Layering Home Accessories

Layering accessories in your living room


I’m doing it.  I am legitimately sort of making over my living room.  I am not buying all new furniture or anything like that but I am trying to make it more homey and also fit my husband’s and my style better.  I was over at Lauren’s house last week and it is so easy to shoot blog photos there.  The reason is because there are little styled vignettes all around her house.  I am certain that such styled areas would not work in my house thanks to 4 very busy little boy hands, but I think that is key to having a house feel more lived in. It is also a way to showcase your style.  The items above would totally make my living room feel like “me”.  Trust me, my husband will be represented too.  He likes all this stuff.  He just doesn’t know it yet.  Wink.

The thing I noticed about Lauren’s house is that she layers different textures and colors and it appears effortless.  A stack of books is the perfect vase for a tray topped with a picture frame and candle.  A mix of throw blankets make the couch seem super inviting.  And plants.  She usually has fresh flowers or succulents in and around her living room.  I love how it feels (although all of my stuff is going to be fake since I have a black thumb and flower allergies.)

Tiered stand with succulents  .  Voluspa Candle  .  Michelle Armas art canvas  .  Abe Lincoln bust  .  Bleached picture frame  . Fashionable Selby  .   Fleur Wood – Food Fashion and Friends  .  Ikat fleece throw  .  Gold splatter acrylic box  .  Black faceted tray

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Great Kids Book About Abe Lincoln by Brad Meltzer

A fantastic book about Abe Lincoln written for kids by Brad MeltzerHappy Birthday, presidents!  Your kids are probably home today.  Your husband may even be home.  Because some pretty cool men were born a long time ago.  I really like presidents.  I’m not 100% sure why.  I think it might have something to do with the fact that it the most pomp and circumstance our country has.  I also think it is super interesting that people get so crazy about politics and certain presidents in particular.  Presidents are human beings, who make mistakes just like us.  They have families and friends and hobbies and interests.  And some are known for doing GREAT things.  Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are two of my faves.  That Lincoln was a stylish figure and George had curls for days.  I will generally stop to check out anything presidential themed.  So color me happy when I spied this ‘I am Abraham Lincoln‘ book at Target.  The moment I spotted the book I thought about not really knowing why I like Abraham Lincoln so much and I wondered what they say about him to the kids at school.  But I digress.  This book is freaking amazing. You MUST get it for your kids.

slavery is dumb.  thank goodness for abe lincoln.First off, Brad Meltzer is a legit writer.  But from the day his son was born, he knew that he wanted to share people he considered heroes with him at an early age.  Read more about his “Heroes for my Son” book here.  I believe this book was born out of that. These books show these important historical figures as young people not when they were famous.  This really helps the kid to connect with the amazing characteristics these exceptional people possessed.  The focus is also on ordinary people changing the world.  YES!  Let’s get our kids to know that they can make a difference!  The drawings are great, the writing is great and Abe Lincoln was great.  I read the book, standing in Target and knew I had to bring it home for my boys to read.  Abe truly stood up for what he believed in and stood out for fighting for the rights of others.  This book discusses that and shows great character.  All written in a way that children can easily understand.  And if they can’t, it is a great starting point for a family discussion.

Happy birthday Abe Lincoln.  And thank you! This book makes me so happy.  And we’ve read it several nights.  I am so glad I feel like I know a little bit more about this fine president.

other great kids books by brad meltzer about heroes.Turns out Brad Meltzer has written a few other books that I am sure are equally amazing.  I would love to pick these up as well.  Have you run across these?  I encourage you to pick these up and even think of donating these to your school library.  They are absolutely fantastic.

You can order the book here

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find-me-around-the-webHey guys!  I’ve been working hard all summer and not just on posts for this blog.  I just wanted to make sure you had a chance to see some of the other things I’ve been sharing around the web.  Have a great weekend!

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Cool Kids Book: When Miles Got Mad

When Miles Got Mad BookI have a son named Miles who gets mad.  About EVERYTHING.  He clenches his fists, growls and scowls when we go to school, run errands, mention we are going to the zoo, talk about taking a bath.  His first reaction is always anger.  Of course, he always ends up enjoying the activity.  I mean, what little kid wouldn’t have fun at the zoo?  But it is exhausting.  When I saw this book, When Miles Got Mad, I HAD to have it.  I would have bought it if it was a Matt that got mad but the fact that it was his actual name made it too perfect to pass up.  And I love anything from Ruby’s Studio.  We have Sally Simon Simmons’ Super Frustrating Day in bedtime story rotation so I knew this new book was going to be great too.

