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Easy Makeup for Busy Moms this Spring


I had so much fun partnering with Yara, of Nixey Artistry, this past fall that I decided we would collaborate again on another easy makeup tutorial for busy moms. This look is perfect for spring and simple enough for all of us to do on our own (even though I would much prefer if Yara came over to make me pretty every day!). These tutorials are aimed at the everyday gal, who is not (or maybe is!) super model status but wants to put their best face forward. Spring makeup tutorial for momsIt is so much fun to work with Yara because she is amazing at what she does! She has a way of making me feel like myself, but better. Plus she’s just the sweetest gal and a busy mother too! She understands what it’s like to try to get yourself and the rest of the family ready in the morning to get out the door and to school on time. It’s SUPER hard for me to actually be in these photos. We’re always hardest on our selves but sharing all my flaws makes me feel way more vulnerable than I’d like to feel. BUT, I think there are people, like me, who are looking for easy makeup ideas that are wearable every day. Since I have access to a beauty guru and tips to help us regular gals out, I am willing to put myself out there for you. You know how much time you have to put your face on in the morning. So take Yara’s tips and make them work for you!

This post includes affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of the links I make a little bit of money which helps me stay in business. Spring makeup tutorial for the everyday woman.OMG. Yup, I just posted that. For someone who won’t leave her house without makeup on, it feels pretty bold to slap up this photo of myself with no makeup on. I’m totally doing that in the hopes that I will learn to feel less self-conscious. I like to keep things pretty on this site but I also want to be real with you all. It can’t get much more real than this. Well, unless I showed you my cellulite. But I’m not sure that will happen. You’re welcome.

Soft makeup for springI really loved how this easy makeup look for spring came together. Here’s how you can recreate it for yourself.

From Yara:

Start with an eye base to even out the eye lid. An eye base helps to intensify the color of the eyeshadow and stay on longer. Follow up with a caviar stick from Laura Mercier in Amethyst on the eyelid. Simply blend it out and up with your finger or brush.Makeup tutorial with Nixey ArtistryCreate a soft crease with a light peach or in this case, a light mauve, to start giving dimension. (This is a great palette that has several of the shadow colors used). You can go a bit darker with the same tones if desired. Just know to start light and increase your color slowly. It’s much harder to work your way down from dark to light. Highlight under the brow area with a light pink to give the eye height and brightness.

For eyeliner, I used Laura Mercier cake liner in Black Noir with the tight line brush (learn more about tight lining in this previous tutorial). Lift the eyelid and place it in between the lashes making it appear as if there are no gaps and this gives a full lash line effect. I also placed it on top really close to the lash line to close off the gaps on the top as well. Spring makeup with Nixey ArtistryI took a dark shimmery grey and smudged the liner on the top so it’s not so harsh and that also gives a sexy sultry look. I took that same grey and smudged it on the bottom lashes. I like to do the eye first so that if any of the shadow falls on the cheeks or below the eye we can clean that up when we put on concealer and foundation. Makeup with Nixey ArtistryWe decided to play with some false eyelashes but, of course, you can totally skip these if you want! I will say that my eyes really popped with these on! I may now be a convert…I just have to figure out how to put them on by myself!

We kept the foundation light, bright and glowy. We want the face to look nice and fresh not clogged and matte.Spring makeup how-to with Nixey Artistry A bit of bronzer to give the skin some warmth and a pop of pink on the cheeks to give your face a little life.

For the brows I used the Anastasia powder. I love powder because it gives the most natural brow without it looking drawn on. Hollie Girl lipglossThe lipstick was a new product from Holliegirl Cosmetics that is being released soon. The colors are amazing and they feel great on. They go on like a gloss but aren’t sticky. And the look is more like a lipstick. Such a great new product! And hey! I got to name a Holliegirl Cosmetics lipstick colorPlaying with makeupThe whole look took about 10 minutes. Yara took me from this to…Busy mom makeup look for springThis! The look is fresh and bright and perfect for spring! I love the blush she picked! This is one of those easy makeup/no makeup looks where you look put together but not super made up which I love. I promise, you can easily recreate this look! Find all the products Yara used  below!

Follow Yara on Instagram and Facebook and if you are in SoCal and looking for a makeup artist for your next special event you have to use her! She’s my fave!

I also want to give a HUGE thank you to Zumbado Photography for taking all the amazing images. He made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera! That is totally unusual. He’s also SoCal based if you are looking for a great photographer! Site | Instagram | Facebook

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