Cool Sweatshirts

Cool geometric Adidas sweatshirt.I’m super in to sweatshirts right now. Crew neck. No hoods. Hoods just make your hair all dumb in the back. And being in California, we don’t really need heavy winter coats. And although I still wear some cardigans, my husband hates them. So sweatshirts it is!

Cool SweatshirtsHere are a few of my favorites. I’m totally a hermit when it’s cold outside. Heart of Gold is my husband’s fave Neil Young song so this totally reminds me of him. And not only do I love the custom capabilities of Bow and Drape, I love this play on Gold Digger. Especially since I’m totally in a goal setting mood right now.

Here are some more faves I found.

Sweatshirt, jeans and Birkenstocks. My fave uniform.Jeans, a sweatshirt and Birkenstocks are the perfect uniform.

You can see more of  “My Style” on Pinterest!

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Cozy Textures for Fall

I'm craving a fall jacket with lots of texture. There is finally a hint of cool in our So Cal air! I can’t see fall in the not so distant future and it is making me excited to be able to wear pants again. We had these crazy heat spells, during September, that basically made it impossible to wear jean of any kind. And even thinking of taking a jacket with you was laughable. Fall clothes have been in stores for a few months already but I am finally ready to start acknowledging them. And what is catching my eye, big time, are cozy textures found in outer wear right now. I just want to snuggle up in one of these great jackets! And I love how they are able to still be fashionable instead of just making you shlumpy like some jackets do. The furry number in the bottom right is really a scarf, but I love how it adds a little something special to a leather jacket. What are you excited to wear this fall?

From top left, clockwise: nubby sweater, black furry jacket, shaggy black and white stripe jacket, black fur scarf, tiered white fringey coat

Need even more cozy? Check out these similar items:

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Back to School Shopping for Moms

Best white "T" from Ascot and Hart. //  cupcakesandcutlery.comWho says kids are the only people that can do back to school shopping? That was one of my favorite parts of going to school. And since I have been out of school for, oh you know, just a few years, every year when I start to get my own kids ready for fall I instantly feel like my wardrobe needs an update too. So I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite sites to shop from. 

Ascot + Hart is a go-to of mine. Even if I don’t end up buying anything, it is a site I check out pretty frequently. They add new items regularly and they are in a really great price range, not cheap but not outrageous either. And the two gals who run it are super stylish so you know they are only going to put up great pieces. That means that half the work is done for you.  Some of the items sell out so if you see something you want, snatch it up quickly before someone else does.  I’ve been looking for the perfect white t-shirt for what feels like forever! I finally found this one and it is a favorite. And of course, now it looks like it is sold out. But check back because they sometimes restock their basics and best sellers! It is a bit sheer (but not too sheer) so I just wear it with a little bralette. It’s super soft and works with so many different things.

Best shorts ever! Palm Tree shorts from Ascot and Hart. As you know, shorts are sort of new for me. Ascot + Hart has some really great ones! I love their patterns and they, most often are not booty shorts which I appreciate. These palm tree shorts (available in black) have been my fave so far this summer and I wear them all the time.  Even out of the house. You can see a pair of cute ruffled black ones I got from them too in this post.  Their customer service is awesome and shipping is fast. Every time they Instagram that they have a new piece in their store I hear my husband and wallet sigh. 

Love this kimono from @lulusdotcom. //  cupcakesandcutlery.comMy next stop is always Lulus.  While the site is probably geared towards a younger audience than myself, I can always find something that I love. This kimono is my fave (similar here)! I’ve been wearing it pretty much non-stop. I love the length and pattern and it works perfectly over rompers, jeans, whatever.

Tie dye dress and nude booties from @lulusdotcom. //  cupcakesandcutlery.comThis tie dye maxi and nude booties (available in black) are also from Lulus.  I had my eyes on these shoes for a while and finally got them. The heel is my favorite. They are super comfy and I can walk in them and not look like a fool. Buh-bye stilettos. I don’t wear these walking the kids to and from school. I’m not crazy. But they are perfect for date night. So is this tie dye dress.  Although throw on a cute pair of flip-flops and I can look extra cute a pick up. 

My fave new dress from @lulusdotcom. //  cupcakesandcutlery.comThis is, by far, my favorite dress of the summer. It is by Billabong and also from Lulus. It has a great neckline, a totally acceptable hi-lo hem and the pattern makes my heart skip a beat. I wish you could see the back detail as well! It’s somewhat racer back but done in a totally new way. LOVE! Check out my model pose, huh. You can read more about what I’m doing in that field right here. 

