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Decoupage Holiday Treat Plates


Christmas is the time for treats, am I right? And treats are made for sharing. These easy decoupage plates are the perfect thing to gift your holiday desserts on.

Treats are even better on a decoupage holiday treat plate.

I love Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge and when I saw that they have a dishwasher-safe version I almost cried. How cool is that?!

It also inspired me to make these decoupage holiday treat plates that Santa himself would love.

They are super easy and make great gifts!

What You’ll Need

Supplies to make a holiday treat plate with decoupage and fabric.

These glass plates cost .99 cents at Ikea. Just grab some of your favorite fabric and some dishwasher-safe Mod Podge.

How to Make Decoupaged Treat Plates

Cutting fabric to fit the plate.

Cut the fabric to fit the size of the plate. Leave a little overhang to make sure it covers the whole way.

Spreading decoupage onto the fabric.

Follow the directions on the Mod Podge bottle. Paint the Mod Podge onto the plate.

Then lay out the fabric on top. Smooth it out to make sure there aren’t any wrinkles.

Paint the Mod Podge onto the back of the fabric. Then let dry for an hour.

Add more coats (up to 4) leaving each to dry for an hour in between.

Trim your fabric from around your plate.

Once fully dry, trim the fabric as close to the edge of the plate as possible.

Let cure for 24 days or whatever the bottle says. It seems like a really long time but if you want to really put these in the dishwasher then you will want to do it.

If you are just doing these for one party then I’d just make sure that they are dried completely.

DIY decoupage holiday treat plate.

I fell in love with this holiday fabric. I know it doesn’t look very traditionally holiday, but I think it is perfect.

DIY decoupage holiday treat plates make a great gift.

Wrap the plate and treats up with a little cellophane and tie it with a cute bow and you’ve got the perfect neighbor gift.

This is a perfect thing to make for kids’ birthday parties when you are trying to have everything be cohesive and part of a theme. It also works with patterned papers, lace doilies, whatevs.

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