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Best Birthday at Pump It Up Irvine


m turns 4This kid turned 4 at the end of December.  He requested a party at Pump It Up.  Since I love planning parties, this was not something I was excited to do.  I mean, how the heck was I going to decorate the party with all those primary colors all over the place?  Yes, many people choose to do parties at places like Pump It Up so they don’t have to decorate.  But I’m crazy.  And since the party was right after Christmas (2 days after…) I thought doing only a little bit of decorating away from the house was the best idea ever.  And just look at that face.  He gets everything he wants.  And we had the best birthday at Pump It Up in Irvine.

climbing at pump it up irvineTo sum it up, I love Pump It Up.  I booked the party for a Thursday to save a bit of money and since it was Christmas break, everyone was available.  Do you know who else loves Pump It Up?  The kids!  We have been to parties there as guests before and the kids always had a good time.  But the staff at Pump It Up Irvine, where our party was, is amazing.  From the moment we got there, they helped out with bringing stuff in from the car, helping us with items that needed to be refrigerated and are absolutely amazing with the kids.

o in pump it upWhile the kids were playing in the first bounce room (if you have never been, they split the party time up between 2 rooms which is awesome because it keeps the kids from getting bored) I asked (ok, just about begged) for the staff to let me in to the party room to start decorating.  I think they made concessions for me to let me go in earlier than normal because I’m sure they could sense the crazy by the look in my eyes.

pump it up irvine is the bestThe staff is super attentive and so good with the kids.  They get in there and play with them and help to keep everyone safe.  I’ve always noticed this on previous visits, but was extra aware of just how well they were making sure everyone had a great time, safely.  I am in awe of how the staff is able to keep the party moving smoothly and while remaining super fun.

pump it up is fun for adults tooAnd even adults have fun in the bounce houses too.  I propose a mom’s night out.  Who is with me?

birthday party at pump it up irvineAnd at the end of every party, the staff gathers all the kids for a group photo.  The kids are usually pissed because they want to keep jumping but you throw the words pizza and cake out there and they smile and cooperate.

m in blow up chair at pump it up irvineI think this chair is the main reason that M wanted his party there.  And the crown.  He sat in that chair the entire time in we were in the party room and never got up once.  He ate his pizza there.  He ate his cupcake there.  His cousins posted up as his security when other kids wanted a turn in the seat.  He asked to bring it home with us.

minted party decor sign at pump it upBecause I had heard that they don’t give you much time to decorate I really needed to keep the decor simple.  Minted’s ready-made party decor saved me big time!  And since Pump It Up has helium on-site, I figured that between balloons (always super festive) and the Minted party stuff the party would be pretty cute.

minted party decor bannerWe chose the Cakeasaurus theme because my son LOVES dinosaurs and used it where we could around the party room.  I covered the tables that clashed with the party decor with inexpensive plastic table cloths.  It helped to tone down the over all brightness of the party room decor (which I’m not saying is bad, just not my aesthetic).

minted birthday party supplies grey strawsMinted has a few accessories to go along with the paper party decor like these grey and white striped straws.  I added some flags to just a few of the straws to bring more of my color scheme in.  And who doesn’t love paper straws?

tables at pump it upFor the tables I needed to do something that would be quick to set up and almost all disposable.  I got a bunch of white plastic table cloths from the .99 cent store and used paper streamers that I twisted and taped to the tables with silver tape.  I added little plastic dinos that I knew the kids would want to take home with them (or were cheap enough that I didn’t have to worry about getting them all back – on a side note, I got enough back that I used them as part of the Valentine’s that M gave his classmates.  Word up).  And for some extra fun, I added succulents I cut from my back yard.  I also brought in the silver paper goods, but they include paper plates, napkins and cups when you book a Pump It Up party.  I have heard people talk about how expensive the parties are but they really include a ton of stuff for the price.  And I’m sure I would have spent just as much, if not more if I had held a party at my house.  Big thank you to my mom and sister-in-law for helping with the super fast decorating. I met back up with the party in the second bounce room and had plenty of time to enjoy watching the kids have sweaty fun.

glittered dinoI added just a touch of silver glitter to various spots on the dinos.  I think a hint of sparkle is perfectly acceptable at a boys birthday party.

dino cupcakesMy sister-in-law is rad and made the cupcakes for me.  I am in love with the little dino picks that she found.  By serving only cupcakes, I didn’t need to worry about silverware, extra plates or the mess of cutting a cake.

dino party hats and crownsAnd it ain’t a party unless there are party hats.  I used store-bought hats and tiaras and added some fun dino accents.

favor sign from minted party decorI used one of Minted’s blank coordinating cards for the favors as well as the stickers to seal the favor bags.  Another thing I loved about Pump it Up is when it was time to pass out the favors, our party gal walked around with my son to make sure that each kid got a favor.

dinosaur favorsNothing about this party was that revolutionary.  I chalk that up to it being the holidays.  I don’t know about you but I tend to slow the blog down around Christmas.  And then I think it is so nice to not feel an obligation to anything that I think about quitting entirely.  I pretty much jumped online one day and just bought a bunch of dino themed items to order for the favors.  Throw in some chemical laden dino shaped gummy snacks and you are good to go.  B T Dubs, I always get bored and start the blog back up again with a refreshed attitude.  But Minted really saved this party for me.  I didn’t have the energy to make everything from scratch but still wanted it to be cute which their stuff is!

blowing out candlesThe staff managed everything.  From passing out the pizza to all the kids and making sure they each got what kind they wanted to making sure each got the right cupcake flavor they made it happen.  They made sure we stayed on track in terms of time and even got everyone to start singing happy birthday.  They took all the pressure off of me and allowed me to just interact with the guests.  As the party was wrapping up I realized that they had everything that we needed to take home with us, from the gifts to leftover food, on a cart waiting to be loaded in to our cars.  They were ON IT.  But we never once felt rushed.  It was a delightful birthday party experience.

mustaches at pump it upAn unexpected bonus to the party was the machine that sold stick on mustaches.  Kids are still WAY in to mustaches.  These are their best “look old” faces.

This is not a sponsored post.  I had such a great experience hosting a party at Pump It Up Irvine that I wanted to share it with you.  Many other adults at the party told me how amazing they thought the staff was with the kids too.  It is obvious they like what they do.  From the minute I made the first call to ask questions and finally book the party, they were helpful and friendly.  My sister-in-law booked a party for my niece at the Anaheim location after our party and had the same experience there.  If you are thinking about holding a party at Pump It Up you should totally do it.  I’m sure we will be booking there again!

All images (except photos 1, 11, 16, and 18 which are mine) by Dez and Tam Photography – the most wonderful people around.  I heart them SO much!


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  1. Would you be able to share where you got these (blue) table covers from. I can’t tell if it’s two covers on each table or is it some design on your cover.

    1. Hi Neha, on the main tables the blue covers were already on the tables, on the table with the dinosaur party hats, that is just a blue plastic tablecloth that I brought in.

  2. This seems like a kids dream! I would totally take my nephews here and go crazy (I would be in the bounce house as well, duh). Awesome party!

    1. Sharon Garofalow says:

      Thanks, Melissa!! Yes, kids love this place!! And I always get a little excited to go there too. ;)

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