A Spy Themed Kid’s Birthday Party

Balloon garland for birthday partyYou might be looking at this photo thinking, “that doesn’t look like a spy party!”  And you would be correct.  My youngest celebrated his birthday right after Christmas and this year I wanted to keep the party really small.  Since I only get two chances a year to throw a kid’s birthday party, I usually go crazy.  But seeing as this birthday is so close to the holidays, I decided to do it different.  This year we had only family and a few of the neighborhood kids, who would have probably played together that day anyway.  And while my son wanted a spy party I didn’t have the energy to get too themey.

spy party invitations with invisible inkSo instead of throwing a traditional spy birthday, we threw a spy birthday party disguised as a regular birthday party.  Genius, right?!  I just put together a really simple invitation and then since we only needed to give out a few, I bought each kid an invisible ink pen and wrote a secret spy message on the back.  I know it is hard to see but the message just told them that there was a secret spy component to the party and to get ready for some fun in the secret lair.  This killed two birds with one stone, easy decorating and a happy spy obsessed kid.

gallery wall for kids birthdayThe decorations in the house were kept to a minimum.  Aside from the balloon sign and marbled balloons from the first image in this post, I only decorated one other wall in my house.  This wall will eventually be a super cool gallery wall with all of our fave artwork.  But since it was blank I decided to put up a temporary gallery of the birthday boy.  I had these photos printed from Pinhole Press.  They are actually vinyl so they could have been stuck right on the wall!  But because I knew they weren’t staying, I put them up with washi tape.  And this is the first wall you see when you enter the house so there was no doubt we were celebrating a fifth birthday.

Disguises for kid's spy partyThere were just a few ways that I made sure this party was spy themed.  In an empty area of the kitchen I put up the “Disguise Department.”  I gathered all the dress up items that my kids already had and then picked up a few more things to round it out.  Since I knew about the theme for a few months, I was able to get a screaming deal on most of this right after Halloween.  I mean, a good spy uses disguises, am I right?

disguises at kid's spy birthday partyI’m not sure what these people are disguised as but we had a really fun time at the party watching how the kids put themselves together.  You guys.  Stick on mustaches with kids will never get old.  But stick on eyebrows and sideburns are hilarious too!

sticker name tags for the spy partyI created super easy name tags for the spies to wear.  There was no real reason for them to have these name tags.  But my son’s, when they are playing spies, make us go by an agent name.

spy lair for kid's birthday partyI knew that I wanted to have a spy lair in the backyard.  Since I have the most amazing friend who is a printer I decided to take a photo of this area in the backyard and have him print it, life-size, on a banner.  This would disguise their secret spy area.  The day of the party was soooo windy and I was worried we weren’t going to be able to use it.  That is why my husband’s bowling ball bag is right there (omg, did I just write that? Yes, my husband has his own ball and shoes…nerd).  Totally takes away from the amazingness of the banner but we didn’t really want it to fall on the kids.

birthday-boyThe birthday boy had a great time and all the kids loved playing in the “lair.”

kid's spy birthday partyI wanted to keep the party really free-flowing so I just set out a table and put out all the spy toys we had and the spy kits I had picked up from the dollar store.  Since most of these kids play together anyway, I knew they would come up with their own games to play.  My niece was the oldest kid there and she is a natural leader.  She took it upon herself to give out spy assignments and decide who was good and who was bad.  It all went really smoothly.  I had one other activity (a shooting practice) for the kids but it was far too windy for it.  Boo.

mini mylar balloon garlandYou may remember these balloons from a post I did before Christmas.  They are reusable so I used them again for this birthday.  I’m obsessed with them.  And these marble balloons that I found at Party Lab.  And I added a yellow finger-knitted garland for a pop of color.  I had made them for my Christmas tree so just grabbed one to use here too.

Easy party food for kid's birthday partyI kept the food really simple.  We had the party in between meal times so it mainly needed to be snacky. I made caramel corn and a bread salad (hopefully Kristin will share the recipe soon!) and my neighbor made some chocolate chip cookies.  Now let’s talk about the cake!  Kristin humored me and made a cake similar to one I had seen on pinterest.  I LOVE how it came out!  I’m pretty sure every single person at the party asked about it and my son thought it was so cool!  I topped it with a topper by Little Cat Design Co available at Sweet and Saucy Shop.

pinhole press custom beer labelsPinhole Press also makes labels for bottles.  I freaking love this picture of the birthday boy so I decided to make a quick label for the beer at the party (while this is a kid’s party, I always have some drinks for the adults too.  Grandpas like beer.  Grandmas like wine.  Super easy).

boxed water is better for partiesI also had juice for the kids and some Boxed Water.  Here’s the thing, most people at the party had never seen Boxed Water before.  The kids chose to drink water over the juice which made me super happy.  And that never happens at a party!  It was a total conversation starter and the boxes are recyclable.  So rad.  And they just look super cool.  This is a MUST for your next party!  Buy them here.

cake time at kid's birthday partyThen we sang.  Here you can see the marbling on the white chocolate on the cake.  It tasted amazing too.  Kind of hard to take this kid seriously, right?  And I’m not sure why my kid’s always end up without shirts…

present-openingNext it was time to open presents.  Some kids remained in costume.

favor-bagsThen it was time to grab a favor and head home.

spy disguises for favorsIn the brown lunch bags I gave each kid their own disguise kit including mustaches, eyebrows and a pair of sunglasses.  It was super simple but seeing how much fun they had with the stick on stuff at the party, I knew it was a good decision.

party aftermathThis party was super easy to put together and the kids had a GREAT time!  As long as my kid’s let me have a little say with their party themes I know I can throw a party everyone can be happy with.  And how great is that shirt by Prefresh!?  Not sure why it isn’t on my child…

How do you give your kid’s the party they want while still having fun with it.


