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Dermasurface is the Best Anti Aging Skin Care!


I’ve been 40 for 7 months now. It’s not so bad. My joints aren’t extra creaky (just the usual amount of creaky). And I can still do cartwheels. I know because I’ve tried. Insert praise hands here. But my skin is totally showing signs of age. Ugh. I started to look around online for the best anti-aging skin care. There were tons of options on the market (like this one). But since I don’t have a background as a beauty expert or dermatologist, I was really overwhelmed with what the best choice was for my skin. And I’m sure many of you feel the same way.
Best anti aging skin care for all skin typesI knew that I wouldn’t be able to choose the right products and create a skin care routine on my own. So I reached out to my friend, Hollie (of Holliegirl cosmetics, remember – she let me name a lipstick?). Not only does she have her own line of makeup, but she also has a line of skin care products, too, called Dermasurface.

If you spend 5 minutes with Hollie, you quickly come to understand that she’s an expert. I literally can sit and listen to her talk about skin and products for hours. She’s fascinating. So I met her in her office for a consultation and it was exactly what my skin and I needed! And once you see how GORGEOUS her skin is, you’ll be completely sold like I am. FLAWLESS.Dermasurface anti aging skin careMy skin is still sensitive (some minor breakouts) and really oily. But on top of that, I’m starting to get some fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks, 40. Hollie was able to take all of that in to consideration and show me which products would work best for me. I was nervous to start a new routine. Even though I knew that I needed a change-up in products (I’ve been only using a bar soap for the last 20 years, no moisturizers, etc.) it was still scary to switch to a new system.

For most of us, aging means we need to rejuvenate and add moisture to the skin, plus cut through all those dead skin cells to make our skin glow. And cleaning up the pores helps to minimize their appearance. Best products for anti agingHollie put together a 4 step routine for me, starting with the cleanser and following up with the toner, moisturizer and eye cream. I also have a scrub to use a few times a week. I was worried that a 4 step system would be too much to do twice a day. I’m a pretty low maintenance gal, but it is no big deal at all. It takes just about a minute longer than my usual face washing.

I LOVE how the products feel. They smell amazing and it is the first time I’ve ever used a moisturizer that I haven’t quit after a week. And the eye cream is legit magic. I had been noticing crow’s-feet really starting to develop coupled with saggy eye bags. This eye serum is easy to use and I really feel like it’s helping. I’m so pleased with these products!
My favorite anti aging skincareHollie went over the process with me, explaining how the products work and showing me exactly how much to use and where. I am LOVING it! I even took them on vacation with me because I didn’t want to skip any steps! Because you only use a little bit, the products last for quite a while.

These products are the best anti aging skin care because they are cosmeceuticals. That means they are a mix of science and botanicals to make the best results. They are used by both physicians and clinical estheticians. But these don’t feel clinical. They feel like something you would buy from a department store. OBSESSED.Dermasurface cosmeceuticalsI feel like I am literally using the best anti aging skin care – that is also perfect for my acne prone skin. Here’s what I’m using:

Exfoliant Cleanser – It has 2% Salicylic Acid to help unclog pores and reduce the gross stuff that causes pimples. It has papaya and citrus extracts that make it smell really fresh. I love how this leaves my skin feeling – totally clean but not stripped off moisture. It does not foam up like regular soap so that took some getting used.

Hydra Refresh Vitamin C Toner – Do you remember the toners from our youth? How they basically were just alcohol and sucked all the moisture out of your skin? This is not that! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The Hyaluronic acid helps hydrate the skin and balance your PH levels. It’s great for aging skin and people with breakouts. It smells awesome and feels so great going on the skin. I think this is one of my favorite products for sure!

Red Carpet Moisturizer – This moisturizer has anti aging moisturizers and skin brightening concentrates. It’s a water based moisturizer which my skin needs. It has Matrixyl which is a synthetic micro fragment of the skin’s protein, known as collagen. It helps mimic our natural regeneration process. Which means, that over time, your skin will smooth out and even out the complexion. YES! I’ve always been afraid of moisturizers but this one feels so great on!

Hydra Lift Firming Peptide Gel – My eyes are definitely one of my problem areas. This eye gel is AMAZING! It sinks right in to the skin and is invisible under makeup. It feels so refreshing to put on and the skin around your eyes feels tighter almost instantly.

Skin Renew Cucumber Exfoliant Scrub – A few times a week I also use this exfoliant. It’s really gentle. The micro beads help remove the pore clogging bad guys. I use this on my face and neck in the shower and love how it leaves my skin! The cucumber is refreshing and leaves the skin feeling so soft!

I’m in love with this skin care system! If you live in Orange County, hit me up for her info! You NEED to have a consultation with Hollie. If you don’t live locally, I think she is open to video chats to talk about problem areas. You can buy straight from the website but I totally recommend checking in with her first so she can put the right products together for you.

I brought my mom in for a consultation, as well, and while she is using some of the same products as I am, there were some product swaps to factor in her different skin type.

While the cost is more than you would pay for something at Target, I think it is totally worth it. The cleanser is the only thing I need to replace so far. The products have lasted for several months. (I did have to stop using a few of them before and after my microneedling but even so, these products last for a long time!)

Let me know what questions you have for Hollie! I’d love to connect you so you can love the skin your living with! My skin has never been something that I was happy with. And just now, at 40, I’m starting to not hate it! If you’re looking for the best anti aging skin care, Dermasurface is for you!

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