Lollipics Custom Suckers are the Coolest!

Rad custom suckers by Lollipics!  #staywildaltSo I’ve been back from #altsummit for a week now.  And I’m still exhausted.  I’ll have a full wrap up for you in the next week or so but I am super excited about these custom suckers we had at our mini-party so I just had to share these now!  Right as we were beginning to plan our party, I found out about this great new company via Lindy called Lollipics.  They can take just about any image and make it edible and put it on a sucker.  We knew we were featuring Lauren’s calligraphy (although these suckers are using a font since we couldn’t get Lauren’s writing done in time!) all through the party so the idea of having rad black suckers with her writing on them, (all edible!) was such a fun idea!

Custom suckers by Lollipics at the #staywildalt party #altsummitHere is what they looked like at the party.  Aren’t they awesome!  The company was super generous with us and sent us enough for all the party guests.

Cool custom suckers by Lollipics perfect for party favorsI managed to snag a few to bring home for my kids and decided to take a few more photos of these awesome suckers.  The white area is essentially a very thin layer of fondant printed with edible ink.  So amazing, right?!

Custom suckers by Lollipics.  Great for party favorsOf course my son was more than willing to test them out for me.  They were cherry flavored and SO yummy!

The coolest party favors!  Custom suckers by Lollipics.Hurry mom!!!!!  I need to get my tongue on this thing!

Great custom Lollipics suckers for weddings or parties! Our party theme as “urban jungle” so we felt this “stay wild” sentiment was really good and used it throughout the party in several ways.

Kids love suckers.  Perfect party favor idea!  Custom suckers by Lollipics!The ink sort of just disappears when you eat it.  My son thought it was so fun and immediately started asking me what else we could put on the suckers.  I told him anything we wanted!  Aside from the suckers being super cool, the company is freaking amazing.  They have top-notch customer service and a quick turn around time.  I will definitely be using these again!  Will you be at the upcoming Snap conference?  Lollipics will be there too!  I’m so excited I found this company.  Make sure you let me know if you end up using them for anything.  I’d love to see the creative things you come up with!  .  Facebook  .  Twitter  .  Pinterest  .  Google +  .  Instagram


Kids Can Rock Too – Rad Rock from Your Musical Library

I got a new car a few months back.  It came with Sirius XM which I adore.  For a while, I got away with listening to XMU, First Wave or Alt Nation.  But one day I made the grave mistake of changing it to the kid’s station, Kid’s Place Live.  I don’t actually hate everything about it.  In fact, some of the music they play is actually good.  But do you know what it is like to talk to a young child on the phone?  Pretty painful right?  Yeah.  Well, they have several call-in type shows on that channel.  Why oh why?!  But my son, who is obsessed with Ghostbusters heard the theme song on the channel one time and now he’s afraid if we change it, he will miss the song.  I bought him the song on Itunes, but nothing beats hearing your fave song on the radio.  
Here are some of the gems we found through Kid’s Place Live mixed with a bunch that I love.  I am pretty free with what I will let my kids hear (curse words can be prime teaching moments) so listen to the songs for yourself before trusting my judgement.  I had to put my son’s other favorite song on there because we listen to it at least once a week, Iggy Pop (he dances just like Iggy, btw – it. is. awesome). These songs are not for bedtime and are pretty much just all around fun.  Use it at your next kid’s party or just in the car on the way to school.  
Are you ready to rock! 

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

A few more songs that didn’t have that you need to check out are:
Up Up Up – The Givers (free download – holler!)
Gotta Keep on Trying – The Not Its (so one of the singers from this band used to sing in a band called Velocity Girl that I loved in high school – totally cool and the website is rad, rad, rad)
The Donkey Song (love love love)
Don’t dumb down your kids music.  Share the greats with them.  The Beatles, The Beach Boys, whoever your favorites are chances are your passion will be contagious and your kids will love them too.  

