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Western Chief Rain Boots


Luckily, here in California, rain boots are not totally a necessity. Which means, that you tend to put a little bit of thought in to how they look when you’re buying a pair. With only a handful of days out of the year where it is actually raining, you tend to wear your rain boots for things other than rain. Which means, they need to be stylish and practical. Today I’m sharing how Western Chief rain boots have your feet covered and in style. 

These Western Chief rain boots keep our feet dry and stylish on rainy days.

This post is sponsored by Western Chief. All opinions are mine, and in my opinion, Western Chief has a great selection of women’s and kids rain boots.  

I won’t name names, but we all know there is a super over priced, European brand of rain boots that sometimes people around here as a fashion statement. I get it, they look cool, but I would NEVER spend that much on something you only wear a few times a year.

These @WesternChiefKid rain boots are a great affordable alternative to those over priced designer kind. These have a matte finish and come in a few great colors.

As I looked through the Western Chief catalogue, these tall boots jumped out at me. Sure, the catalogue is full of boots in super cute patterns, but these tall boots come in matte colors as well! While there is still just a touch of shine to them, they are much more basic and chic than the super shiny boots you usually find. This navy blue color is gorgeous!

While I had thought I wanted a simple black pair, I think I’m going to really love this blue! I know that I’ll be walking in style when I have to walk the kids to school on a rainy day. I won’t lie, I’m still going to try to get my husband to take them for me. These boots don’t take away frizzy hair…

Great affordable kids rain boots from Western Chief. We don't get much "weather" out here in California but being prepared is the key to getting through a rainy day.

My kids have always had a strong sense of personal style but it’s coming in to play, even more, as they get older. You would absolutely recognize Western Chief rain boots, as they do darling kid character boots really well. But we are sort of past that stage at 7 and 9.

My 7-year-old picked out these black boots that are known as “Fire Chief” boots. He will still totally wear these as a dress up item, but can wear them with any outfit he owns. My older son picked out these camo boots. These neoprene boots keep your feet warm up to -20 degrees!

Which I think is hysterical since my son is wearing them with shorts. And it will (hopefully) never get anywhere near that cold here, but it is nice to know we have them in case we want to go play up in the mountains. 

Sharing a great resource for stylish rain boots for kids and adults. Have you checked out @westernchiefkid yet? We're loving our boots!

I decided to buy my boys the boots, a size too big, to get a little more use out of them. We just went through El Nino (you know, that one day it rained in California?) without boots and I know that we’ll all be a little more comfortable with our new boots. 

Sharing cute, stylish rain boots for kids and women. Be prepared for rainy weather with these basics.

If you are looking for good quality rain boots for your kids and yourself, head to Western Chief to check out their affordable options! If you are in an area that doesn’t get much rain, like I am, these boots are great for early morning soccer games on the wet grass, perfect for taking on vacation to go fishing in and for anywhere there might be a little mud! We love our Western Chief rain boots!

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