Cool Kids Book When Miles Got MadI love how they used photography and illustrations together in this book.  Not only is the book a great story about managing your anger, but it is done in a very aesthetically pleasing way too.  The story is about two brothers who are playing together and something gets broken.

Great book for kidsThe book explains that when you are angry, you turn in to a monster (although I think this monster could have been drawn a bit scarier – he’s still quite cute).  The only way to make that monster go away is to calm down and use your words.  In the end, Miles sees that his reaction was bad and he understands how to handle the situation with his brother better.

Such a cute book!  If you haven’t checked out the Ruby’s Studio books or videos you really need to.  My family loves them!

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Cool Book for Kids: Make Magic! Do Good!

sharon's fave things

make magic do good by dallas claytonDallas Clayton makes the coolest books for kids.  We got Make Magic! Do Good! for my son’s birthday and we LOVE it!  If you aren’t familiar with Dallas’ work, you must browse his site.  He is this amazing character, living life to the fullest and encouraging kids to do the same.  His messages are super important for kid’s to hear yet not often found in kid’s literature.  The illustrations are colorful and whimsical and the words are touching, humorous and real.

great kids bookWhile his other books are written as one story around a theme, this book is done in poems.  We read to our kid’s every night at bed time and we read this book over about a week.  We read a few poems each night and some nights had to go back and reread our favorites.  This book is a great way to introduce kids to poetry but I got a lot out of reading them too.

Like this:

New Best Friend

“You’re my new best friend, I never met, you’re awesome, perfect swell.  We do everything together, and we get along so well.  You’re my new best friend I never met, and I love you more than you know.  You’re my new best friend, I never met, because I never said “Hello.”

Boom.  Right?!  Life lessons

And when you get the book be sure to read ‘Wake Up Your Brain,’ ‘Slumber,’ and ‘Big Time.’  And then be sure to read all the rest.

favorite kids bookFor each book, Dallas tours the United States and does readings and events.  He helps kids paint murals and embrace creativity and brings happiness to each stop.  I would love to attend a reading of his one day!  He’s a huge inspiration to me and in turn my kid’s.  It is very important to me that the end up working at something they love.  He is the true embodiment of that and such a great role model for living a colorful life rich with experience.  Seriously.  Go get this book.

See more of our love for Dallas’ books from my son’s 2nd birthday party.

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Book Gift Ideas for Kids and Adults – Gift Guide 2012

Gift Guide for books

gift ideas books for friends

1 : Who doesn’t love Todd Selby?  And now, in Edible Selby, he shares the food world through his art.  Yum!

2 : My husband’s friend, Justin Van Hoy, wrote Milk & Honey.  I was lucky enough to meet Justin and his wife this summer.  Justin passed away last week, unexpectedly, and the world has lost an extraordinary talent and important member of the art community.  The book is AMAZING and is the perfect gift for anyone in your life that loves art, style, and color.

3 : Food Fashion Friends by Fleur Wood may have been on my list last year.  But I still don’t have it.  And I still really want it.  Full of gorgeous images and entertaining ideas this book would make any gal swoon.

4 : Being from Orange County, LA can seem like world’s away due to ridiculously terrible traffic.  But it really is a City of Style with tons of amazing things to experience.  Perfect for people who wish they lived on the West Coast and locals alike.

gift ideas books for kids

5 : You know my family loves Dallas Clayton.  Make Magic, Do Good is his newest book.  This book will be here soon (Shhh, don’t tell my children!)

6 : How rad are these colors?!  I saw the cover of this book on Chronicle Books Instagram and had to check it out.  Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth is stunning and since I have a sweet tooth of course it is a favorite. The graphics are truly exceptional and I think any kid would love to open this up on Christmas morning.

7 : My boys and I read books every night before bed.  There are some books that I tolerate and they love.  There are some that I love and they (impatiently) tolerate.  But Stuck, we all enjoy.  It is charming and humorous and I love to gift this book.

8 : Do you have ‘Children Make Terrible Pets‘?  It is another one of our favorites.  Beatrice Bear is adorable.  My kids heard the author on the radio one day and he was talking about his new book, ‘You Will Be My Friend‘ and the boys demanded we get it.  SO great!  Peter Brown’s illustrations are perfect and the length of these books are just right – not too long, not too short. :)

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