White and Blue dress with pink bralette from @lulusdotcom. // cupcakesandcutlery.comAnd while I am not totally in focus in this shot, you can see the other dress I have been wearing all day, every day for the summer and will continue to well in to fall. The back is open with a little tie, so the pink bralette is the perfect thing to add a pop of extra color to this dress. The hem is gorgeous with a large lace detail and I love the blue embroidered triangles. If you can’t tell, I like my clothes to be really comfortable. And all of these pieces are. They are perfect for sitting through PTA meetings. (image above courtesy of Dez and Tam Photography)

Leopard print Etnies sneakers. LOVE these with simple black jeans and white t. //  cupcakesandcutlery.comAnd my last favorite item is these leopard Etnies sneakers. THESE make walking to and from school from.  They go with tons of outfits and they are super cute. All of the items shown, with the exception of the shorts will be going along in to fall with me. It is still very much summer here so I’m not expecting to have to throw on a sweater or jacket for another few months.

I also like to check out The Oxford Trunk, Brandy Melville, H&M, and ASOS.

What are your go-to shops?

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Winter Fashion Inspiration

winter fashion inspirationI just love winter in California.  Winter usually starts closer to the end of January.  So I know the idea of a peep toe show might be unfathomable for most of the country.  Here, it works.  I go through phases where I get really interested in fashion and continue on my quest to find my personal style.  And like I mentioned in my goals post, I’ve sort of let myself go.  While I never leave the house in sweatpants or workout clothes (unless I’m hiking.  Which I totally do now.  What?!) I can certainly be very sloppy.  Here is some winter fashion inspiration for you.

Leopard Vans:  Leopard is totally a neutral for me.  And I really do need another pair of shoes that envelope my whole foot, you know for when temperatures finally drop.  (image via Pangcakes)

Plaid pants:  Plaid can be done in a number of ways like slouchy and cozy, a little punk rock, a little preppy, etc.  But I love how chic it looks when styled with a crisp white shirt, heels and fold over clutch.  I’m totally on the look out for these pants. (image via BethAnimalPrint)

Textured coats:  I’m dying over all the textured coats that are out there right now.  I have my eye on this dip dyed version but my heart really wants this multi colored amazingness from Wunderkind.  This one is not faux and is like a bajillion dollars so it’s totally out.  I’m also in love with the monster coats from Meadham Kirchhoff. (image via Lyst)

Layered necklaces:  I’m not a big jewelry wearer.  But I know they can really  finish off an outfit.  I really need to practice my layering.  It looks a little bohemian and classy at the same time which I love.  (image via Oh Mai Darling)

Well dressed nails:  I’m a mom to two boys who is constantly moving.  I have yet to find the right time to paint my nails.  With the dish washing, or hair combing, there never seems to be the perfect time.  But I want to set out and find it.  My nails could use a little color and adorning.  I’m in love with these from Hex Nail Jewelry.  I bought some for my niece and they are so fun!  I will be ordering again for sure! (image via Hex Nail Jewelry)

Interesting shoes:  I don’t wear heels often (I would like to say I will try to wear them more but I just don’t think I can commit to it regularly.  When my feet hurt from shoes, I literally get punchy.  Like, angry and will punch you if you make me move from my chair.  It is NOT good) but when I do, I like for the shoes to be interesting.  If I’m going to hurt, they have to be show stoppers.  I love how these pumps are detailed in a subtle way.  The little gold spikes are not as tough as most spiked stuff comes off but adds so much interest. (image via Eugene Riconneaus)

LulaRoe Makes the Cutest Skirts and Dresses

lularoe logoSo I recently found this adorable company, LulaRoe, and I need to make sure all of you know about it!!  They just launched their new website and it is fantastic!  I found out about this sweet company through Amelia Lyon.  Do you follow her?  You should.  She is this ridiculously amazing photographer, has adorable children and is freaking adorable herself.  She’s posted pics of herself in these dresses before and I’ve always thought they were so cute.  And now we can all have them too!

great-prints-and-patterns-at-lularoeLulaRoe sells only skirts and dresses but the cuts are crazy flattering and the prints and patterns they use are insane!  These are easy pieces that still have a ton of style.  Genius.

luluaroe-skirts-and-dressesThere is one style of dress available but you have to go check out all their styling on the site.  By just adding a belt or layering it can really change-up the look.  With it’s 3/4 length sleeve and circle skirt it has a bit of a 50’s vibe but done in a totally modern way.  I’m in love!  For skirts they offer maxi, pencil and A-line (which hits just above the knee).  I’m pretty sure if I had one for each day I would be the happiest mom alive.  Don’t those maxi’s look so cute!!!  And they also make little girl’s stuff!  Shop it all right here.


I just ordered this dress this week.  I can’t wait to get it!!  I mean, that styling is just fantastic.  I’m going to be watching this site often to see what new prints pop up.  Now, if I can just get them to make a blazer/kimono type item in these fantastic prints my fashion life would be made.  Take a minute to go read the story of how the company got started.  And then go buy something and support this awesome small business.  And I might be persuaded to have a home party if anyone in Orange County is interested…just saying.

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