Father’s Day with Cold Stone

Cold Stone Ice Cream cake for Father's Day breakfast! Do it! Your kids will be super in to it! #sponCan you believe Father’s Day is right around the corner?! Since we’ve had children, we’ve learned that on special days, the morning is usually ours to celebrate any way we want to while later in the day we’ll celebrate with the extended family. One of our favorite family traditions is having ice cream for breakfast on the kid’s birthdays so this time we decided to do an early Father’s Day with a Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake. YOLO!

Fun Father's Day breakfast idea. #sponFor me, any time is dessert time so this doesn’t seem out-of-place to me at all. I knew we would need a little bit more than just ice cream cake for breakfast so I decided to pair it with some fresh fruit and thick, fluffy, Belgian waffles (frozen of course, on account of because of how lazy I am). Dads don’t care about decorations so I made sure to keep things fairly masculine. And how great is that cake cutter shaped like a saw!?! A fun take on Father's Day waffles... Just add ice cream cake! #sponCall me crazy but frozen Belgian waffles taste pretty darn close to home-made waffles and are such a time saver. They also make the perfect base for a nice big slice of ice cream cake. Fun Father's Day Brunch idea. Ice cream cake! It pairs really well with waffles and fresh fruit! #sponThis ice cream cake from Cold Stone, called Tall, Dark & Delicious is the perfect cake for my family. It’s layers of Devil’s Food cake, sweet cream ice cream with brownies, and chocolate ice cream with Oreos covered in white frosting and cascading chocolate ganache. Of course this cake would be perfect for Father’s Day celebrating any time of the day. And Cold Stone makes it super easy to order one with their online ordering system at www.ColdStoneCakes.com! You can order a small or large Tall, Dark & Handsome from their “Signature Cakes” section and pick it up in the store. Most cakes are ready within 24 hours but if you need it faster you can call the store and see if they can accommodate you. Father’s Day is June 21st! Be sure to plan accordingly! Fun Father's Day celebration idea. Ice Cream Cake for breakfast! It's so yummy with waffles! #sponYou guys, when the ice cream starts to melt on your waffle and the chocolate and the strawberries start to mingle…it’s the best ever! This is a great memory for the kids and dad to share. The kids told pretty much the entire neighborhood what we had for breakfast but they always remembered to talk about how it was because of Father’s Day. Look for little ways to make things special. We reserve these types of breakfasts for extra special occasions. Cold Stone's Tall Dark & Delicious ice cream cake is perfect for Father's Day celebrating. #sponJust think of the ice cream as replacing whipped cream…

Tall, Dark & Delicious ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. Perfect for Father's Day! #sponWe used to get ice cream cakes all the time growing up. With my oldest’s sons allergies, I’ve never gotten one for my kids before. When I spoke with my Cold Stone shop about their allergy procedure I felt really good about it and was so excited to know that my oldest could eat this cake right along with us. They use special equipment and seem really knowledgable and happy to provide that extra attention. It made my mom heart happy. Father's Day celebrating can be tons of fun and breakfast is a great way to get the kid's excited to celebrate dad! #sponAnd who doesn’t love a little chocolate ganache along with their morning coffee?Fun idea for celebrating Father's Day! #sponHow handsome are these guys? That right there is the best dad ever with the best sons anyone can have. My husband is a super hard worker who always stops what he is doing to put the kids first. I am so grateful he is their dad and is helping me raise good little humans who will some day be rad dads too.Celebrating Father's Day with a little ice cream cake for breakfast. #sponI’m a lucky lady.

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* This post was created in partnership with Cold Stone Creamery. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow me to buy my family ice cream cakes for breakfast. And ice cream when I went to pick up the cake. And maybe some more ice cream next week because ice cream is awesome.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fun Father's Day gift idea! Matching socks or socks with a funny saying on them. Father’s Day is fast approaching! We don’t get crazy with gifts in our family for these minor holidays. It is mostly about spending time together and really making Dad feel special. But you know I love a good gift so I though I would share some Father’s Day gift ideas with you. I never venture in to the men’s sock department because, why? But I saw this set by Pair of Thieves and thought they would be the perfect gift for Dad. Matching socks? The cutest. And how many times have you heard “Go ask your mother.”  Now all he has to do is point to his socks. Get these at Target!
Death and Co. Modern Classics Cocktail Book is awesome. Would make a great Father's Day gift!I bought this Death & Co cocktail book for myself (to research my punch creating) but it is FANTASTIC! This is perfect for your cocktail loving guy. There are classics in here and modern takes. It’s shot really beautifully and feels masculine. You would never have to buy another cocktail book, like, ever. 

Father's Day gift idea, create a custom cocktail for your husband! Sometimes it isn’t about the gift but the thought behind it (remember when my family created a concrete vase post for me for Mother’s Day?). Why not take a liquor that your husband loves and come up with a custom cocktail recipe for him. Gather all the ingredients, give it to him with the recipe card and tell him that you made it based on his beverage preferences. If I were to make something for my husband it would definitely start with Whiskey and Pepsi…

Coolest remote control Nerf gun makes a really fun gift for Father's Day.This remote control Nerf Combat Creatures TerraDrone is a game changer. When my son’s friend brought it over for a playdate, I freaked out. It’s AWESOME! I made them give me a turn and promptly texted my husband a photo. Then he asked for a video and we so bummed he wasn’t there to try it. This is the perfect gift for the kid at heart.

