is basically paper. It really wasn’t THAT delicate so it wasn’t a super tedious process.

I left a small section at the top as it is on the roll, to tie on the balloon once it was blown up.

Balloons are a great way to add fun to a party.

I will never be without a Balloon Time Helium tank again. We’ve used it for all the parties we’ve thrown lately, but also for teacher gifts and “get well soon” balloons for friends.

People like balloons. And having this tank at home means you can deliver happiness, at any time.

That is totally not verbiage sent over by the company. But they totally should use that…

Boho Party Decor

Easy DIY word streamers for balloons.

With the backdrop set, I set up a simple table with elements that are perfect for any baby shower.

Yes, that is wine in the back left corner of the table. You know how long showers can be.

And you HAVE to give the guests something to do while watching the gift opening, besides playing gift bingo. I had meant to share a non-alcoholic drink on this table, also, but totally forgot.

Can I still claim pregnancy brain? 

Use a cake topper in something other than cake for your next party, here I used lavender.

I love to use things in new ways so I put this cute acrylic cake topper in a jar of lavender instead. The cake topper is actually white but I thought it would stand out more if I left the kraft protective covering on.

Lavender promotes relaxation and I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t like the smell of it. It goes really well with the smell of fresh flowers and I think it is a MUST for a boho baby shower. 

Easy Food Options

Serve simple snacks at a baby shower.

I like to make one or two special food items for a party and then round it out with easy snacks and store-bought items.

If there is a spot left on your table that feels too empty, simply create a smaller flower arrangement by taking a few stems from the larger one. 

This brownie cake, topped with air plants, is perfect for this boho baby shower.

Cake is a traditional celebratory party staple. But I decided to mix it up and make a brownie cake instead.

A little twist can make a big impact! Plus how cute is that air plant for the topper?!

Shower bombs with essential oils for party favors for a boho baby shower.

I made homemade shower bombs, with essential oils, as the party favors. If this party is all about chilling out, you certainly want to promote that feeling for your guests as they head home!

This boho baby shower with an easy balloon backdrop is pretty and cool.

I used some of my grandma’s vintage purple glassware, which I adore, since it matched the tablecloth! I love to try to bring in personal touches to any party I put together.

If I was throwing this shower for a friend, I would check with her mom and mom-in-law to see if there were any family heirlooms that could be incorporated into her special day.

Seeing as I have two little boys, my boho baby shower is pretty girly. You could easily make this shower feel more masculine by swapping out the tablecloth for one with different colors. 

Party with Balloon Time

Balloon Time helium tanks are so amazing to keep around for party decorations and gifts!

You can find Balloon Time helium tanks easily. Party City, Target, and Michaels all have them.

Balloon decorations are perfect for this boho baby shower and any other party you can think of. Make these DIY word streamers for your next party and really make a statement. Ha ha. Get it…

This post was sponsored by Balloon Time Helium Tanks. Thank you for supporting brands, like Balloon Time, that let me create fun stuff and share it with you!

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This post was originally published on May 5, 2016, and has now been updated.

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  1. Laurel Estrada says:

    Omgosh I love this table cloth and your designs. Could you share where to buy this cloth if available, It has all my daughters favorite colors.

    Thank You!

  2. Jenny Paxton says:

    I’m planning a baby shower now on a limited budget. I would love to be able to make it super special for the mommy to be!!

  3. I visited your Instagram

  4. I love the different types of games played at showers. Other adult parties don’t usually have games to keep guests involved the way that showers do.

  5. Kristin G says:

    I’m loving your Instagram feed by the way! =)

  6. Kristin G says:

    I’m planning a baby shower right now actually! It’s so fun to plan the theme and get creative! I also love planning the food for the party.

  7. This shower is so hip and cool! Love the DIY balloon tails.

  8. Jenny Dixon says:

    I follow you on Instagram!

  9. Jenny Dixon says:

    My favorite thing is making all the beautiful details come to life!

  10. Love this! Such cute inspiration!! My favorite part of hosting a baby shower is creating all the personalized details!

  11. My favorite thing is brining a theme to life with little details!

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