Easy Lemon Pellegrino Vodka Cocktail

Easy pellegrino vodka cocktail for end of summerI can’t take credit for this cocktail recipe.  A friend made it for me as we lounged in her pool one hot, hot, summer day.  But it is ridiculously delicious, super refreshing and painfully easy so I knew I had to share.

easy lemon cocktailAll you need is some vodka and some Pellegrino Limonata (not found at every grocery store, so keep your eyes out so you know where to find them when you need them).  A cute glass doesn’t hurt either (these are from IKEA).

plastic mermaid drink accessoryIt may seem like you would want to pick out your drink accessory after your drink is made, but think about it.  You don’t want to spill your beverage as you fight your guests over who gets to be the mermaid.

pellegrino cocktail step 1Simply pour 3 parts Pellegrino Limonata in to your glass.

easy low cal vodka cocktailAdd one part vodka (I might suggest an organic vodka as I have heard positive things about lack of hangover, or less severe symptoms when drinking an organic version).

pellegrino limonata vodka cocktailAdd ice and a cute little cocktail stir stick and you are ready to try out your new favorite cocktail.

easiest cocktails for end of summerI love this recipe because it is easy to make just one or a bunch of them.  One can served about 3 of these lowball glasses so you can either have a lovely evening with a few gal pals or a rip roaring night by yourself.  I’m not here to judge.  Do what you need to do (but see above about organic vodka…)  These can also be made with another flavor of Pellegrino but I really prefer the Limonata.  It is the most refreshing of the options so it is perfect to get you through these last HOT days of summer.  Moving in to fall, the blood orange option might be nice.  And if you want to get all gourmet on this beeyotch think about muddling some fresh herbs.

Huge thanks to my pal Carole for opening my eyes to this easy drink and to Lauren for helping me shoot and test these.  You are a good friend to be willing to day drink for the sake of my blog and readers.  :)


Seagram’s new Flavored Seltzer Waters

I love flavored seltzer waters.  I don’t like to drink a ton of calories so I really enjoy sparkling waters.  I think they are super refreshing and have mystical healing powers.  OK, I know that isn’t true but an old boss of mine used to swear that the fizz cured headaches.  I always have sparkling water on hand for any ailment I may have.  Maybe it is just a pick me up, but I like to think it helps me get well.  But I also just find them really refreshing and a perfect afternoon beverage on a hot day.

Seagram’s sent me their new flavored sparkling seltzer waters to try.  I was super excited because I usually add a squeeze of lime (one of my all time favorite flavors) to my water and end up wasting 3/4 of it because I have no other use for it aside from my beverage.  With these I  get a variety of flavors to try without needing to do anything but pop open a can and no waste.  Naturally, I tried the Key Lime flavor first.  If you are not already a fan of sparkling seltzer waters, you may not enjoy these.  These are FIZZY, like, super duper fizzy, the kind where it almost hurts to swallow.  I LOVE that!  The added flavor was not overpowering but you also didn’t have to search for it either.  It was a good balance of flavorful and refreshing and delightful to drink.  I was unable to try to the Blackberry Raspberry flavor as it froze/exploded in my fridge.  Science is weird.

The Orange Citrus ended up being my favorite flavor.  And while I didn’t use any of these in a cocktail, I just KNOW these would be sensational.  The fizz and flavor would be an awesome mixer for your favorite spirit.  I think I will keep some of these on hand for summer sipping.  These would also be the perfect addition to your party bar set up.  You would need little else than these flavored sparkling seltzer waters, a few bottles of the most popular liquors and some fun glassware to keep your guests happy.   They  would provide tons of options for your guests with minimal effort by you.  Find these delicious drinks at your local grocery stores.

*I was sent these beverages for review.  All opinions are mine.