Walking Tacos by SunChips

Walking Tacos Recipe by Sun ChipsI’ve turned over a new leaf, people.  I’m totally watching what I eat.  But I still love snacking.  So I’ve decided to not live a life void of the delicious foods that make my world go around.  I’m just going to make better decisions about them.  I was really excited to try this Walking Tacos recipe from SunChips.  The bag above is about 1 oz. and has 18 grams of whole grains, has no MSG, artificial flavors or preservatives.  So I feel justified in snacking.  And here is a super easy recipe to make SunChips part of your meal.

Ingredients for walking tacosWith a few simple ingredients you can make a delicious meal very fast.

SunChips Walking Taco Recipe Card

 Click the thumbnail image to the left to download.

Um, hello.  Have you tried the Garden Salsa flavor?  I think it is my new favorite.  I thought I was a Cheddar gal, but my heart now belongs to Garden Salsa.  I couldn’t find the small 1-2 oz. bags of SunChips at my local grocery store, so you could also buy a large bag (which I did because who cares about my diet, I want every meal to only consist of Garden Salsa SunChips) and portion them out in to bowls or other to-go container to keep in the “walking” taco spirit.

cut open SunChips bagFollow the recipe card instructions above and simply pour the chicken mixture over the top of the chips inside the bag.

Fun food ideas for family with sun chipsPerfect for the little ones to eat and super fun because it is a totally new way to eat a meal.

meal in a bag recipe from sun chipsCheck out the SunChips Facebook page and website for more recipes.

*Disclosure:  SunChips provided me with product to try out the recipe.  All opinions in this post are mine.




    • Sharon Garofalow says

      Yes, I wanted Sunchips every day for a week after this recipe. The Garden Salsa was a surprise hit for me. LOVE it!

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