Need even more ideas? See below! You know that I like to keep price points reasonable, especially for Father’s Day, but I had to include the Melin hat because it is perfect for the fashionable dad or guy who has everything. And the Alexander Wang white t-shirt is my husband’s absolute favorite so I thought I would include it for the guy who likes the finer things. And if you want to give your guy something practical, Harry’s has some great shave kits!

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Beer Floats

Banana bread beer floats are a refreshing treat for summer.  And dessert too.  // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comDo this.  For real.  Beer floats are kind of amazing.  And this one, with banana bread beer(!) is super yummy.  I was thinking these would be fantastic for Father’s Day celebrating.  Or a man’s birthday.  Or Saturday.

Banana bread beer floats!! YUM!  // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comMy local supermarket has been carrying craft beers for the last year or so, so I didn’t even have to go track this down any where fancy.  They also have a chocolate stout version (which I used here) that is GOOD.  There is no recipe for a beer float.  Add scoops of ice cream, pour beer on top.  Drink. 

Make a beer float this summer!  This banana bread beer is perfect.  Or try a stout with chocolately flavors!  // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comIt’s dessert and adult beverage in one.  I don’t see why you wouldn’t have one of these on a balmy summer night.  Have you ever tried a beer float before? 

Beer floats are perfect for summer.  And Father's Day.  And any other manly holiday. // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comJust like a regular float, the beer foams up when you top the ice cream.  But please drink responsibly, and by that I mean make sure the kids know this is not a root beer float.  And don’t drink and drive.  And don’t drunk text.


Old School Skateboard inspired Father’s Day Fun

This old school skateboarding inspried Father’s Day inspiration shoot is based on my husband and his love of the sport and his penchant for saying, “Let’s do this thing” to my boys when they ask him to do something.  When Amy of Amy’s Kitchen Table (recently redone as Southern Belly Kitchen) and I decided to work together on a post, me doing decor and she doing food, I was super excited.  I haven’t gotten to do any fun projects with her since Easter.  A year ago.  I came up with the idea for the look of Father’s Day for my family and asked Katherine of The Side Stuff to help with the graphic design.  I took her design and changed it up a bit to make more decor.  I bet the party would have been even better if Katherine would have been able to work with me on the whole thing but she’s about to have a baby any minute and I didn’t want to bog her down.  If you haven’ checked out her site, GO (My fave party is her Monster Happy Hour! for moms and kids)!  The ideas and decor for this is solely based on my family.  I’ve got two little boys and they love to have “boys club” with dad.  So I decided that Father’s Day would consist of lots of activities and, of course, if Amy is involved, delicious food.

I didn’t intend to use neon when I first thought of the idea (it’s soooooo 5 minutes ago, said with big eye roll for dramatic effect, but not by me) but I found the Todd Oldham paper tape set at Target and knew it had to be part of this.  Because I still love neon.  I don’t know when I’ll be over it and that is ok.  If you are over it feel free to use something less offensive.  I added lightning bolts to make it a little more fun.  I can’t tell you why I think lightning bolts are fun, I just do.

Sometimes, since I am a girl, I am not invited to boys club.  If that happens this Father’s Day my husband will be able to follow this checklist.

And then it’s time for dinner.  Amy came up with a delicious menu and guess what?  I got to eat this for lunch after we took pictures.  Bangin!  Coffee rubbed steaks with homemade steak sauce and homemade potato chips.  Hop on over to her page for all of her recipes!  You HAVE TO check out her blog if you haven’t already.  She’s the most insane cook I know.  She has that ease and common sense and creativity in the kitchen that I, and most people, lack.  I love to watch her cook!  And I love eating what she’s cooked even more!

Seriously, those chips!

My kids are obsessed with snow cones right now.  So I decided for the “chillax” portion of the day we would serve snowcones that the adults and kids could both enjoy.  My husband and I have been exploring whiskey sours lately so I found a recipe that was a bit fruitier than usual and used that in place of the standard snow cone syrup.

Serves AT LEAST four adult snowcones with some left over:

1 cup Orange Juice (fresh squeezed is best!)

5 oz. pineapple juice

1/2 cup whiskey (if making this kid friendly, use ginger ale.  Leave out the whiskey, duh)

1 tsp agave

2 tsp maraschino cherry juice

Pour over shaved (of crushed ice)

Garnish with a cherry

What could be better than drinking a whiskey sour snow cone while playing a game of dominos?  The kid friendly version of the snow cone is shown with the little green picks.  The ginger ale keeps the color similar to the adult version and is sweet enough that the kids really enjoy it.

I really wanted to enjoy that whole snowcone, but I had to get home from Amy’s…boo to mid day photo shoots of cocktails.

Ain’t nothing more chillaxing than a red cup filled with the leftover whiskey sour after an afternoon of activities.  Your Father’s Day might look a little different than ours especially if you have little girls.  But I am sure dad would be just fine with having his hair brushed for a minute.  But he might draw the line at makeup.

BIG thank you to Katherine for creating the main graphic for the shoot and Amy for wanting to play with me.  Seriously, go check out her site and tell me what recipe sounds delicious to you.  My answer, all of them.

Happy Father’s Day!

Find the recipes here!