St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Easy St. Patrick's Day Yarn Bracelet DIYThere is not a lot of green in my wardrobe. So every year I roll my eyes at St. Patrick’s Day. I’m a grown up, so people should not pinch me. But I like to try to at least play along for my kid’s sake. I followed an old tutorial of mine and made a super easy St. Patrick’s Day craft. This green yarn bracelet means that I now comply with “the rules.” It didn’t take any time at all and I already had the yarn lying around so it was super inexpensive. It really is the perfect way to get green in your outfit without putting out a lot of energy. Save that energy for adding green food coloring to random foods and drinks. This would also make a great craft to do with friends at an afternoon playdate!

See Yarn Bracelet tutorial here.



Easy Green Pins for St. Patrick’s Day

Wear green with this easy DIY this St. Patrick's Day


I’m going to be honest with you.  I am not a huge fan of St. Patrick’s Day.  I don’t need my beer colored green and I hate that if you don’t wear green (look, that color doesn’t work for everyone) you will get pinched.  So I have figured out the absolutely easiest way to wear green on St. Patrick’s day without having to dress any differently than you do every other day.  Isn’t decorative tape the best?  And while these pins are reading very blue in the photos, this is the cutest mint green in all the land.  Don't forget to wear green this St. Patrick's DayAll you need is decorative tape (I used this Scotch masking tape which is my new favorite thing) and some safety pins in just about any size, although these work perfectly with the width of the tape.

Just use washi tape and a safety pin for an easy green pin for St. Patrick's Day

Simply tear off a piece of tape and thread it through the safety pin.The easiest way to wear green for St. Patrick's DayStick the tape to itself and then cut a decorative end at the bottom.

Washi tape makes it easy to wear green on St. Patrick's DayOr you can fringe it.  Just about anything will work.

Super easy DIY for St. Patrick's Day Easy and cute.  Just how I like my crafts.  Ok.  So maybe I will drink green beer.


St. Patrick’s Day Picnic and Crafts with Solo Products

green solo cup st. patrick's day hatsSolo sent me some products and asked me to make some crafts with them for St. Patrick’s Day.  I know these cup hats have been done before but how cute are they!  I kept this first one really simple.  At first, I had wanted to fringe the felt on the bottom but loved how they look like little top hats.  And kids love them.  Just look how excited my son is to wear it for a photo.

Leprechaun hat with Solo CupAll you need is a cup, a little felt, some string or ribbon and a little hot glue.  My glue gun had its way with my thumb during the making of this craft.  I took some ibuprofen and I’m doing ok now.  Use hot glue at your own risk!

st. patrick's day hat with gold flowerI made a little girl’s version too.  Because girl’s stuff is so cute.

Little Girl's St. Patrick's Day HatAnd then I asked one of my favorite neighbors to wear it for me.  She was WAY happier to help me with a photo than my son.  And I didn’t even have to bribe her.  How refreshing.

picnic for St. Patricks DayI am going to be leaving to go out of town on a mother/daughter trip early on St. Patrick’s Day, but if I was staying home, my family would totally be having a fun picnic at the park.  It would include a scavenger hunt for treasure and other fun activities as well as yummy food.  Or maybe we would just do a big charcuterie spread with meats and cheeses.  I didn’t have a bunch of cheese on hand for the photo so I substituted the “cheese” banner.  I created a Pinterest board for my St. Patrick’s Day picnic, check it out.

plastic plates for teenage mutant ninja turtle craftAnd while I was messing around with the Solo products, I realized that I could make a homemade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume for my son.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Play OutfitIt is totally going to fall apart by the end of the day (the straps are made from flagging tape.  Ribbon would hold up way better) but that will save me from having to store it…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Outfit out of platesI also think this method would be cool for making super hero chest shields.  Doesn’t he look so tough?  He was much happier to wear this for pictures.

What are your big plans for St. Patrick’s Day?

*Disclosure:  Solo sent me product to use for crafting.

Green with Envy for this Camo Jacket

St. Patrick's Day fashionI do not get excited about St. Patrick’s Day.  I have no interested in going out and drinking green beer just for the sake of it.  And I seem to never have green in my wardrobe.  I think people wear things on this day just to work in some green and forgo their usual fashion sense.  But I think this is the perfect look for me.  I am dying over this great camo jacket with gold foil accents.  And you can’t go wrong with a gold scarf.  What will you be wearing on the 17th?

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Toppers by Truly Chic Inspirations

You guys!  I’m super excited to have a guest poster today sharing DIY St. Patrick’s Day Toppers!  Melissa from Truly Chic Inspirations is one of my fave online people!  She is one of my biggest cheerleaders and it makes my day when I see her name pop up in my inbox.  She recently started growing her blog and I’m super proud of her.  Please make sure you comment to support her and check out her site!

From Melissa:

Hi there! I am so happy to be guest blogging on one of my favorites sites. I adore all things Cupcakes and Cutlery and I’m excited to be sharing a little DIY today.

I’m a bit of an any reason to celebrate sounds good to me fan. With St Patrick’s Day coming soon I thought it only appropriate to dress up a cake. When I think of St Patrick’s Day I think of food, beer, food, beer, and more food… sweets have to be in the mix somewhere, right? Plus I bought this green cake stand and have been anxious to use it, St Patty’s Day gave the perfect excuse.

St Patricks Day CakeI like crafting but I also like to keep things simple, this St. Patrick’s Day topper project was easy and fun. Aside from baking the cake it took only minutes to put this together which is perfect when adding in those last minute touches prior to guest arrivals.

st patricks day toppersI made a quick stop at the Dollar Store and noticed some glitter table scatter (got excited) and automatically pictured them on a cake. I know this is totally normal. Using skewers I attached the glitter pieces with hot glue. You’ll want to trim the skewers so they “fit” the cake.

st patricks day topper diy

Is it odd that I also picture these in bratwurst? I’m game for dressing up all types of food. These accessorized skewers can double as drink stirrers too. A green cocktail with a fancy stirrer, yes please!

st patricks day diy toppers

Happy celebrating & happy crafting!

Thanks, Melissa!!!  I know my kids would love these St. Patrick’s Day toppers!  And they are totally my kind of craft, easy and inexpensive.  These are the perfect way to make the holiday a little more special.  Be sure to check out Melissa’s own blog!!