Mini Mylar Alphabet Balloon Reusable Garland

mylar letter balloon garlandYOU GUYS!! I have found the coolest balloons ever!!  We all know how rad the large mylar letter balloons are, but awhile ago I did some searching to see what I could find in the way of smaller letter balloons.  I found some and used them at Lauren’s bridal shower.  But they had to be heat sealed.


balloon-packagesThen as I was researching using those balloons for a mini mylar balloon word garland I came across these babies!  They are 16 inch mylar balloons (they come in gold, silver, blue and pink) but you blow them up and close with an “easy” seal.  They are totally reusable too!  Genius!!!!!!!!!!  Can you tell I’m excited?!

stripes-and-balloonsI’m obsessed.  These will make another appearance at my son’s upcoming birthday party.  And probably every other party I throw for the rest of my life.

easy-to-string-balloon-garlandThe balloons come with tabs already punched with holes for easy stringing.

reusable balloon garlandDo you love them?!  Best.  Balloons.  Ever.  Buy them from Balloons Fast (they have numbers too!).  I’ve ordered a few times now and they really do get them to you fast!

Decorate your Party with Balloons

ballons-for-party-decorYou guys.  I love balloons.  I mean, I actually don’t because I hate when they pop but they really are the perfect party decoration.  They are usually inexpensive, they can bring a ton of color in a big way and they are way more versatile than most people even know.

Image credits:

1 : Black Balloon with Writing

2 : Balloon Chandelier

3 : Balloon Garland

4 : Balloon Message

5 : Balloon with Flair

Are you following my Pinterest board “Rad Balloons?”  You should.  It’s, well, rad.

And don’t forget to check out my own balloon posts here:  Macrame Balloon Holders, and Hanging Balloon Valentine’s (which can also be used for every day party decor).

Easy Hanging Balloon Valentine’s

hanging balloon valentinesHi there.  I don’t usually post on weekends but I decided to share with you all the Easy Hanging Balloon craft I’m hosting at Craft with the Bloggers today!  I think balloons are awesome and are totally underused.  They are cheap, they are easy to keep on hand and you can do so much with them.

Easy valentine's ideaAll you have to do to make a hanging balloon Valentine is grab a balloon and find something pretty to hang it from…Another favorite material of mine is yarn.  It comes in EVERY color and is cheap. Hmmm, it sounds like I am a cheap skate.  Totally not.  My husband would vouch for that.  I just hate when you buy something and then you don’t want to use it because it was so expensive.

peach and gold hanging balloon valentine

Add whatever embellishments you would like.

feather and ballon valentine with mint peach and gold

Who knew they made peach feathers!  And it is hard to see from this picture, but this clear balloon is filled with sequins.

fill balloon with sequins

All you have to do to get sequins in a balloon is to insert a funnel.  With the help of a skewer you can get them through the hole and in to the balloon.  Another idea would be to write a small love note, roll it up and put it inside the balloon so your honey has to pop it to get it out.  hanging the balloon valentine

My idea for the hanging balloon Valentine’s is to hang out them outside a closed door so it is the first thing they see when they get up in the morning.  I think that would be a delightful surprise.

peach feather mint green and gold balloon valentine

These can also be made for birthdays or other special days.  Just remember, if these balloons pop it’s going to rain sequins…For some that is a dream, but to people like me who are mess averse it could be tear inducing.

Thanks to Lauren for helping me shoot this!  It is so much easier to shoot with two people!

Halloween costumes can be chic

Halloween costumes can be chic.  For instance, take the example above (balloon work by Rie Hosokai via Fabric Magazine).  If I liked Halloween, had no children, had all kinds of extra time on my hands, was more crafty than I really am and had the body of a little boy, this would be my Halloween costume.  And I would be ‘champagne’.  I’d probably use blush colored balloons and go for more of a pink champagne.  I’d make people call me Piper or Veuve and I would prance around the neighborhood like a bubbly goddess.  But that ain’t happening.

This look is way more practical.  I do not like dressing up so being able to wear something that resembles a normal every day outfit is essential.  By simply adding this amazing paper mache lion mask or something similar you can take you carpool outfit right in to trick or treating.

But this isn’t going to happen either.  For me, I will most likely be dressed in some sort of a legging, some sort of a flat super comfy shoe and a nondescript mom tunic.  What about you?  Do you dress up to take the kids trick or treating?

balloon image by Shoji Uchida

gold top  .  black pants  .  black bracelet  .  lion cuff  .  flashlight  .  black hi tops


Big balloons are awesome

I’m in the party weeds here, people.  I’ve got a bridal shower this coming Saturday that I am just about ready for except for some food stuff I have to prepare last minute.  But then the next weekend is my son’s 6th birthday party.  I don’t have anything done for it!  I have some ideas, but the way my brain works is I have to be done with one party first before I can move on to the next.  So while I have tons to post about it all requires photo editing etc.  So here are some pretty balloons (via Bliss Bloom) to look at for today.


image via Bonbon Balloons