Beer Brownies with Stout Whipped Cream for Game Day

Beer brownies for Game DayI’m sure that most of you have never had beer in your brownies.  And even more of you have probably never had beer in your whipped cream!  Head over to Savvy Sassy Moms to see this man friendly, but lady approved game day dessert.  Go team!



Easy Chocolate Sea Salt Sandwich Dessert Recipe

easy-chocolate-sandwich-appetizer-recipeRemember these amazing little chocolate sea salt sandwiches from my Whiskey post earlier in the week?  Crazy good.  So now I’m going to tell you how to make them.

sea-salt-and-chocolateThe ingredients are simple.  You need a yummy, fresh baguette, good quality dark chocolate, and Maldon Sea Salt.

chopped-dark-chocolateThis is one of those recipes where there is no real recipe.  Make it to your liking.  Turn your oven on to 325 degrees and slice your baguette pretty thinly.  Lay them out on a cookie sheet and give them a quick spray with olive oil.  Toast them up.  Don’t aim to get them too dark you really just want to heat them up enough to get crispy and warm enough to melt the chocolate.

chocolate-on-baguette-slicesWorking quickly on a few at a time, pile on as much or as little chocolate as you would like.  Don’t be stingy, no one is judging you.  And dark chocolate is good for you, right?  Sprinkle on a little sea salt and top with another piece of toast.  Set them back on the warm cookie sheet while you make the rest to help melt the chocolate a bit more.  If you want them melted even more, pop them back in the oven for a minute or two.

chocolate-and-sea-salt-sandwichesYummmmmmmmmmmm.  The crunch and salt sort of remind me of what I love about chocolate covered pretzels.  I’m going to make these again.  Like for breakfast.  And then snacks.  And after dinner.  Totally make these for your friends.  They will like you even more.

Ethel M Chocolates are the Best

Ethel M Chocolate from Trend Tribe Weekend in VegasOh, Ethel M Chocolates.  How I adore you!  I mentioned that I got a few boxes of chocolates in my Trend Tribe Weekend recap post.  But I really felt like my pure love didn’t shine through.  Ethel M is more than just chocolates to me.  And while the chocolate is ridonculously good, it evokes a memory that I truly cherish.

Ethel m Choclates

Growing up, my grandparents would send a check on my birthdays.  Those checks were always spent before they arrived.  Being “best dressed” in junior high (have I mentioned that before?  Probably.) doesn’t come cheap.  But right around the actual day of my birthday, a box of Ethel M Chocolate would arrive in the mail.  The box belonged to me and only me.  I’m sure I probably shared (a piece or two) but the variety of chocolates was always specially picked by my grandmother.  The Satin Cremes were my favorite, but the Nut and Caramel collection was always a nice surprise.  And on my 21st birthday a box of Creme Liqueurs arrived.

my favorite ethel m chocolate

When I was dating my husband, he would travel to Vegas for business and always bring home some Ethel M Chocolates for me.  My sister, who lives in Reno, where they sold it (maybe still do?) in the airport would bring it to me on trips home.  Most recently, my Mother-in-law has taken up the task of bringing some back from her trips to Vegas.  Sure I could order it online for myself, but there is something so special about someone gifting you something that you love, because they know that you love it.  This tradition stopped several years ago.  My grandma passed away this summer but I will always think of her when I eat Ethel M Chocolates.  It might just be time to start this tradition again.  I’ve got an out-of-town niece with a birthday coming up…

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Chocolate Pretzel Donuts

chocolate pretzel donut holesChocolate pretzel donut holes.  Do it.

chocolate and pretzel dipped donutsWhile these would work with a box of donut holes that you find at the grocery store, I highly suggest swinging by your local mom and pop donut shop to pick up some fresh ones.  Crush some pretzels, melt some chocolate and dip away.  Pop in the fridge to set for about 20 minutes.

chocolate pretzel dipped donut holesAnd then shove them in your face.  Next time I might even get more gluttonous and cover the WHOLE thing in chocolate and pretzels.

donut holes with chocolate and pretzelsBite sized things are just so cute.  And did you know when you eat cute things they have less calories?  Ok, I totally made that up but it sounds like it should be true.

chocolate covered donuts with pretzel These are the kinds of treats I like to make for a shower or something.  I’m certainly not going to risk life and limb and attempt to fry my own donuts.  So I buy them and then jazz them up.  Easy.  Delicious.  Fattening.  Perfection.