Aperol Spritz Recipe

Easy summer cocktail recipe. The Aperol Spritz. #ad @aperolusa #spritzbreakThis delicious cocktail is called an Aperol Spritz and it is super refreshing and perfect for summer! I invited a few girlfriends over a few weeks ago for a Spritz Break. We had a blast! I’m sharing the details and recipe below!

*This #SpritzBreak post is sponsored by Aperol.Have a fun #SpritzBreak with your girlfriends this summer with @AperolUSA. #adSummer is going by really fast and it’s been hard for me to get in to any kind of schedule. That means spending time with my girlfriends has taken a back seat to being mom. But a few weeks ago, I decided to have some friends over for happy hour. I hired a baby sitter to watch my kids so that I could enjoy my backyard “mom oasis” area with my friends. And instead of going with an old favorite, I decided to try a recipe for an Aperol Spritz. Doesn’t the word “spritz” sound so girly and sophisticated at the same time?Easy cocktail recipe: The Aperol Spritz. #ad @aperolusa #spritzbreakAperol is an Italian apertif with a slight bitter orange flavor mixed with herbal undertones. Although it looks like it might be sweet, it isn’t. The Aperol Spritz recipe is super simple. It’s 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol and 1 part soda water. It is served over ice, with a slice of orange. And oh my gosh! It’s so refreshing! Polka dot paper straws and orange garnish for Aperol Spritzes. #ad @aperolusa #SpritzbreakI prepped our bar area before the girls arrived and got my orange slices ready and set out some fun paper straws. None of us had tried an Aperol Spritz before so I was excited to experience something new with them. And getting everything together ahead of time meant that I could enjoy the night right along with them. Share an Spritz Break with friends! Make this simple Aperol Spritz recipe. #ad @aperolusa #SpritzBreakWe started by adding ice to a stemless wine glass and added an orange slice. Why do orange slices smell so good?! Oranges are like an instant vacation. The smell is invigorating and comforting. The perfect combo for a fun girl’s night. A refreshing summer cocktail. The Aperol Spritz. #ad @aperolusa #spritzbreakNext we started pouring the cocktails. To make sure we were making it correctly, we used a jigger for the first one to make sure we got the measurements right. But you really don’t need to use it. It’s perfectly okay to eyeball it. Check out this video to see how the people at Aperol make one!  Cocktail with girlfriends. #ad #spritzbreak @aperolusa Our Aperol Spritz Break was SO much fun! As usual, I created a playlist to set the tone. I also brought out all my colorful outdoor sofa pillows to make the space really colorful. I love how vibrant the color of Aperol is so I wanted the the area to match. I also set out some snacks to munch on before we ate a delicious salad I had picked up from a local restaurant earlier in the evening. Aperol #SpritzBreak is the perfect happy hour cocktail! #ad @aperolusaWe all really enjoyed getting some time to hang out together in the middle of a really busy week. This is definitely something I’d like to do more often! And I’ve totally been craving an Aperol Spritz! Aperol Spritz Recipe. Perfect for happy hour with friends. #ad @aperolusa #spritzbreakI fell in love with the herbal flavor of the Aperol. This is totally a drink for those hot summer days where you need something to cool you down. And who doesn’t love a little bubble from the Prosecco and soda water?Aperol Spritz recipe. #ad @aperolusa #spritzbreakThe Aperol Spritz is a total show stopper. The color alone will stop your party guests in their tracks. And it is so amazingly simple to make! A fave, refreshing summer cocktail recipe, an Aperol Spritz. #ad @aperolusa #SpritzBreakI encourage all of you to host your own Spritz Break this summer! It’s as simple as 3-2-1! If you do, share it on instagram using the hashtag #SpritzBreak!!

Thanks for supporting the rad companies, like Aperol, that let me have happy hour with my girlfriends!

Aperol Spritz Recipe
An Aperol Spritz is the perfect happy hour cocktail to share with your friends! It's super refreshing and the perfect summer sipper!
Recipe type: Cocktail
  • 3 parts Prosecco
  • 2 parts Aperol
  • 1 part soda water
  • ice
  • slice of orange to garnish
  1. Add ice to a stemless wine glass.
  2. Add a slice of orange.
  3. Add 3 parts prosecco to the glass.
  4. Add 2 parts Aperol.
  5. Top with 1 part soda water.
  6. Enjoy!



Chic Cookie Exchange Party Inspiration

cookie exchange party for girls nightI haven’t been to a cookie exchange party in a really long time.  I think they are such a nice way to hang out with some girl friends, get to try out some new recipes AND have cookies to share with your family after the party.  I’ve only hosted one cookie exchange before.  It was before I had children and not only did my best gals come bearing delicious cookies, but we also played several rounds of poker.  Super fun.  If I get a chance to host another cookie exchange this one would be much more chic.  It would involve dressing up, sipping some bubbles and listening to good tunes with my girls.  And cookies.  Of course cookies.

champagne tray . chocolate chip cookies . chocolate truffles . dancing girls . pistachio cookies . champagne goggles . cookie decorating . cookies in Weck jar

Chicks and Salsa Mexican Themed Girl’s Night In

*This post was sponsored by Chinet.  They sent me product and compensation to share a fun way to bring people together through entertaining.

Girl's Night OutWho doesn’t love a girl’s night, am I right?  It is the perfect time to reconnect with those gals that you can say anything to and laugh at everything with.  I’ve been dying to host a “Chicks and Salsa” party forever.  When I would visit my sister, who went away for college, we would go to this little bar that had a Chicks and Salsa night.  The name has stuck with me and I think it makes a perfect theme for a girl’s night in complete with Mexican inspired food and bright colors.

chair-placecards-with-chinet-cupsWhile it isn’t exactly a formal affair, I decided to hang place cards on the back of the chairs.  My dining room is so plain (except for the rug – but we STILL haven’t hung any artwork) I figured the extra color would help make it a little bit more festive.

Chinet-Ole-Cup-SignI made this quick little sign for the occasion to add more ambiance.  I love all the marquee signs with lights that you can DIY but am totally afraid of power tools.  So I decided to mimic the look with cups that I painted and a little hot glue.

pouring-ginger-beerAs you may remember I am in love with the Moscow Mule cocktail.  But while I was in Mexico I started dreaming of a Mexican Mule – which is the same drink just using Tequila instead of the Vodka.  I’ll share the recipe later in the week!  Any good girl’s night starts off with cocktails.

appetizer for girl's nightFor an appetizer, a trio of salsas will surely please your guests.  I have never met a chip or salsa that I didn’t like.

easy-centerpiece-of-aloe-vera-and-bougenvillaThe point of this post is to share that your entertaining doesn’t have to be crazy complicated to have a nice little party and a great time.  I wanted to add some color to the table but not spend a lot of money or time on the decorating.  I picked up two aloe vera plants from Trader Joe’s (you can never have enough aloe vera in my opinion so these will live on long past the party!) and added in some bougainnvillea that I got from my neighbor’s yard (I asked first!!!).

Designer Clothing Swap for Orange County

Clothing Swap 4x6Hey Orange County!  Nicole of The Wardrobe Code is putting on a really cool event on March 27th in Newport Beach.  You MUST bring 5 pieces of clothing to swap.  But then you get to leave with 5 new to you pieces.  They are focusing on nicer brands so you might end up with designers you have been coveting for years!  It is going to be a really fun event.  Will I see you there?  Grab your girlfriends and buy your tickets here!!