Easy Yarn Dream Catcher

Easy Yarn Dream CatcherMy oldest son has been asking for a dream catcher for quite a while.  So I decided to make him one with items I already had.  If this keeps him from coming in to my room at 3 A.M. I will be very happy.  It doesn’t happen often, but man, I really don’t like getting up at 3 A.M.

Dream catcher made from yarn and embroidery ringJust grab one embroidery hoop, some yarn and scissors.  I enjoy yarn.  Especially when it comes with a few colors in it.  I don’t know why that makes me so happy.  Maybe I feel like I’m getting a rad deal.  But this one certainly got me because of the black and white combo.

easy-yarn-knot-for-dream-catcherCan I really even call this a knot?  Just loop a piece of string, and pull the ends back through.  Then just pull it snug.

Easy Peace Sign Yarn Dream CatcherI liked how it looked with the yarn just hanging off the bottom of the hoop but decided to add the peace sign.

Ninja's Bedroom with Dream CatcherI couldn’t wait to show my son when he got home from school.  He loved it.  And then promptly moved on to his swords.

Bats like dream catcher's tooAnd just so you know, bats like peace sign dream catchers too.


DIY Knotted Yarn Bracelets

yarn braceletsI really like to knot things.  And I can’t stop.  I’ve used this particular knot for garlands, I’ve used them for hanging balloons and now I’m using knots for these Knotted Yarn Bracelets.  They are easy, they look cool and I just plain like them.  And I have no idea what this kind of knot is even called.

yarn bracelet suppliesFor these knotted yarn bracelets, you just need yarn and scissors.  For tutorial purposes I’m showing you how to make them with just one piece of string.  To make a thicker bracelet, just use more pieces in one color, or mix it up and use a bunch of colors.

knotted steps for yarn bracelet1:  Make a loop with the yarn. Make sure to leave enough at the end so that you can hold it in your left hand (you’ll be knotting with your right hand).

2: With your right hand, tuck the yarn through your first loop from underneath.  Do not pull it all the way through, you will be creating your second loop.

3:  Grab your new loop and pull to create a tight-ish knot at your first loop (from step 1) Have I lost you? It is really simple just super hard to explain!

4:  Here is a better look at the knot.  Remember do not pull the yarn all the way through.  Your knot may get really long in order to get your first knot to tighten which is fine and will be fixed in the next step.

5:  You want to work with a small loop to keep it efficient and taut.  Place that floppy loop around the thumb on your left hand and pull the loose string back through the first knot with your right hand.  This part is critical when making the bracelets with more than one piece of yarn.  This is where you get them to be smooth and not have one that is looser than the rest which can make it look really messy.

6:  Begin the next loop by repeating step 2.  And continue until you have the amount of knots you want.

knot a length of yarn for a braceletHere is what it will look like.  Remember keep the yarn tucked in your left hand and do the knotting with your right.  After the first few knots this will go really fast.

finish the knot of the braceletsTo finish the knotted portion of the bracelet, create one last loop, but this time you will pull the piece of yarn all the way through and secure the knots.

tie knot at end of braceletAs if that last part wasn’t hard enough to explain, here is how you make it adjustable and wearable…  On one end, make a knot (just to be safe, knot it again at the same spot so that the knot is larger).  This is the knot that make the bracelet slide to tighten on your wrist, but not slide all the way out of the other knot that secures it.

tie a second knotNext, tie a knot with both ends of the bracelet.

finish the knotPull the knot tight.  Trim the end of the bracelet without the knot.  Don’t cut it too short as this is yarn and it is somewhat slippery and a nice tug can pull it out of the knot.  Once you have this on your wrist, you will pull the end with the knot to tighten it.  To loosen, just pull on the piece of yarn (the one with the knot at the end) the other direction.

 bracelets made of yarnThen stack them up and wear them with other accessories.

easy yarn bracelet tutorialThese are perfect for Easter when using these pretty pastels.  And they are easy enough that young girls can do them.  This could be a super fun party activity.  And I love that they can be made with only yarn.  I’ve done it with rope for a really cool look but probably not something you would wear on your wrist.  Embroidery thread would be a bit too thin for my taste but would make a really delicate looking bracelet.  I would love to know if you know what this knot is called??

Guest Post on YAMF – Macrame Balloon Holders

Today I have tutorial up on You Are My Fave for macrame balloon holders.  I decided my love for the 70’s and balloons could certainly carry over in to a party decor craft.  And while I kept my knots super simple, there are really SO many places you could take this.  I hope you enjoy them and would love to see pictures if you ever use them at a party!

HUGE thanks to Jackie Culmer Photography for all the amazing images.  I couldn’t have done it without her!


A Cool and Casual Easter Get Together with Amy’s Kitchen Table

Have you guys seen Amy’s Kitchen Table yet?  Hurry, go look.  I’ll wait…Ok, you back now?  So Amy is this extraordinary cook.  Like, for reals.  She’s one of those people who are so natural in the kitchen that she requires no recipes and doesn’t even break a sweat if a meal contains multiple steps.  I’m lucky enough to have sampled many of her dishes including some phenomenal baked goods so trust me when I tell you that you should bookmark her new recipe site! She is just getting her blog started and she asked me to help her out with a little Easter set up she wanted to do.  I’m so excited that the posts are up and you can see a little bit of what turned out to be one of my favorite tables and buffets ever.  So simple, casual and inexpensive.

Rush on over to Amy’s Kitchen Table to see a few other shots from the day and all of the fantastic recipes Amy put together like her pineapple bourbon glazed ham.  Best ham I’ve ever tasted – not exaggerating one bit.
Thanks for asking me to be part of this Amy!