DIY Jewelry Organizer

Super easy DIY pegboard for your necklaces.  \\  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI’ve been dying to share this super easy DIY Jewelry Organizer with you!  I’ve had it done for a few weeks now and I LOVE it.  Not only has it organized what used to be a super messy area in my walk in closet, but I also wear the jewelry more since it is so easy to see and get to.  Last month I came to the realization that I need to be offline more and actually living my life, not just posting about it.  So I decided to start on some projects that I have been wanting to do for a while.  This was the first one.  And I’m delighted with how it turned out.  And it is stupidly easy.


March Loves

Reed's Ginger Candy is my fave! I don’t even remember where I found Reed’s Ginger Candy Chews but I am obsessed!  These are phenomenal.  They are a touch sweet, a bit spicy and have a real ginger flavor.  I spoke of my love for Reed’s Ginger Beer here so of course I had to try these.  Now I just need to track them down since I have only two left.  Two!

Jessica Alba is a rad business woman and mom.

I got a chance to read my newest Nylon the other day and every time I read an article on Jessica Alba, I like her a little more.  I loved learning more about her role in her company (Honest).  This article talks about how hands on she is in all aspects including choosing colors for make up.  I loved that she voiced her opinion on the lip colors not being right, which is due in part to the natural materials used to create them.  She’s not willing to put out a product that no one really wants to wear.  She’s the perfect mix of every woman (except she’s, like, extra gorgeous) and advocate for the health of our families.  And that is pretty cool.

My grandmother's costume jewelryA few weeks ago my mom brought over all of my grandmother’s old costume jewelry.  I finally took a few hours to sort through it all and it was amazing.  My grandmother was always put together with the perfect accessories.  And she loved to travel so there are several handmade items from many of the places she visited.  While I might not wear all of it (but trust, there are some AMAZEBALLS pieces), they will remain treasured memories of a lady I miss very much.

Earth Tu Face is freaking rad.  LOVE their line of products.My husband recently brought home some awesome Earth Tu Face products to try out.  You guys, this stuff is crazy natural and awesome.  It was started by two herbalists who make 100% natural skin care only using plant based products.  All of their packaging is recyclable, reusable and compostable.  And the smells!  While there are no added scents, the ingredients used create these amazing scents!  I’ve always been afraid to use an oil based cleanser since I have oily skin.  But I decided to give it a shot.  It has been great.  I’ve certainly not broken out like I thought I would and I feel like my forehead isn’t quite as shiny as it was before I started using the Earth Tu Face face wash. The Rosemary Salt lotion feels wonderful.  And I love the smell of rosemary so that is a win for sure.  I haven’t tried all of these products out yet but I plan to!  And I think you should too.

Obsessed with the Earth Tu Face balm stick for face, lips and more.  The smell is intoxicating! You may have seen my instagram post but this Skin Stick is my fave!  It is an all-purpose salve for wherever you need it.  I’ve mainly been using it on my lips so far but with the geranium and vetiver, I really should be rubbing this thing all over my face.  Geranium prevents and fades scarring (hello – dumb skin cancer scars, consider yourself warned!) and the vetiver promotes cellular healing.  Duh.  We could all use that.  And I don’t want to offend any hippies but when I wear this on my lips, it smells like a hippie is dancing on my face.  It’s musky and warm while being calming and hydrating.  I definitely have hippie tendencies and this totally appeals to them.  I keep this in the drawer next to my bed and put it on just before I go to sleep.  It is the perfect way to end the day.

sunglass collectionAnd I have to say that it doesn’t suck when your husband works for a sunglass company.  These are so fun to be able to mix and match with my outfits.  And since it is mostly sunny in California, year round, I need sunglasses.  All of these are by IVI Vision.

Color your own Whopper's Robin's eggs for EasterAnd have you guys seen these?!  I saw these Whoppers Easter Robin Eggs Decorate Your Own Eggs
at the grocery store and had to get them.  My boys love this kind of stuff.  They came with three edible markers and a bunch of plain white eggs.  This was a great little snack and craft for us one afternoon.  I picked them up at my local Albertson’s but haven’t seen them anywhere else.  I hope you can find them.  These were very well received by the kiddos.


