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Easy Party Food Idea – Hummus Party


I think I found a way to have the easiest party ever. Hummus. Well, and a few other things but seriously hummus is awesome.

Learn how to have a hummus party with a delicious spread.

I am all about actually getting to enjoy the parties you throw so this party is perfect for that. A little ahead of time prep work and you can simply enjoy hanging out with your friends.

Here are some easy party food ideas for your next get-together.

Three types of hummus for a hummus party.

A hummus party works great at home or as a picnic/ outdoor party situation. I made the hummus base, but you could just as easily purchase it from the store and jazz it up however you want.

Here I decided to serve it three ways, 1) plain, 2) with a little more garlic and a roasted red pepper sauce and 3) a guacamole hummus hybrid.

How to Host a Hummus Party

Hummus and pretzel and carrot dippers for a party.

This hummus party food idea works great because even if someone doesn’t particularly enjoy hummus (why are you friends with them?), they still have plenty of snack foods to eat in the way of the dippers.

Pita chips, baby carrots, and pretzel chips really make the perfect hummus-eating vessels.

Dried fruits and nuts are super easy party finger foods.

Similarly, you can round out the snacks with dried fruits and nuts. And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love those coconut chips from Trader Joes.

This adds a sweet element that all guests with a sweet tooth appreciate (like this girl).

Which Wines to Serve with Hummus

Hummus Picnic idea with tea sangria and Lolea sparkling sangria.

Keeping the drinks simple is another way to enjoy your party without putting in almost any effort. This ready-made sparkling sangria, by Lolea, is such a good idea.

It comes in a red or white version and it’s ready to drink. Just pop the bottles.

Or make some tea sangria the night before the party and you are set. It’s a light cocktail, with not a lot of alcohol, so it will keep your party drinks budget in check.

Sparkling Lolea ready-made sangria for super easy entertaining cocktails.

The white is my favorite. It’s slightly sweet and fizzy with a light peach flavor. Yum! And so refreshing.

Roasted Tomatoes with Burrata

Put an easy picnic together for your friends with hummus!

These roasted tomatoes served with burrata are crazy good and might be my favorite appetizer ever. They are a total crowd pleaser.

Roast them the day before and set out a little before guests arrive to bring it up to room temperature.

This is the BEST menu. For real. And if you are having your party elsewhere, just pack it all up in to-go containers and just pop the lids off to serve. Super simple.

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*Sangria was provided by Lolea for use in this post. 

This post was originally published on April 6, 2015, and has now been updated for clarity and new recipe links.

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  1. Dawn Mayo says:

    Mmmm Hummus.. Love it! This platter is perfect as an appetizer or for a healthy snack. Love all the colors of the fruits and nuts and vegetables, it makes for a colorful fun party dish.

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