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4 Outdoor Entertaining Must-Haves


Living in Southern California, our outdoor entertaining is not relegated to the summer months. The temperate climate means we can spend time outside almost all year long. I’ve recently come across some things that make hosting friends outdoors easy and delicious.

Just add good conversation, a little music and a little wine… Here are the 4 outdoor entertaining must-haves you need to know about.

Summer entertaining products

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I like to keep things super easy when I entertain. I look for classic recipes to serve and trusted tools to help me provide a memorable experiences for my guests. Hosting people doesn’t have to be hard. I’m going to tell you how to put together an awesome outdoor party with a few simple items.

Essentials for Outdoor Entertaining

Froozer frozen healthy fruit snacks

Our entertaining almost always involves kids. We love to have other families over and let the kids play and enjoy themselves while the adults sit around and catch up. It’s no secret, kid’s love frozen treats. I like to keep these Froozer dairy-free frozen fruit snacks in the freezer to bring out when they start to get a little antsy. These are made with 100% fruit with no added sugar, juice or concentrate. It’s so hard to decipher what are actually healthy snacks. These Froozer fruit snacks are non-GMO, gluten-free, preservative free, all natural and are only 35-40 calories per serving.

Kids love Froozer frozen fruit snacks

These are a great “treat” for the kids that you didn’t have to make! When I’m hosting, I’m always looking for ways to cut out tasks for myself to keep things easy. Froozer is perfect for that. And they totally work as an appetizer or a dessert. Not a lot of products can play those two roles so these are great! 

Frozen fruit snacks for summer entertaining

And they’re perfect for adults too. While I have a super big sweet tooth, not all of my guests do. Because these are natural and taste like real fruit (because that’s what they are made from!) most people will say yes to Froozer. It’s the perfect way to end a night of friendship and conversation without serving a super heavy dessert. Check out this great discount offer so you can try out this healthy snack for yourself!

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Food, Health and Happiness Cookbook from Oprah Winfrey

You don’t want to serve your guests foods that aren’t proven crowd pleasers. These on-point recipes from Oprah Winfrey are the perfect place to start when planning your menu. The recipes, which have been created alongside her favorite chefs, are paired with personal essay and encourage you to live a happier and healthier life. From the recipe for Brined and Roasted Chicken & Pineapple Fried Rice to Pasta Cacio E Pepe (basically pasta with parmesan and black pepper) there are dishes to suit any type of party you want to throw. I’m dying to try her recipe for Heirloom Tomato and Summer Corn Salad with Tarragon Vinaigrette! There are 115 recipes to choose from for great meals and a better life!

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PAM Non-Aerosol cooking spray

I LOVE to serve grilled foods when entertaining guests. Grilling helps to bring extra flavor, keeps the party together outside and is a great way to do low-calorie meals that are satisfying. I’m loving the new non-aerosol cooking spray from PAM! I love that the bottle has a pump, which makes it even easier to control how much oil I am using. While I don’t serve diet food to guests, I am always aware of how much fat and calories are in the foods that I serve. While I used to just put veggies in a plastic bag and pour in the olive oil, that is a sure-fire way to drown them in too much oil. But this oil mist keeps things tasty and won’t stick to the grill (or your pan if you are using it indoors). This PAM cooking spray has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and only 1 g of fat and 10 calories per serving!

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True Value Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

I’ll be honest. The grill is not my domain. My husband is the grill master in our home. Because of this, I didn’t realize how sub-par his grilling tools were. We recently upgraded to this awesome stainless steel set from True Value. The sleek design not only looks really nice, but are totally practical too. What makes these the best grilling accessories? The 4 in 1 spatula is a turner, meat tenderizer, bottle opener and knife-edge all in one tool. Plus you get a basting brush and tongs too. Are you grill supplies up to par? When we have guests over, they always comment on how great these look and how useful they are. When hosting, we always try to put our best food forward and now we can look great while doing that!

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Best products for outdoor entertaining

While summer seems to be rapidly ending (we figured out that we have only about 4 weeks until school starts!) you can still take your party outside for another few months. These 4 outdoor entertaining must-haves will help to keep your party prep easy, stylish and fun for your guests!

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