Winter Fashion Inspiration

winter fashion inspirationI just love winter in California.  Winter usually starts closer to the end of January.  So I know the idea of a peep toe show might be unfathomable for most of the country.  Here, it works.  I go through phases where I get really interested in fashion and continue on my quest to find my personal style.  And like I mentioned in my goals post, I’ve sort of let myself go.  While I never leave the house in sweatpants or workout clothes (unless I’m hiking.  Which I totally do now.  What?!) I can certainly be very sloppy.  Here is some winter fashion inspiration for you.

Leopard Vans:  Leopard is totally a neutral for me.  And I really do need another pair of shoes that envelope my whole foot, you know for when temperatures finally drop.  (image via Pangcakes)

Plaid pants:  Plaid can be done in a number of ways like slouchy and cozy, a little punk rock, a little preppy, etc.  But I love how chic it looks when styled with a crisp white shirt, heels and fold over clutch.  I’m totally on the look out for these pants. (image via BethAnimalPrint)

Textured coats:  I’m dying over all the textured coats that are out there right now.  I have my eye on this dip dyed version but my heart really wants this multi colored amazingness from Wunderkind.  This one is not faux and is like a bajillion dollars so it’s totally out.  I’m also in love with the monster coats from Meadham Kirchhoff. (image via Lyst)

Layered necklaces:  I’m not a big jewelry wearer.  But I know they can really  finish off an outfit.  I really need to practice my layering.  It looks a little bohemian and classy at the same time which I love.  (image via Oh Mai Darling)

Well dressed nails:  I’m a mom to two boys who is constantly moving.  I have yet to find the right time to paint my nails.  With the dish washing, or hair combing, there never seems to be the perfect time.  But I want to set out and find it.  My nails could use a little color and adorning.  I’m in love with these from Hex Nail Jewelry.  I bought some for my niece and they are so fun!  I will be ordering again for sure! (image via Hex Nail Jewelry)

Interesting shoes:  I don’t wear heels often (I would like to say I will try to wear them more but I just don’t think I can commit to it regularly.  When my feet hurt from shoes, I literally get punchy.  Like, angry and will punch you if you make me move from my chair.  It is NOT good) but when I do, I like for the shoes to be interesting.  If I’m going to hurt, they have to be show stoppers.  I love how these pumps are detailed in a subtle way.  The little gold spikes are not as tough as most spiked stuff comes off but adds so much interest. (image via Eugene Riconneaus)

A Mules and Jewels Stella and Dot Party


stella-and-dot-partyBy now I’m sure that you all have been invited or thrown a Stella and Dot jewelry party.  But have you been to a Mules and Jewels party?  On of my fave gals, Amy, held the themed Stella and Dot party based around the pretty jewelry and our favorite drink, the Moscow Mule.   And when I heard they were going to also have a jewelry making station for the kids, I knew I needed to book a date with my niece (the daughter I never had) and bring her along.

moscow-mules-and-stella-and-dot-partyIf you haven’t had a Moscow Mule yet, you need to.  It’s my go-to summer beverage.  I don’t like sweet drinks so this is perfect for me.  The vodka based drink is mixed with Ginger Beer (like root beer but made with ginger), fresh lime juice and a touch of bitters and a bit of fresh mint.  Amy is the one who introduced me to these delicious drinks and she serves them in the traditional copper mugs.  While you don’t HAVE to serve it in this mug, it certainly does make it feel like more of an event.  But since I had my niece with me I kept it straight virgin (because Ginger Beer is still one of my fave things to drink).

stella-and-dot-party-with-kidsThis is my second Stella and Dot party in the last two months so I had seen most of the jewelry.  But this party had more of the fabrics and scarves displayed.  I’m in love with all the colors and bag options!

moscow-mule-partyAnd now I want to pick up a few of these mugs too.  I’ve seen them on One Kings Lane a few times.  I think I better keep my eyes peeled so I can grab some before summer is over.