Three Little Birds Adorable Bob Marley-themed 3rd Birthday Party by Jackie Culmer

Maybe it is because my family is infatuated with Rastamouse ever since we saw it on YouTube last week.  Maybe it was because I had a very brief phase where I wanted to dreadlocks, wore a lot of red, yellow and green and bought incense (from the swap meet) in high school.  Or maybe because it is just freaking awesome but I had to share the most adorable kid’s birthday party that I came across the other day.  Not only is Jackie Culmer a kick-ass photographer (I will be sharing the pics she shot at my neon and neutral bday party on Wednesday!) but she also rocks the house with her party design.  
This is absolute perfection for me.  The theme is totally original, casual and cool.  The graphic design is crisp and fresh.  
It is the perfect balance of kid and adult friendly and is styled without being fussy or too themey.
And what music inspired party would be complete without a cd favor?  I want one!!! 
Check out the rest of the party on Jackie’s blog, The Silver Spoon and Paper Plate.  And check out what she did last Halloween while you are there here, here and here.  
She knocked my socks off with the photos she took for my party a month ago, can’t wait to share!!! 
all photos via Jackie Culmer

Wrap Up – Ziggy Stardust Space Party

This is the last post about the party.  I mean it.  I hope this gives an overall feel of the party for those who can’t handle my long winded, oddly categorized previous posts.  I can’t even get over the beautiful photography done by Dez and Tam.  I am in LOVE with their style and they are literally the nicest family I have ever met.  If you are considering family portraits I highly recommend them!  Check out their site to see their past work and I know you will be convinced!  And I know I put on a more detailed kid’s party than most, but I would encourage you to hire them for your next party too.  I can’t tell you how relaxed I was that day knowing I would get to these two crazy talented people were capturing all the memories for me.  Thank you Dez and Tam! (and little Riley too!  Their son is the cutest and sweetest little boy ever!)  
All photos by Dez and Tam except the fabric flowers and the metal stud. 
Cake and Push Cakes by Meringue Bake Shop
Ziggy Stardust Space Party – over and out. 

Ziggy Stardust Inspired Space 5th Birthday Party – Part 4

Often my parties have a unique theme which the guests may or may not know about.  I usually try to put info around for guests to find throughout the party.

The only thing O wanted for his party was a bounce house.  But our backyard isn’t big enough for one and so I thought it wasn’t going to work out.  Then our friends, Jimmy and Vanessa, offered their small bounce to use!  O was SO happy.  A HUGE thank you to them!  
Since my son is really in to music and because Ziggy Stardust is a rock star, I decided to set out all the toy musical instruments we had for the kids to play with.

This is sweet K.  If you look behind her you can see my fabric backdrop that I put up for the kids to jam in front of.  You can just barely make out the other feather garland made by Jenny.  How rad are K’s nails? 
photo by me
Here is a picture of Jenny’s garland I took after the party.  How gorgeous and fun are all those feathers?  These garlands must have taken her forever and I am so grateful that she made them for me!!!

I saw these masks in random blog posts around the web after I started planning the party.  I knew I had to have them.  Here is the link.  They print out small, pretty much kid sized, so if you want them for adults you need to blow them up a little. 
I decided that we needed to do another smash cake like the one we did for my other son’s party.  I asked Kristin of Meringue Bake Shop to make it this time because I wanted it to be way cuter than the other. :) It turned out super cute.
So you make a small cake, cut a hole out of the center then fill it with candy.  Then you cover the cake with a dome made of chocolate.  Then you give the kid a hammer and…
And the kids go wild!  I then cut the cake and let the kids go to town.  I don’t provide plates or silverware.  Its a free for all. 
It is one of my favorite party surprises.  This cake was vegan and the candy was friendly to O’s allergies.  
I’m going to wrap up the party tomorrow with a collage that will hopefully share the feeling of the whole party and since I know that some people don’t enjoy such long posts as all of them from this week, then they will have a quick post too.  Probably should have posted that first…whatevs.
All photos by Dez and Tam