Brown Sugar Bacon Butter Waffles

Yup, Brown Sugar Bacon Butter for waffles.  Remember that healthy smoothie recipe I posted about a few weeks ago…yeah.  I still drink it.  And I still really like it.  But sometimes I have to pump my body full of total amazingness, which is these brown sugar bacon butter waffles.

It is a super easy recipe.  Are you seeing a trend here?  I ONLY post super easy.  My friend, Jenna, posted on Facebook about this amazing butter she was making for Thanksgiving a few years ago and I ran to the kitchen and made it.  Her recipe didn’t have the vanilla in it.  I ate it on fresh baked rolls (frozen, but I totally thawed them and followed the cooking directions).  The brown sugar is a tad gritty in the butter so it has this really velvety texture.  Your mouth really likes that.

This J.R. Watkins vanilla is the secret weapon.  Sure brown sugar, bacon and butter are pretty good together.  But you add in the vanilla and you get a symphony for your mouth.  The vanilla takes it just to the edge of tasting like cake batter stopping just short of being too sweet and allows it to pair perfectly with the bacon.  See, I’m not 100% behind the bacon in sweets school of thought.  But you have to try this!

Soften one stick of butter, preferably by leaving out at room temperature.  But you know I never remember to do that so you can soften it in the microwave as long as you try not to overheat and melt it.  But I’ve done that too.  If that happens, put it in the freezer to harden up a bit, as long as you are careful not to freeze it…  I used about 3 pieces of bacon for this.  I usually use the microwave for my bacon cooking.  Out of pure laziness.  The paper towels soak up the grease so there is none for your husband to put in one of your favorite glass jars out in your garden for you to find unexpectedly whilst you are prepping the yard for a kid’s birthday party.  Again there is a delicate balance of cooking bacon in the microwave.  In this case, I would err on the side of overcooking.  It will help it to crumble better and not mush up in the butter.  I only use totally technical cooking terms here if you haven’t noticed.

To the bacon and softened butter, add the brown sugar (about 3 TBSP) and the vanilla (about 1 TBSP, or to your liking).  Then mush it all together with a fork.

Now, toast your waffle.  Wait, you didn’t think I was going to make the waffles from scratch did you?  I DO have a waffle maker but I have no idea where it is.  I mean, I do know that it is in my garage.  But have you seen my garage?  So pop in two frozen waffles and cook them in your toaster.  Look at all those amazing nooks for the brown sugar bacon butter to rest in…

Liberally spread the brown sugar bacon butter over your waffles.  No one is going to judge you.  Don’t be scared.  They would have already judged you when you told them you were making brown sugar bacon butter.  Sweet gluttony!

But I better switch back to my banana oat smoothie or else my face will look like the one on the plate.  In case you were wondering, I tried out a few methods to figure out the optimal serving temperature.  Which means I ate a fair share of this brown sugar bacon butter.  Totally worth it.  And I will totally eat as much as I can before my family asks me to go on Biggest Loser.