To make Amy’s Moscow Mule:

2 oz. vodka (Amy likes to infuse a good vodka with cucumbers for a few days ahead of time – it’s amazing!!  Adds another level of refreshment that is so good!)

4 oz. ginger beer (I love Reed’s)

Juice of 1 lime

Few dashes of Orange Bitters

Fresh Mint

Fill a cup with ice.  Squeeze a whole lime into the cup. Add the vodka, ginger beer and orange bitters.  Give it a good stir.  Slap a sprig of mint in your palm (to release some of the oils) and put it in your drink.  Drink up.

multi-colored-bracelet-stella-and-dotI loved a lot of the jewelry but I am quite partial to these delicate little sparkly bracelets.  They are so easy to wear and I LOVE them.  So I decided to buy one for me and one for my niece so we could have matching bracelets.

yummy-homemade-appetizersAmy is an amazing cook so she made some crazy tasty appetizers for the guests.  That burrata you see in the background with tomatoes and pesto served with grilled bread was divine!  She rounded out the menu with spinach artichoke dip, edamame wontons and delightful bite sized lemon cakes.

kids-jewelry-making-at-stella-and-dot-partyThis is the second time I’ve viewed the Stella and Dot jewelery at Amy’s house and both times she and Heather, the Stella and Dot rep, have made sure that the kids were entertained too.  My niece made an adorable beaded necklace.  As more kids arrived, it was really cute to see the kids gathered around that table on the patio.  And even cuter that the moms were free to shop, eat and chat without having to be concerned about what the kids were up to.

stella-and-dot-cataloguesI love that these gals make it easy to come to their party to see the jewelry and also not have to worry about getting a sitter.  If you are in Orange County and looking for a Stella and Dot rep, contact Heather Velastegui.  She really knows how to host a great party!

And don’t forget to check out the private party Heather held for me and Amy as we prepared for Blogher a few years ago.  This time she featured make a make-your-own pizza lunch activity for the kids!

My Favorite Gift – a Becomb Bracelet

rose gold and black becomb watch braceletMy birthday was a few months ago but I wanted to share one of the presents my husband got me.  It looks like a watch, right?  It is actually a bracelet and here is the story behind it.  He first handed me a card and told me to read it.  I quickly scanned it, as you do when there is a wrapped present waiting to be opened.  Kind, sweet words filled the card.  I opened up the gift and just looked at it.  Like, what?  So he summed up what the card had said, had I paid attention.  He told me that he could tell that I was really enjoying my blog right now and all the things that go along with it.  And when you are doing something that you love, time shouldn’t matter.  Hence, it is not a watch but rather a piece of jewelry to remind me to keep going on the track that I am passionate about.  The time it takes to get there should not matter and it shouldn’t feel like work to get there.  Remember the journey.  How rad is that?

rose gold and black stingray jewelry braceletThis bracelet, by Becomb WARNING THERE WILL BE A PRETTY SEXY PIC WHEN YOU CLICK OVER.  NOT GROSS BUT IF YOU HAVE A 13 YEAR OLD SON BY YOU, THEY WILL PROBABLY LOVE IT (pronounced be – comb), is rose gold with a stingray band.  It is gorgeous in person and I absolutely love wearing it.  I hadn’t heard about this brand before but love their philosophy.  Watch this quick video for more of their story.

becomg bracelet black and rose goldIt comes in a few different colors but I am in LOVE with the rose gold.  I am truly lucky to have a husband who supports what I do 100 percent.  This bracelet is a symbol of that love and the journey that my life is on to live fully and passionately.  What are you most passionate about?

Images take by Lauren

Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

naomi gray designs mother's day necklaceI know I said I wasn’t going to post more than 3 times a week right now but I’m too in love with these necklaces that are the perfect Mother’s Day gift from Naomi Gray Designs.  The birthstone bar necklace is MY FAVE!  I think it is a totally modern take on a traditional concept.  And of course the initials are super sweet.  And don’t forget their birthstone mini ring necklace.  We got this for my mom last year and I LOVE how it looks!  Order now to make sure you can get your order back in time for Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12 this year!)

Naomi Gray Designs

*Not a sponsored post.  I LOVE this jewelry.