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Family vacation to Palm Springs


Palm Springs is one of my fave places on the planet and I love bringing the kid’s here for family vacation.  My grandparents lived here while my sister and I were growing up and visited several times a year.  It is one of those places where there is as much or as little do based on your wants and I think it is a really fun place for families.

We rented a house for a long weekend and knew we would need to have a pool.  Little did we know that in the windy part of town, the pool water can be as cold as ice even though temperatures are in the 100’s.

We spent our first day exploring the house and yard and swimming.  Luckily the jacuzzi was warmer, even though it wasn’t heated, and the boys spent a lot of time in there.

And we wrapped up the night with popsicles.  Sleep schedules were awry and child theatrics were stellar but it still ended up to be a nice evening.

The next day we decided to check out the Marilyn Monroe statue in downtown Palm Springs.  Apparently this statue was originally in Chicago but caused such an uproar that they wanted it moved.  Palm Springs welcomed Marilyn with open arms and it is truly amazing.

Saturday afternoon and evening proved to be very eventful.  My oldest son decided he was going to be sick.  All over the place.  Which was not ideal when we had a personal chef cooking an amazing meal for us based around his food allergies…

The food was delicious (see tomorrow for a full recap of our dinner and the chef’s amazing services) and my son never got to eat it.  My youngest son decided that he was going to be a dinosaur wrestler and abandon all manners and listening abilities for the evening.  It was neat.

And before we headed home we decided to have breakfast at The Parker.  I have been dying to check it out so I was really excited.  The decor was amazing, just as I suspected and the food was quite delicious as well.  My oldest was not all better but he managed to make it through breakfast without grossing out the other diners with an “incident.”

And no trip is complete without a stop to the dinosaurs in Cabazon.  Last year we went through the dino adventures they put out back but this year we just made a quick stop for some pictures.  (You can see last year’s trip here).

My poor big guy was still not feeling well at all.  The little one, on the other hand, loved every minute of it.  We left the dinosaurs and headed for home.  We made it all of 15 minutes before the big one decided he needed to be sick.  

It was an anxiety filled trip home to say the least.  We aren’t sure why he got sick but I can tell you that I may not have been as vigilant with keeping them hydrated as I should have been. Lesson learned.  If I have it my way we will head back every year for a family getaway.  And a girl’s trip. And an anniversary trip…

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